Requirements to travel to Panama: about Vaccines, Cost and MORE

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The requirements to travel to Panama It will depend on the need for the trip, whether it is as a tourist or a business trip.

As a tourist, Colombian people do not need a visa, they only need the passport, round trip ticket, travel itinerary and other requirements that will be explained below.

Now, visiting another country is an extraordinary adventure, whether for tourism, for work, or to create and access a new quality of life.

No matter the reason for your trip, this article will help you learn about the requirements to travel to Panama from Colombia.

Requirements to travel to Panama

To enjoy the fascinating attractions that Panama offers and take a tourist trip to a quiet adventure, you must prepare the necessary requirements in advance.

All this in order to ensure the entry to the country without unforeseen events, for which the requirements to travel to Panama from Colombia are listed below:

  • The interested person must have their current passport, with a validity date of more than three months.
  • You must also check your financial availability when entering the country, so you must have a minimum of five hundred US dollars, on credit cards or cash.
  • You must also bring a travel program or agenda.
  • You must have the reservation of the accommodation or the address of the place where you will stay.
  • Return ticket. It is important to remember that a Colombian person can be in Panama as a tourist for a maximum time of three months.
  • The passenger must be vaccinated against yellow fever.
  • A tourist visa is not required if the length of stay is three months or less.

The Panamanian tourism team has an office available to the public during the morning, in the customs area.

If the person traveling needs to bring a pet, they must have a certificate of vaccinations applied to the animal when entering the country.

All this in order to guarantee the good health of the pet and ensure that it has the vaccines of: Rabies, distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, and parvovirus.

Requirements for work trip

To make a trip to Panama for work, it is necessary to apply for a work permit, so the interested party must complete the procedure at the nearest Panamanian consulate.

Consequently, most of the documentation required by the consulate must be provided by the contracting company.

It is also necessary to process the apostilled criminal record certification. In addition to these requirements, the applicant must have:

  • Current passport, with a validity date greater than three months or for the time of stay in Panama.
  • You must also check your financial availability when entering the country, in the case of travel for work, the company that hires must guarantee the maintenance of the person.
  • Documentation that justifies your stay for work reasons.
  • You must have the accommodation reservation or the address of the place where you will stay.
  • Return ticket. .
  • The passenger must be vaccinated against yellow fever.

It is important to mention that when leaving Panama you must pay an airport departure tax, for forty dollars.

In addition, it is necessary to consider that tourists or any traveler who arrives, can enter a space of duty-free shops.

Some of those stores are open 24 hours a day. They are located on the upper level of the airport, so these can be accessed before continuing to immigration.

If the person traveling needs more details, they can call the Panamanian consular service center or write to the consular service email of:

  • Barranquilla. Contact center email:
  • Cali. Contact center email:
  • Medellin. Medellin service center email:

In addition, the consulate of Panama in Colombia has social networks on Facebook, twitter and instagram, through which it provides information to users.

Maximum Length of Stay in Panama

The maximum time of stay for tourism for Colombian people is ninety days or three months.

However, in case of needing to extend the tourism time, the person must go to the migration facilities in Panama and bring:

  • The passport.
  • Have the amount of $ 10 available.
  • You should also carry a duplicate of the passport page where the personal data is displayed.
  • In addition, a photocopy of the page where the entry record closest to the country is evidenced.
  • A letter requesting the extension of the tourism time and the return ticket.
  • Upon arrival at the immigration facility, request a tourist extension form.

The step-by-step request for an extension of time as a tourist is estimated to take 120 minutes or 2 hours.

But if you want to travel to Panama for reasons other than tourism, which leads to a longer stay, you must apply for a visa. There are two types of visa if the reason for the trip is not tourism: temporary visa and permanent visa.

The temporary visa is regularly approved for one year and can be applied for again the following year. The permanent visa is approved forever.

Vaccinations needed to travel to Panama

Although the yellow fever vaccine certificate is not part of the requirements to travel to Panama, the passenger must apply the vaccine.

It is preferable that the traveler be vaccinated and carry the corresponding certificate. This requirement in several countries is carried out with the intention of limiting the spread of the disease between countries.

It is also required in order to safeguard travelers and prevent them from being exposed to the disease, thus avoiding a greater risk.

How much does it cost to travel to Panama?

Depending on the economic availability and the route chosen by the person, the cost of the trip can be estimated.

In this sense, the options from Colombia to Panama are basically two: maritime and air, since by land it is feasible but not convenient.

The road from Colombia to Panama by land is not advisable due to the risk represented by the passage from one country to another through the jungle. That is why the most used routes to go to Panama from Colombia are mentioned below.

By air from Cartagena to Panama City, it is the safest and fastest alternative. You only need to book a flight to Panama:

  • There are two airlines that normally depart to Panama: Avianca and Copa, the avianca service is more accessible than that of Copa.
  • The price of the flight is approximately between 350 to 400 American dollars, it will depend on the possible stopovers of the flight or if it is direct.

On the other hand, the other travel alternative is by sea, which has two options:

  • From Cartagena to Panama, it is the most convenient alternative, via the ferry to the port of Panama. The tour includes crossing the islands of San Blas and delighting in the landscapes of the Caribbean and dolphins.
  • The cost of this option is approximately 600 US dollars.
  • Another maritime alternative is to set sail from Capurganá to Puerto Obaldia by boat, it is the most accessible alternative.
  • The price of the transfer to Capurganá from another place in Colombia is between 30,000 and 70,000 pesos. Once in Capurgana, the ticket must be purchased, it is estimated at 55,000 pesos.
  • It is also essential to bear in mind that before setting sail, the passport must be stamped in Capurganá.

Why travel to Panama?

  • Because it is a country where development has been unquestionable for the past ten years.
  • This economic development is a factor that attracts people with expectations of improvement, which opens up many people who seek opportunities in that country.
  • The fundamental basis of this economic development is the Panama Canal, since it is the shortest route between the Pacific and the Atlantic, which represents the obligatory passage for 70% of global trade.
  • In addition, the country has the largest free region of the Occidental countries, as well as the most outstanding banking business in Central America.
  • It is considered by the IMF as one of the most developed countries in the region.
  • Consequently, there are many opportunities that this Panama offers, which is why it maintains the lowest unemployment indicators on the continent.
  • All of the above is reason for many people to determine to seek opportunities in Panama and thus create a new life project.
  • In this sense, Panama offers a favorable environment for business development, for anyone.
  • One option is to start your own company in Panama, instead of becoming a dependent of a Panamanian company.
  • This is ideal for many people with a creative spirit and with sufficient financial support to start their own business.
  • However, there are also opportunities for foreigners with undergraduate and graduate studies in Panama.
  • This alternative is available through a type of visa that is approved only for foreign university students.
  • In this sense, the interested parties must certify the degree of instruction with the degree of study obtained, which must be legalized and apostilled in their country of origin.
  • The professionals who apply to this visa are those whose specialty is not within the topics reserved only for Panamanian nationals.


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