Requirements to Travel to Nicaragua: Documents, Vaccinations and MORE

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Nicaragua is one of the countries located in the central zone of the American continent. Thus, these innovative landscapes vary between lakes, volcanoes, oceans and rivers. That is why it is historically known as «the land of volcanoes and lakes.» However, for your visit you must comply with the requirements to travel to Nicaragua.

In the same way, this nation groups traditions and customs inclined towards folklore, crafts and literature. Therefore, these have become activities that promote tourism and the economy of the territory. Below we will indicate the requirements, some tips and more, that you should take into account when traveling from El Salvador to this unforgettable country.

Documents Needed to Travel to Nicaragua from El Salvador

Now, if you have in mind to know this culture, it is necessary that you comply with the requirements to travel to Nicaragua. Among them we can highlight the following:

  • Have your pass valid for at least 6 months by the time you decide to enter the destination country
  • Specifically demonstrate the intention of your trip
  • Have sufficient monetary capital to finance the visit to the country
  • The entry alternative must be from an authorized position (maritime, air or land)
  • Possess some type of tourist card or, consequently, you will have to cancel a fine of 5 USD

Also, it is essential that you take into account the responsibility that you must present in the instance of entry to Nicaragua. In other words, this corresponds to the adequate compliance with the immigration procedures proposed by the Foreign Relations group of this nation. Finally, being Salvadoran, you do not need an entry visa.

How to travel to Nicaragua from El Salvador?

Thus, the General Directorate of Migration and Foreigners of Nicaragua (DGME) is the body corresponding to the regulation of safe actions related to entering and leaving the territory. Likewise, it shows the appropriate procedure for your respective entry with tourism or residence intentions. Below we will indicate the steps you must follow:

  1. Complete a form in which you reflect the amount of accompanied with which you will carry out the trip
  2. Likewise, you must attach an Excel file in which you indicate name and surname, identity card, nationality and date of birth of each one
  3. Send this data to the specific email addresses: /
  4. Then, this request will be analyzed and processed by the managing body
  5. You will be notified about the response to your request
  6. At the same time, the authorized border posts will be aware of the decision in your case

Finally, we can add that just at the time of boarding, you must show up at the authorized entry areas. In the same way, you must proceed to present your valid passport and identity documents. Thus, the last of the requirements to travel to Nicaragua in this sense, it is compliance with the suggested protocol.

Vaccinations Needed to Travel to Nicaragua from El Salvador

On the other hand, among the requirements to travel to Nicaragua It is convenient to mention the performance of certain vaccines. That is, to fulfill the optimal function of preventing infections or contagious diseases that produce health and social risks. Therefore, the essential vaccines to enter this country are:

  • Yellow fever, infectious disease that presents varying levels in terms of severity. In addition, it is caused by infected mosquito bites and the respective vaccine is the main prevention agent.
  • Tetanus – Diphtheria / Pertussis, infection that can affect your respiratory tract due to the bacterium Bordetella Pertussis
  • Mumps – triple virus (measles, rubella and mumps), easily transmitted disease generated by the whole Paramyxovirus. In this way, it causes unilateral or bilateral inflammation in the parotid gland.
  • Hepatitis A and B, disease of infection and contagion that affects the Liver. In the same way, it is produced by the hepatitis viruses HAV and HBV, depending on the specific case.
  • Typhoid fever, contagious disease that can affect a large number of your organs. Likewise, it is very possible that it causes death and its origin comes from the bacterium Salmonella Enterica.
  • Rage, disease of animal origin whose transmission is through viruses and affects the human body, specifically, the central nervous system
  • Flu, an infectious disease caused by a virus called influenza. Likewise, this is characterized by generating fever, headaches, muscle and joint pain.
  • Pneumococcus, bacterial infection commonly presented through sinusitis, lung infections, meningitis, and bacteremia

Attractions of Nicaragua

Masaya volcano

This volcano is located a few kilometers from the city of Masaya and in the nation’s capital, Managua. Likewise, it is part of the number of active volcanoes within this territory and its incandescent interior contains a lake of lava. Likewise, its crater called Santiago is 635 meters above sea level in terms of altitude and generates sulfur dioxide emissions.

At the same time, this Nicaraguan national park was founded through an Executive Decree on May 24, 1979. In addition, it has an area of ​​54 km² and is made up of 2 volcanoes and 5 respective craters. Therefore, this attraction is the first and largest in the country whose tourist facilities stand out for their striking atmosphere and volcanological museum.

To conclude, it should be mentioned that the soils of the land space in which it is located have little vegetation. That is to say, its cover is made of lava, and it has generated only two strong currents in the course of the 16th century. However, these risky conditions did not cause risks and it is currently one of the most visited places.

Islets of Granada

The Islets of Granada correspond to the set of 365 islets located in the southern part of Granada. Thus, as regards its origin, it is given by an avalanche of mud and stones detached from the Mombacho volcano. In the same way, they are covered by large portions of vegetation and maintain scarce ranges of distance with the Asese peninsula.

Also, it is important to mention that this natural and tourist complex has been populated over time. Therefore, some became private property and a place of permanent or vacation residence. With which, it offers hotel and accommodation services such as: Isleta el Roble, Ikaria Eco Hotel, Jicaro Island Ecolodge, Casa Isla Zopango, among others.

Finally, we can highlight that due to its important attraction, it has become one of the essential tourist spots in Nicaragua. It also offers a wide variety of services available to you and other tourists. That is why its natural environments, hotels, restaurants and luxurious houses are part of the reasons why it brings together hundreds of foreigners

Somoto Canyon National Monument

This natural attraction is located in the Municipality of Somoto. Initially, it was rediscovered in 2004 by some geologists from the Czech Republic. Likewise, these experts carried out in-depth investigations and called it “the impressive geographical accident”. Similarly, at that time this space was unknown to some Nicaraguans and the world.

In the same way, with regard to its conformation we can say that in its territorial distribution multiple types of rocks stand out. Likewise, it is characterized by presenting line structures that correspond to earth fractures and alluvial deposits from the Quaternary period. Therefore, this infers that volcanic centers and pyroclastic rocks derived from the Miocene period originated there.

In conclusion, we highlight that this space contains an irregular rock formation due to flow erosion activities in rainy seasons. Also, according to experts, the Somoto Canyon has a geological age between approximately 5 and 15 million years. With which, this National Park represents beautiful landscapes.

Tips for Traveling to Nicaragua

Subsequently, it should be mentioned that Nicaragua continues to evolve with respect to its tourist services. That is why it has maintained a high position among the best destinations internationally. At the same time, it is necessary that you take into account some tips that will define your stay within the country. Among them we mention the following:


In principle, we recommend that you plan your visit during the high or medium season. In this way, the first of these corresponds to the months between December and April, where the climate remains hot and sunny. The second mentioned season corresponds only to the month of November, in which the weather is fresh.


Likewise, it is necessary that you wear each of the corresponding vaccines to enter this nation. Therefore, you can prevent the spread of diseases during your visit time. In addition, we suggest that you have some travel insurance and thus obtain a better health guarantee in case of inconvenience.


In general, Nicaragua is a relatively inexpensive and accessible country for anyone in search of tourism. Likewise, we give you as a travel alternative that you have a certain amount of cash. Because in some places that provide services, you will not have the provision to cancel purchases through credit cards.

Also, it is worth mentioning the advice that you are aware of exchange houses in the country. Thus, then, you can go to one of these branches and make foreign currency exchanges. However, the suggestion derives that you do not make these types of changes within airports or customs.


As for the gastronomic services of the country, it is worth mentioning that they are very rich and varied. Therefore, among its mix of traditions, food derived from corn stands out. With which, we advise you to try some of its typical dishes such as: gallo pinto, nacatamal, vigorón, among others. Similarly, these consist of predominant combinations of rice, beans, plantain, and corn tortillas.

The land of volcanoes and lakes awaits you!

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