Requirements to Travel to Mexico: Costs, Attractions and MORE

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Know them Requirements to travel to Mexico It is vital to know what you need to enter the country without problems. At the same time, knowing the approximate costs of a trip of this type and the attractions that you will find in Mexico will guarantee you an enjoyable and somewhat planned trip.

Today we will talk about this, additionally giving you some tips for your trip and commenting on what you should know about the invitation letter, in the special case where you travel as a student. So do not go away! Let’s see what you need for Travel to Mexico from Ecuador.

Remember! Mexico is a great city, with many tourist destinations, study opportunities, and incredible culture. When traveling you will not only get a great gastronomic development, but also architecture and historical monuments for you to enjoy.

What are the requirements to travel to Mexico from Ecuador?

Let’s start with the Requirements to travel to Mexico, which are the requirements you need to travel to almost any country. Complying with them will ensure the crossing of borders and legal stay in the country, so below we will see what it is about:

  • Passport. Needless to say, it must be valid, although you should be aware that it needs to be valid for at least six months on the day of shipment.
  • Airplane ticket, both outward and return. The most important is the return and must include the flight number.
  • Book at the hotel, invitation letter or any other evidence of the place where you plan to stay. Obviously you need to have a place to stay when you arrive, but keep in mind that they may ask you for documents that support it at the security controls.
  • Itinerary, or it can be the Travel Plan or the tourist package. This serves, like the reservation in the hotel, to verify that there are no plans to permanently immigrate to the country, but to go for a certain time.
  • Fill in immigration form, which will be delivered on the plane.
  • Economic solvency, which is accredited by cash, income certificate, bank statements, and so on. The minimum available money you need is $ 100 a day. Remember to bring international bank cards to make your payments, as well as cash.
  • Multiple Immigration Form.
  • Visa, if required.
  • Employment certificate or letter of invitation to study, if applicable.

In 2018 the Mexican Embassy announced the removal of visa requirement for all Ecuadorians who travel to the country for tourism purposes, other than carrying out paid activities. These people can only be in the country 180 days (6 months), which start from the date of admission.

At the same time, he clarified that there is no possibility of extension or change of condition of stay.

On the other hand, If you travel for a concept other than tourism, then you must apply for a visa. Whether you are traveling for a job offer or to pursue academic studies, you must request your visa appointment at the Embassy.

Costs of Traveling to Mexico from Ecuador

Regarding the Travel costs to Mexico, We must tell you that this will depend on the time of stay and the season in which you travel. This applies to any trip you are going to make, to any country in the world.

Logically, the more days you stay, the more costs you will have to face. And, if you travel in tourist season, then you will also have to face the rise in prices due to the excess demand for goods and services. Consequently, you might have to pay up to double, for everything, especially when it comes to plane tickets.

For this reason, in order to reduce costs, we recommend that you avoid traveling in the months of mid-December to early January, early July to mid-August, and at Easter. Of course, these are also the times where there is more to see, but it is a recommendation to your budget: try to travel from September to November or in April and May.

On these dates prices will be reduced, including ticket fees. However, if it is not a possibility, always do a hard job of comparing offers to see which one suits you. Many people opt for tour packages or hotels with a menu included.

As we told you in the section on Requirements to travel to Mexico, you need to have financial solvency, which is proven by wearing $ 100 dollars per day of stay. This is equivalent to $ 700 dollars a week (minimum) to be able to be in the country, not including the cost of the plane ticket.

The plane ticket It can go from $ 300 to $ 800 depending on the destination. The Hotels Five stars can cost up to $ 280 per night, while three stars are between $ 50 and $ 100 dollars.

With respect to meal, You can spend about $ 30 dollars on food, as a full breakfast costs up to $ 8. Can rent a car or travel by public means; car rentals are about $ 45 per day. And at tourist attractions, you can spend up to $ 100 if you visit all of them.

Our overall recommendation is reserve about $ 1500 dollars to have a comfortable and safe trip, including all expenses.

Invitation Letter for Studies

The Invitation Letter for Studies in Mexico it is listed as one of the Requirements to Travel to Mexico. This is required as justification for the stay in the country. For academic studies, the corresponding visa is also requested.

Consequently, if you are going to travel for studies, courses or research or training projects, you need to complete this document. This must be written by the institution where you are going to study, and may be replaced by the letter of acceptance thereof, and this educational entity must be part of the National educative system.

You can have a stay in the country for a maximum of six months. This equates to 180 days, in which you will be able to study without inconvenience. In this letter your names and surnames, telephone number, address of your home, nationality, identity document number, email, place of work, activities to be carried out, etc. must appear.

This invitation letter can also be issued by resident friends or relatives, as well as legal persons, in Mexico who are going to offer you accommodation, being a way to prove your stay. Also, it could be useful when applying for the visa.

Attractions of Mexico

As we told you at the beginning, Mexico is a city full of places to tour. Thus, we have prepared a list for you with the Main Attractions of Mexico that you cannot miss if you visit this country.

Let’s see!

  • First of all, the Mexico City. Here you can find museums, historic houses, art and architecture.
  • Tulum Archaeological Zone, which is next to the beach. It is a place for people who seek tranquility and enjoy nature.
  • Xcaret. It is an eco-archaeological park with water attractions.
  • Xel-Há Park, a natural aquarium with many activities that you can do.
  • Palenque Archaeological Zone, if you like the history of the Mayans; it is about ruins.
  • Underwater Museum of Art, without saying more. You will find underwater sculptures and other treasures.
  • Pyramid of the Sun, it is the great pyramid of Teotihuacán.
  • Finally, the Frida Kahlo Museum, where this iconic woman lived.
  • Cabo de San Lucas, to enjoy more beaches.
  • San Miguel de Allende, full of art, culture and hot springs.

If it is possible for you to visit any of these destinations, we encourage you to do so. You will not regret! However, you should know that in every part of Mexico there are attractions to see and know.

Tips for Traveling to Mexico

Finally some Tips for Traveling to Mexico that will help you with your trip and avoid inconveniences during it could be:

  • The Trip plan it is very useful if you want to travel to another country. In this you will find the itinerary, emergency numbers and even the budget.
  • Travel pillow, so you can travel comfortably on the plane.
  • Universal travel adapter, so you can charge your electronic devices. Specifications are: 127V, 60HZ. These are the 2 vertical flat male plugs.
  • Keep in mind that Mexico can be an unsafe country, so you should take your precautions. Do not travel through the streets at night, in lonely streets, and always have your bags at hand at the airport.
  • If you call the 087 you will access the Tourist Assistance line, where you can ask about attractions, car rental companies, hospitals, etc.
  • Keep in mind that the official currency is the Mexican peso. Try to make the change in authorized exchange houses or use the dollars directly.
  • Bring a copy of your travel documents and leave some with your family members so that you know exactly where you will be.
  • Keep emergency numbers on your phone, just in case.
  • Avoid traveling in high season, as costs can double and tourist spots will likely be very congested.

We hope we have helped you with the Requirements to travel to Mexico and we wish you the best of luck.

Until next time!


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