Requirements to travel to London from Colombia: about the Visa, Costs and MORE

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The Requirements to travel to London from Colombia they are very important when traveling. The documents to be presented must be current and duly completed to avoid delay in the transfer process. Also, it is very important to keep in mind that these requirements can vary over time, especially when it comes to costs.

London It is a spectacular city, full of places to see and that tell fantastic stories. Its culture, economy, educational level, commerce, finance and architecture are to be admired. In this way, it is not a destination only for curious tourists, but also for those who want to go do business and, in some way, contribute to the economy of the capital.

Next, we will talk about the most important points when traveling: requirements, both for adults and minors, the need for a visa, a driving license and why London is the best city for you.

Requirements to travel to London from Colombia

The basic requirements that you need to travel to London or any other city in Europe, can be listed as follows:

  • Weather. You will need time to complete the necessary procedures in case it is the first time you travel. For example, if you need a visa, then you will need to attend appointments, interviews, carry and fill out paperwork, and much more.
  • Sufficient income and savings. You must be able to travel to London and stay there without any problem; your income or savings will reflect your ability to meet the cost of food, lodging, and medical services if they are required.
  • Documents in force and in order. If possible, make a check list to go crossing out that you have the documents you need.
  • Know English or hire a bilingual guide to accompany you throughout the trip. This is very important.

To travel, what you need is:

  • Check if you need Visa. For this step you can enter here, where you will be asked your nationality and your concept of travel: tourism, work, studies, get private treatment, and so on; In this way, the system will indicate if you need the visa and more information about it.
  • Acquire your visa, in case you need it. We will talk about this in the next section.
  • Valid passport, with at least six (6) months of validity from the date of departure from Colombia.
  • Health certificate and insurance with international coverage.
  • Evidence that you have the sufficient income to face any eventuality.
  • Return passage. Evidence that you are going to return to Colombia or that you will continue to another country after 90 days or the allotted time.
  • Check the airport tax. This is usually included in the ticket, but it never hurts to check it.
  • Check how much money you can carry in cash. For 2020, the amount is $ 10,000 or the equivalent; the rest would be confiscated.
  • Emergency documents They will be accepted to enter, pass and leave the United Kingdom if they are valid for a minimum of six (6) months from when you enter.
  • Evidence of stay; you will most likely need a letter if you are staying at someone else’s house.

Requirements for Minors

In the event that a minor is accompanied, then there are other requirements to travel to London from Colombia to be attached:

  • Visa or passport if necessary, valid for a minimum of six (6) months from when you enter London.
  • Parental permission duly filled out. This step can be processed at the notary of the UK consulate or by a notary, and the destination, length of stay, name of the representative if the minor is traveling with someone, date of return and departure must leave.
  • Copy of the civil birth certificate. You can also present a password, but attaching the date of issue; You can check this online at the National Registry of Civil Status.
  • Copy of the identity card, for children under 7 years old.
  • Present the citizenship card in current format.
  • Valid passport in the event that one of the parents is a foreigner.

And that’s it! These documents must be presented at the respective consulate for subsequent approval.

Is a visa required as one of the requirements to travel to London from Colombia?

As mentioned in the previous section, there are times when it is necessary to have a visa to be able to go to London. Knowing if you need it or not, to tell the truth, could even be considered one of the Requirements to travel to London from Colombia.

For this step you can enter here, where you will be asked your nationality and your concept of travel: tourism, work, studies, get private treatment, etc.; In this way, the system will indicate if you need the visa and more information about it.

If so, to acquire your visa and be able to access the United Kingdom, you must:

  • Make the Visa Application. There are different types of visa depending on the reason for travel, but the most common is Standard Visitor, if you go on tourism or a business trip.
  • Fill out the form that appears here, after selecting the language of your preference. The answers must be in English and the type of visa you need to travel will appear there.
  • To fill out the form, you must have your passport at hand, which must be current.
  • Cancel the cost of the visa application process; You can do this online after completing the form.
  • Print the application.
  • Go to the agreed appointment, which can be in Bogotá, Barranquilla, Medellín or Cali.
  • Documents that support the information provided in the form: Citizenship card, account statements, valid passport, etc.
  • Introduce:
    • Passport size photo.
    • Print for travel reservation, hotel or invitation letter.
    • A letter where the visa is requested and the reason for the trip is explained.
    • Documents that support financial solvency, such as account statements for the last six (6) months.
    • Evidence of marital status.
    • Electronic passport if possible.
    • If of people in charge, an authenticated letter where the person is responsible for the expenses, documents of the person who will be responsible, such as account statements, and demonstrate the existing relationship.
    • If it is a student, evidence of the studies to be taken, the time required to complete those studies, certificate.
    • For minors, civil registration of birth and the duly filled out permission to leave the country of the parents.
    • If it is a Independent, original from the chamber of commerce, professional card and certification of income, duly authenticated.
    • On letterhead the invitation of the company, in case of business trip.
    • Invitation letter and evidence of the financial situation of the sponsoring person.

Remember to try to send the documents in English, as the verification and validation of the information is done in the United Kingdom.

About the Driving License

If, on the other hand, you wish to travel within London with your own driving license, renting a car or using a borrowed one, you can also do it. This will allow you to move around the city more easily and will save you time in theory. Let’s see what you will need to do next:

  • National driving license.
  • Circulation permit.
  • Certification of International Motor Insurance Card System or green card.
  • Obtain a copy of the highway code, in which you can see the rules behind the wheel and traffic signs.

This card will be only valid during the first 12 months of arrival in the country, which is extremely important.

Cost of traveling to London from Colombia

The truth is that costs vary from person to person, since they depend on the places where the goods and services are acquired. It is much more profitable to use public transport, for example, than to pay for a taxi, and buying food in supplies is cheaper than doing it by delivery or going to eat in restaurants. It also depends a lot on the places you are going to visit and where you can stay, as well as the duration of your trip.

For six days, you might need, on average:

  • Lodging can be £ 380.
  • If you use public transport, £ 59.
  • Food and drink, £ 100.
  • Tickets and tour £ 70.
  • Leisure, fun: £ 50.

For an approximate total of $ 660. Let’s go! Go packing, don’t wait any longer.

Why travel to London?

London It is a beautiful place, where you can see unique places touched by history. Among the places you can visit are:

  • Big ben
  • Tower of London.
  • London Eye.
  • Buckingham Palace.
  • British museum.
  • Tower’s bridge.
  • Hyde Park.
  • St Paul’s Cathedral in London.
  • Palace of Westminster.

Also, due to its economy, you can have business opportunities by meeting new people. This is a city where you can find cheap flights to visit other cities, where public transport is of good quality, attractions are relatively close, where there is a great multiculturalism, where you can have great restaurants on every corner and where the best shops are to be found. purchase.

So don’t think twice! Visit London and see firsthand everything that this city brings to you.


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