Requirements to Travel to Mexico: Visa, Costs and MORE

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The Requirements to travel to Mexico They comprise a set of attributes and conditions that all Salvadorans must have if they need to travel to the Aztec country. It should be noted that the Mexican territory is a conclave visited by many foreigners due to the cultural, academic and gastronomic diversity in all its corners.

According to the above, if you are based in El Salvador and want to know Mexico, this is the moment. Here you will be able to know what the travel requirements are, the visa process, the costs of these procedures and the recommendations for you to make a safe and pleasant trip. !Live the experience of exploring and connecting with the beautiful and beloved Mexico!

What are the requirements to travel to Mexico from El Salvador?

If you are interested in making a trip to Mexico from a Central American country, then you should plan your travel and stay procedures in advance, put together your funds and go to the Mexican Embassy in El Salvador. It is possible that you do not know what are the general conditions that you must meet to visit Mexico, do not worry, we will tell you!

  • Have your updated international ID.
  • Round trip tickets with the scheduled dates according to the declaration to the Migration Office in Mexico.
  • Support that evidences your stay in that country or, failing that, the communication of invitation from friends or family.
  • Justify the financial support necessary to sustain you in Mexico during your stay in that country.
  • Any other evidence that supports the reason for the trip to Mexico.
  • Form for multiple migration, valid and extendable for up to 6 months (for mobilization to the Mexican border by land).

Also, remember that if you need more guidance on the Requirements to travel to Mexico, you can visit the official website from the Mexican diplomatic office in El Salvador and look for what interests you. Next, you also have the embassy phone numbers for any questions: (503) 2248-9900, 2248-9901.

Visa to Travel to Mexico from El Salvador

In another vein, there are a series of general requirements that you must meet to obtain your visa when you need to travel to Mexico. Therefore, you should know that since 2017 the Mexican Embassy has created a dynamic online platform so that you can manage your Mexican visa.

Additionally, this permit is granted to you by the Mexican government through the consular authorities in El Salvador. So if you need to travel to Mexico as a tourist, or as a temporary resident for study or work, keep reading. !Below we explain the steps to apply for your Mexican visa on the electronic platform of the Aztec embassy!

  • Connect on your PC or smartphone to an Internet signal.
  • Search for the browser of your choice and access the official link.
  • Schedule your appointment in the «Online Appointment Register». Use the MEXITEL link and follow the instructions.
  • Download the visa application form.
  • For the day of the appointment you must present the original passport and the copy.
  • Passport-type front photo without glasses and in color, with a mandatory white background.
  • If you do not have your international identity card, you must consign some original support and its respective copy that evidences your address in Salvadoran territory.

In another vein, you already know that to process your Mexican visa, depending on the type of stay you are in, you must do it according to the electronic appointment generated by the system. In addition, you have to deliver the supporting documents to the consulate that day according to the assumption associated with the type of visa you will need:

Tourist visa

  • If you have financial resources and permanent employment: present in original and copy, the ownership of the property and the stable employment letter.
  • If you are an investor in an undertaking: present supports of the participation as a capitalist partner.

Cases of other types of visa

Temporary residence visa

  • If you have financial resources and permanent employment: present the updated bank movements of accounts, cards, loans, etc.
  • You are a routine traveler: provide a photocopy of the passport page stamped by the Immigration Office, with the stay in 3 nations that do not have border limits with El Salvador in the last 12 months.
  • You have a recognized curriculum: record the credentials of good repute.
  • If you have a relative of Mexican nationality: provide supporting evidence of the link with said Mexican relative. Likewise, the relative’s Mexican condition must be verified.
  • When you present a family link with a foreign resident: deliver the support that proves the affiliation or link.
  • In case of family ties with accredited consular personnel in the Aztec country: the documents of the nexus with the diplomatic official and the original of the accreditation letter of the consular personnel must be consigned.
  • If you are an employee of a transnational company with representation in Mexico: in this case, you must provide the proof of employment signed by an executive of the subsidiary company and a copy of its constitutive registration.

Visa for temporary resident for studies

  • If you are going to study in Mexico: deliver the letter of acceptance to the educational institution in Mexico, indicating: name of the center, course or internship to be carried out, cost of tuition, duration of the course, among other information.
  • Present the demonstration of its economic source to support the studies to be carried out in Mexico.
  • If you are in a legal protection regime for a temporary stay in Mexico: present a written letter from the interested party and comply with the regulations of the consular authorities.

This is going to interest you: the Mexican Embassy in El Salvador, makes its website available to you 24 hours a day, so that you can enter the system without major problems and locate the visa modules and the appointment register. There you will be able to know in detail the precautions according to the assumptions for the visa and the advice to download the visa application form.

Additionally, you can use the digital link of the embassy to know the Requirements to travel to Mexico.

Travel costs to Mexico

On the other hand, a Salvadoran must take into account some factors to plan the real cost of being able to travel to Mexico. For this reason, you need to research the estimated future prices in advance so that you do not have major inconveniences during your stay in that country.

According to the above, these factors to consider are: the cost of the tickets, whether air or land, the time spent in that country, the areas to visit or where you are going to move, accommodation, meals, among other variables. If you plan these variables in advance, you will surely not have major problems to pay for your trip.

Some tips that may interest you when planning the cost of your trip to Mexican lands we are going to point out to you. Pay attention!

  • Consider the convertibility of your Salvadoran currency to the exchange rate with respect to the Mexican peso or the North American currency.
  • In Mexico you have the advantage of using the exchange houses to get Mexican pesos. You can also have ATMs to withdraw cash with your credit cards.
  • The cost of air tickets varies according to the place of origin, airline, destination, time of the trip. It is not the same cost of passage if you go from El Salvador to Mexico by plane, as if you go from Peru to Mexico.
  • As for accommodation, there are also variations in the price offered. Thus, it all depends on the region where you are going and the type of hotel you choose. In cities like the Mexican capital, Cancun, Acapulco, there are more expensive accommodations than other more depressed areas.

Attractions of Traveling to Mexico

If you are a Salvadoran or Salvadoran who likes to see worlds and share new experiences, then get ready to go to Mexico. Those lands are a paradise full of stories, cultural diversity, beautiful beaches, pre-Hispanic and colonial architecture in contrast to modern cities.

Therefore, if you go to Mexico, here are some suggestions so that you can take back fond memories of that country:

  • The Mexican capital: modern and at the same time full of historical sites, good gastronomy, constellation of museums and cultural centers.
  • Beach areas such as Los Cabos and the Gulf of Californian reservoir areas.
  • Connections with the Rivera Maya and Chichén Itzá.
  • The coastal and beach system of Cancun.
  • The beaches of Vallarta and Acapulco.
  • UNESCO heritage archaeological zones: Oaxaca de Juárez, Monte Albán and the so-called ancient cities of Uxmal in Mérida- Yucatán.
  • In addition to other sites worthy of being visited by national and foreign tourists.


  • If you are going to travel to Mexico, do not limit yourself only to visiting the capital, adjust your itinerary so that you can move to other regions that are worth visiting, such as those indicated above.
  • When it is a tourist trip, try to plan your stay for at least 7 to 10 days. Thus, you can have time to do other tours that will surely leave you very pleasant experiences.

  • Calmly investigate the place of stay, so you will avoid having unpleasant and unsafe moments. It is not recommended to stay at the last minute in any space, without having an idea of ​​the security that the area provides.
  • Inform yourself well about visits to tourist places. There are places where you can move on your own without hiring guide services. That can allow you to save some money that can be used to visit another tourist destination.

Visit Mexico and live an experience of history and beauty!

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