Requirements to travel to Mexico: know if you need a visa, costs and MORE

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Would you like to visit Mexico? Here in this article all the concerns to visit this country will be answered, that is why visitors should know which are the Requirements to travel to Mexico which will be explained in moments.

If you are a lover of the beach, pre-Hispanic architecture, colonial buildings, food, among many other things, do not forget to visit Mexico. That is why, if you are interested in visiting this great country, you must follow the Requirements to travel to Mexico that will be explained instantly.

What are the requirements to travel to Mexico?

The requirements to travel to Mexico As a tourist, the case of each nationality will be determined. In the case of a country like Argentina, you have to meet the following requirements and documents:

  1. The citizen must have a valid passport.
  2. The tourist has to show all kinds of information.
  3. If you attend Mexico you must explain the reason for your trip. In this case, you can show the migration officer your itinerary of what your stay will be.
  4. The citizen must teach the reservation of the hotel that coincides with the permanence that will be in the country.
  5. Show the address and duration of your stay.
  6. In the event that the citizen will stay with a family member, friends, etc. You must attach a invitation certificate.
  7. You must attach the personal data of the person who invites you.
  8. If the citizen will stay in a home addressYou must show a document of the person who is inviting you, with its respective signature certified before the Notary Public or officials of Mexico.
  9. Citizen must explain where they work in the country where they are residing.
  10. Document that shows that it contains the economic resources. That is, in Mexico there is no minimum rate required for tourists, in most cases the citizen must contain USD 500 per person which should increase to 50USD per day.
  11. If the tourist does not have the cash on hand, they can show their credit card with their determined spending limit.
  12. Show the round trip ticket. It is very important that tourists have 180 days of stay on Mexican soil.

Migration Authority

It is important to note that if tourists do not meet the requirements requested by the Mexican migration, the citizen will be sent to a second verification. Having reviewed the immigration authorities will make a decision if it will be admitted or rejected and they will explain the reason for the resolution.

Tourists traveling to Mexico are advised to carry all the printed documentation because electronic devices are not accepted in Migration.

The tourist who has rejected it, must wait in the indicated place to be requested the Migration’s national institute at the airport, waiting for the next flight to return you to your country of origin.

The Consulate General of the Republic of Argentina does not have the power to manage the rejection measure for organizing a sovereign act of the Mexican state in its own territory. Therefore, the consular authorities do not have any disposition expressed by the local official to execute visits to foreigners who are undergoing a redirection procedure.

Requirements to Travel to Mexico: Residence

People who are carrying out the procedures to have residency in Mexico, must acquire through the Migration’s national institute in that country, a round trip permit that is basically granted for a maximum period of two months, where it is not substitutable.

In the event that the citizen does not use the permit within the stipulated period, he loses the right to return without a visa to Mexican soil.

Visa required?

Through the tourism visa pact between Mexico and Argentina, Argentine citizens do not need a visa to enter Mexican territory as a tourist, for a stay that does not exceed the 180 continuous days.

In the event that citizens exceed 180 days they will have to apply for a visa depending on your situation, whether to study, work, etc. If the student obtains the approval document at any Mexican educational systemYou must attend the Mexican embassy or consulate in the country where you are and apply for the temporary resident student visa.

For people who want to work in Mexico, they must have a permit where they can aspire to two types of visa:

  1. The resident visa: The minimum duration is approximately 6 months to 4 years.
  2. Permanent resident visa: It is the term you want to be.

Countries such as Bolivia, Cuba, Ecuador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, among many more They must apply for a visa to enter Mexico as a tourist.

Requirements to Travel to Mexico: Tourist Card

The tourist card (FMM) is an admission document produced for tourists of certain nationalities who aspire to know Mexico. In addition, applicants who acquire this card will arrive via email after completing the application form.

In the form, request information such as: name, nationality, date of birth, reason for the trip, passport or card number, address of stay and establish what will be the means to get to Mexico, either by air, across sea or land.

Although there is more than one type of visa, the tourist card is practically so that the applicant can visit the country for a within 180 days.

The people who need this card, are the tourists who are in Mexico so less 72 hours or those who will travel later through the border area. In general, this border area extends to the first immigration registration point; south of the United States border in Mexico.

The tourist card has a cost of approximately $ 24USD where it is stamped in immigration at the airport in Mexico.

In the event that you travel by car or by bus, The tourist card will be given to you at the border inspection station or at an immigration office. The citizen must show his passport which shows that he is a US citizen.

Travelers can obtain this card through an immigration office in the border area, you can also find it at airports in that area, travel agencies, ports, etc. This card You can no longer request it through the Mexican consulate. In addition, tourists can access it on-line.

How long does the process take?

It is important to note that this card is per person. You can claim this card within a period of 30 days before entering Mexican soil.

Depending on the situation, this procedure is quick, you can obtain it in a few minutes at an immigration agency in the border areas with your respective passport.

Cost of traveling to Mexico from Argentina

The cost to travel to Mexico will depend on where you visit and what season you want to go.

The first important expense is air tickets, to travel from Argentina to Mexico, it depends on the city you attend, but you can find approximately 11,167.86 Argentine pesos or more.


After you have defined the place of your vacation, you must determine where you will stay. Places like Cancun, DF or Playa del Carmen can see good prices; for a room for two people it has an estimated cost of 1,191.24 Argentine pesos.

In other places like Quintana Roo, the cost increases; a room for two people is estimated to be around the 2,233.57 Argentine pesos. You can also find hostels of approximately 744.52 pesos.

Public transport

The price of public transport is relatively cheap, the metro has an estimate of 14, 51 Argentine pesos, the bus can vary between 14.51 and 20.31. In Cancun the bus has a cost of 26.11 and Playa del Carmen 14.51.


Taxi costs depend on how many kilometers it takes to reach your destination. A taxi to Mexico City costs approximately 547.26 Argentine pesos; in Cancun it costs 918.66. The cheapest sites are in Puebla, which has an estimate of 269.56, Monterrey 274.31, among other.

Food and drink

If the tourist wishes to taste in restaurants it has a cost of 1,424.50, two dishes and dessert; Also if you want to eat at fast food places, be McDonald’s, Burger King among other related brands, it has an approximate cost of 281.78.

If you want to go to a bar to drink beer, it has an estimated cost of 141.91 the imported ones and the national ones 85.55. The water has a value of 32, 59, a Coca Cola or Pepsi has an estimate of 44.13; a Cappuccino has an approximate value of 123.57.


To visit the incredible tourist attractions can vary depending on the place. For example, to visit the National Museum of Anthropology has an approximate cost of 203.10, visiting Chichén Itzá has a value of 1,395.59 For foreigners, going to the Xcaret park with a plus ticket with some travel agencies has a cost of 7,253.59, which in most cases includes food and transportation, among many more options you will be able to find.

Why travel to Mexico

Traveling to Mexico refers you to living in the times of that country. Tourists can witness and visualize the great colonial cities like Zacatecas, Guanajuato, Querétaro,etc.

A unique stop is to visit Chichen Itza located in the Yucatan peninsula, it is one of the wonders of the modern world and a World Heritage Site, which you will not be able to stop observing how spectacular it is.

You cannot miss the great Beaches that Mexico gives us. Places like Cancun, Acapulco, Baja California, are those beach places where you will spend a different day with your loved ones.

Also an excellent stop to visit is the natural park Xcaret which is located in Playa del Carmen, tourists will be able to witness and enjoy the underground rivers that are found 3 fresh water channels and with the Aztec customs.

If you need an outlet to clear your mind of the hard work you’ve had a good option is to visit Boil the water located in the city of Oaxaca. It is a natural spa that contains petrified waterfalls, where the water is white.

Enjoy the range of options that Mexico gives you. That is why, if you want to visit this great country, do not stop collecting the Requirements to travel to Mexico.

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