Requirements to Travel to Panama: Documents, Costs and MORE

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Panama is a Central American country very visited by Ecuadorian citizens, here you can find what are the Requirements to travel to Panama, and dare to visit this tourist country.

The visits to Panama by Ecuadorian citizens are for work, business and tourism reasons. The main one being trips for tourism, since it is a country with beautiful beaches and large and modern shopping centers.

Necessary Documents to Travel to Panama from Ecuador

According to the Requirements to travel to Panama, and dare to visit this tourist country that in fact is very visited by Ecuadorian citizens.

The requirements to enter Panama are difficult to determine. This is because government officials request different things than what appears on government web portals.

The most up-to-date information and what It is recommended to check is that of the immigration office and naturalization of Panama.

Since 2011, Ecuadorian citizens have the possibility of entering Panama exempt from the Visa requirement. Therefore A visa is NOT necessary to travel to Panama from Ecuador.

The documentation required to travel to Panama from Ecuador are the following:

  • Have the Valid passportIn other words, it must be valid for at least three months before the expiration date prior to the date of the trip.
  • Get into to the country by migration posts official land, air or sea.
  • Present the current passport to the immigration authorities.
  • Must also access the interview That can be done by the competent authorities at the time of entry or exit.
  • Likewise, allow data and records to be validated on site and luggage and personal documents to be verified and inspected.
  • Likewise, you must present the entry and exit card Delivered by the international transport company, duly filled out. This, without prejudice to the National Migration Service implementing other information collection mechanisms, according to international standards.
  • The traveler must not have any type of impediment input.
  • Additionally, it must have sfinancial forgetfulness to cover the expenses while in Panama territory. With the exception corresponding to passengers in transit.
  • Should have the return ticket to Ecuador, when the migratory category so indicates.
  • You must pay everything related to obligations with the National Migration Service.
  • Likewise, you must comply with sanitary regulations established by the Ministry of Health, or any other measure dictated by the health authorities.

To travel to Panama from Ecuador It is not required:

  • Visa.
  • Either, Vaccines.
  • Nor other procedures and procedures.

Costs of Traveling to Panama from Ecuador

Continuing with the Requirements to travel to Panama, We went on to review the cost of traveling to Panama from Ecuador. It is believed that traveling to Panama is quite expensive, however Panama is a country that offers a wealth of possibilities and therefore an incredible range of options to enjoy and explore.

One of the cheapest ways to travel to Panama from Ecuador is by air, the round trip ticket It has an approximate cost that ranges from $ 240 and $ 1,500.

An important reference when traveling to Panama is to take a good look at the prices that you will find at your travel destination. In this way, you will have a clearer idea of ​​daily expenses and can make the ideal trip, according to your preferences.

Panama has a great offer of flights, the faster you buy the travel ticket, the better. You can also review the options by land and by sea.

Booking a hotel does not mean any problem in Panama since it also exists, great offer of hotels where you can find the option that not only suits you best, but the one that best suits your budget.

The prices of the hotels are around 70 and 200 dollars. The price of a standard room is between 10 to 13 dollars and that of a double room ranges from $ 25 to $ 30.

Also, you can look for hostels, hostels to spend the night during the tour. It is always ideal to inquire about the different alternatives and the existing availability. Most of the hostels offer wireless internet, communal kitchen, lockers, free breakfast, social area, laundry service, among other services.

Regarding transportation and food, you will surely find many and varied options. Keep in mind that there are those places where you can only go by private transport, such as the boats that go to Bocas de Toro or also the boats to go to Emberá Querá.

The best thing to do in order not to be out of budget, is plan the trip well and well in advance.

Attractions of Panama

I agree with you Requirements to travel to Panama, you can review the magnificent attractions of this Central American country.

Some when they listen to Panama they think it is talking only about the Panama Canal. But Panama is so many things that they have come to call it «the bridge of the world«,» Heart of the Universe «, «Mirror of the Americas».

Panama is a isthmus drenched by two seas, with millions of islands, thousands of species and endless orchids. Also, it can be said that it is a country with a great modern life that has made it a great banking center of America and with a growing architecture of modern skyscrapers.

It is a country that for countless reasons is worth visiting, which managed to be a historic milestone in engineering, after the construction of the Panama Canal that crosses and joins the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, becoming a commercial route of great importance.

In Panama without a doubt you must visit the wonderful engineering work the Channel that connects the Atlantic Oceans and peaceful. You must visit the sections Miraflores, Gatún, Agua Clara, Guilliard, Gamboa and the Transoceanic railway

Likewise, you must know the Bocas del Toro archipelago what is surrounded by islands, islets and keys. With extensive beaches for surfing and diving. You can visit Bastimentos Island where you can see the dolphins.

Historical sites

Colon in the Province of Colón, a port area near the Canal. It is the largest free zone in Latin America. You can also visit the railway.

In the Province of Panama is the Island of Flowers, located 20 kilometers from Amador. His real name is Taboga.

The Cerro Azul in the Province of Panama, it is a famous tourist site. It has great waterfalls and lakes. You can kayak or go fishing.

You can visit Chiriqui in the Province of Chiriqui, there is the Volcan Baru, the Bargueta beach, Dracula farm, among others.

Visit the Pearl Islands In the Province of Panama, with beautiful white sand beaches and crystal clear water, it is a destination highly frequented by foreigners.

Also visit the Metropolitan Park in Panama City. Known as the lung of the city, with extensive wooded vegetation. For more information contact the Embassy of Panama in Quito.

Recommended Vaccines to Travel to Panama

Within the Requirements to travel to Panama, the question always arises regarding vaccines, when you want to travel to a country tropical and central and south america.

To travel to Panama it is not an essential requirement to have any vaccination. However, the vaccines that are widely recommended are listed here:

  • In the rainy season, the vaccination of the Yellow fever.
  • Also, the vaccination of the typhoid fever.
  • Likewise, you should have the vaccine against Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B.
  • Likewise, the vaccine against tetanus.
  • If on your visit to Panama, you are going to be in areas such as Boca del Toro and Darien, there is a risk of contracting Malaria.

Tips for Traveling to Panama

If you want everything to go well for you and not go out of budget, then here are the recommendations and tips for those who are waiting for the right moment to travel to Panama, here are the following tips for you to take into account:

  • It is suggested that use public transport. From province to province there are bus lines which is a very popular and inexpensive option with which you can travel the country in a short time.
  • Stay connected, don’t worry about phone calls. In Panama there is wifi and internet in all places, be they hotels, cafes, squares or shopping centers.
  • The March is the best time to travel to Panama, since it is low season within the high season. This way you will avoid the rains and you can have a better enjoyment.
  • Plan and find out well in advance about the places you intend to visit. It is recommended that you look for a guide to guide you as there are countless things to see and visit. Check rates and conditions.
  • Highly recommended is that have cash. Also, do not forget to bring the documents and proof of your financial solvency. The minimum is $ 500.

If you want magic, fun, adventure, you will surely find it in this country. It is special to look for moments of tranquility, it also has a great cultural richness.

You have already learned how magnificent Panama offers you, in the Requirements to travel to PanamaMake the decision now and take that long-awaited trip.


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