Requirements to Travel to Mexico from Costa Rica: Cost, Duration and MORE

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We invite you to inform yourself through this article about the Requirements to travel to Mexico from Costa Rica.

If you have decided to visit Mexico, you should know that this is a country where you will have the opportunity to learn about its culture and history in general, and carry out different activities.

In the same way, you can taste its delicious gastronomy and drinks.

What are the Requirements to Travel to Mexico from Costa Rica?

Mexico it is one of the most attractive countries to spend the holidays. It is ranked number eight, as the most visited site and number one in Latin America.

This country is plural, with different languages ​​and with striking antecedents on the original localities, within the American Continent.

For this reason, Costa Rican citizens plan to enter and learn about the culture of this wonderful country. For this it is necessary to acquire a Tourist Card.

Migratory conditions in Costa Rica can be processed in 32 regional offices of the National Institute of Migration and in the entities that depend on it at the local level.

To carry out any immigration procedure, the foreign citizen or his legal representative, have to use the Immigration Procedure Request form and submit the requirements required in any case.

The requirements to present They must be in original and a copy for the immigration agency to make the comparison.

The original documents are returned to the sender, except those communicated to the National Institute of Migration.

Regarding the documentation issued abroad, except the identification document and the passport, they must be apostilled by the official body of the country of origin.

Or they must be legalized by the respective Mexican consulate and if it is necessary to translate it into Spanish by a person certified for this.

If the management is carried out by the legal representative or attorney-in-fact of the person in question, you must record the authorization granted by the foreign citizen.

You must also present a copy of the identification document, which has a photo and the signature of the legal representative or attorney-in-fact, according to what corresponds.

When the foreigner submits the documentation and the pertinent application, he assures that he has a legal response within 35 days, it can be positive or negative.

Within the Requirements to travel to Mexico from Costa Rica, are the following:

Submit the Immigration Procedure Request form.

The updated passport.

A letter addressed to Migration’s national institute, written in Spanish with the applicant’s signature.

You must indicate your personal information, the time of stay in Mexico, the sites you will visit, and where it certifies the economic resources to keep you in that period of time in Mexican territory.

The valid identification document with your photo, signed by the foreigner and immigration documentation.

Receipts of financial solvency, hotel reservations, vehicle, tourist outings, credit cards, or other documentation that certifies you as a tourist.

When dealing with minors without the company of one of their parents, must present a notarized authorization from the parents, in the relevant body.

It must be apostilled by the corresponding entity in the country of origin, or legalized at the Consulate of Mexico and translated into Spanish, indicating the length of stay of the minor.

Receipts of financial solvency of the person requesting admission from Mexico:

  • If you are a natural person, you must present a letter of employment, the last three bank account statements, the last three proof of payment, the last tax payment you made.
  • As there is a link between the foreign person and the applicant, they must record the same, through the birth or marriage certificates, which must be apostilled or legalized in the country of origin. If you are a foreign person, spouse is a Mexican citizen and the union was made in another country, you must record the relevant insertion certificate in the Civil Registry of Mexico.

Foreign nationals of some countries who do not need a visa to enter Mexican territory, they can enter as a tourist.

They must consign the documentation mentioned below in the immigration agency, in the internment area:

  • The updated passport.
  • Migration form as a tourist, as a visiting counselor, as a business person or transmigrant visitor.

The migration form is acquired in the areas of internment in Mexican territory, in travel agencies, in the airlines, and also the Mexican Consular Agencies abroad.

Person with Business Activities, Requirements to Travel to Mexico from Costa Rica

The Requirements to travel to Mexico from Costa Rica by business activities, are those mentioned below:

  1. The company’s charter.
  2. The last declaration of the payment of taxes, which can also be the electronic receipt via online.
  3. If this is the case, the certificate issued by the National Registry of Foreign Investments.
  4. When the person is a foreigner, they must provide their updated immigration documentation.


The aforementioned requirements do not apply to government subordinations or entities, or to any public higher education institute.

Or in case the company has a valid basic report in accordance with what is stipulated in the Stay procedure.

How long is the Card Valid?

The validity time of the Tourist Card in Mexico is 180 days from entry to the country. This authorizes a single entry and a stay in the territory of the aforementioned number of days.

If you want to process an extension of stay in Mexican territory, you can consult here.

Duration of the Processing of Requirements to Travel to Mexico

The time of duration of the procedure, depends on the type of process. These are detailed below:

  • If the process is standard, you will obtain the Tourist Card within 24 hours.
  • When the process is fast, you will have the Tourist Card in a period of 4 hours.
  • If the process is ultra fast, you will receive the Tourist Card in 30 minutes.

What is the Cost of the Process?

With respect to process cost, three different options are handled:

  1. When the process is standard, the cost is USD 20.00 and the service fees are included.
  2. If the process is fast, the cost is USD 40.00, including service fees.
  3. In the case of the ultra fast process (it is an express option), the cost is USD 60.00, including service fees.

To take into account

The mentioned costs correspond to the Air Tourist Card. It is possible that they change according to the type of tourism card that the person has.

Later we will present the estimated cost of a trip from San José de Costa Rica to Mexico City.

This information has been collected online, through different airlines.

Most airlines can adjust flight rates based on the time and day that the person plans to book their trip.

In this way, it has been determined that the best days to book flights are: Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.

The data that will be shown below, goes according to the days in advance of the reservation and if the flight has a stopover or connection:

  1. With 7 days in advance the cost without stopover is $ 371, per connection is $ 421.
  2. If it is 14 days in advance, the non-stop cost is $ 300, per connection is $ 367.
  3. Between 14 and 21 days in advance, the non-stop cost is $ 188, per connection is $ 190.
  4. From 21 to 30 days in advance the cost is $ 188, for connection $ 190.
  5. Between 30 and 60 days in advance the cost is $ 188, per connection $ 188.
  6. From 60 to 90 days in advance the cost is $ 188, per connection $ 188.
  7. More than 90 days in advance the cost is $ 188.

Regarding the cheapest days to travel from San José de Costa Rica to Mexico City, the following data is shown:

  • On Monday: $ 256.
  • Tuesday: $ 236.
  • On Wednesday: $ 254.
  • Thursday: $ 210.
  • On Friday: $ 156.
  • Saturday: $ 237.
  • On Sunday: $ 265.

How to apply for a Mexican Tourist Card?

For apply for a Mexican Tourist Card, it is necessary to meet these requirements:

  • The passport with a minimum validity of 6 months.
  • Plane ticket (entry by air and include the flight number).
  • Debit or credit card, or a Paypal account to make the payment.

The Tourist Card is issued electronically, by the Ministry of Foreign Relations of the Mexican Government.

Once all the data provided by the people who are going to apply have been sent, that is when the Government of Mexico confirms the admission of your Card, and the information will be sent by email.

The application time via online takes 10 minutesYou just have to fill in the form provided to apply. Then you must wait for your Tourist Card to arrive at the email you indicated.


Any person with Costa Rican nationality who wants to enter Mexican territory must apply for a Tourist Card, this includes children.

What is the Tourist Card?

The Tourist Card to enter Mexico or Multiple Immigration Form (FMM)It is a tourist authorization that is required for all travelers from other countries to Mexican territory.

This authorization is for those foreigners who do not enter with the purpose of doing some paid work in the country.

Since we clarified your doubts, it is time for you to organize yourself and begin to gather the Requirements to travel to Mexico from Costa Rica.

We wish you success with your processing, so that you achieve your desired trip to Mexican territory.

To obtain more information about any other data or the Requirements to travel to Mexico from the coast you can enter this link.


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