Requirements to Travel to Panama: Documents, Visa and MORE

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The Requirements to travel to Panama They are easy and simple, to get to know this wonderful island they only have to process the requirements that are requested so that citizens know this natural beauty.

The experience of traveling is very beautiful, knowing the beaches, shops and the culture of this country will take your breath away. That is why, you should not wait any longer, in this article you will be informed of the precautions that will allow you to enjoy this excellent adventure.

Live your dream travel to Panama!

Documents Needed to Travel to Panama from Nicaragua

In Latin America, Panama stands out as one of the main countries in which it offers immigrants a lot of hospitality. Additionally, this country has made significant progress in recent years, to the point that it is a very busy island.

But it is important that Nicaraguan citizens comply with the Requirements to travel to Panama, and realize the golden dream. They will immediately be able to know everything that is needed to fulfill the requirements of stay in this country.

Citizens who wish to enter Panama from Nicaragua, it is important that they present the following precautions:

  • Citizens who need to enter the country for tourism, should not present a visa.
  • They must have a valid passport at least three months before it expires.
  • People must purchase a round trip ticket to their initial destination, documents must be in order.
  • Present collections verifying how long they are going to be, and they must also have an amount of $ 500 to $ 1,500 to demonstrate that they can cover their expenses of stay.
  • Vaccine report (optional).
  • Collection where the rental of the hotel where they will spend the holidays is shown.
  • Car rental
  • Identity card.

Likewise, foreigners who intend to study in Panama must present the following requirements:

  • To study at the levels of initial, middle, diversified, university, postgraduate, in the different educational institutes, the documents presented must be recognized by the Ministry of Education of the country where the person comes from.
  • Citizens must opt ​​for a student visa at the Panamanian embassy, ​​otherwise they will not be able to start their studies.
  • They must comply with and register all the subjects and study plans required by the country.
  • Select the period of time in which they will comply with the subjects can be, bimonthly, quarterly, semester among others.
  • People who study at night must present the certification of the Educational College, since they will be exempt from choosing the periods.
  • The student visa is issued only to study, without exception. While this visa is in force, people should not work, otherwise the document of stay in the country is revoked. They can only carry out the internships that the degree warrants or the courses required for this purpose.

It is important that citizens, in addition to the requested collections, must consign the repatriation deposit, which is established in Law Decree No. 3 of February 22, 2008. As well as:

  • If the person is admitted, they must introduce the acceptance letter from the educational institute where they will begin their studies.
  • Consign the proof of registration payment, it must be done on the stipulated date, there will be no extension.
  • Explanatory letter from the house of study, where the personal data of the applicant is reported.
  • Time that the citizen will have in Panama until they finish their studies. If you need to extend your stay, you must request an extension of study.
  • Basic information of the applicant.
  • Duration of studies
  • Finally, indicate the subjects that will be taken and the marks obtained during their stay.

Visa to Travel to Panama from Nicaragua

It is important that all those people who wish to enter the country of Panama, with a desire to study or vacation on this wonderful island, have a maximum period of 90 days of stay. If, on the other hand, they need to settle permanently in the country, they must apply for a permanent visa to live in this town.

If the person has a job, they must also comply with the visa requirements. All papers must be legible, authorized and in order. It is important to mention that Panama grants different visas depending on the need of the applicant.

Panama offers Nicaraguans the Visa Suppression agreement, where a visa is not required to enter the country. However, if the intention of the person is to legalize, they must take into account the following:

Multiple entry and exit visa

All those citizens who, for their part, want to settle in Panama, must apply for a permanent or temporary visa, since they are exceeding the period of stay of 90 days. Additionally, they must request the processing card for three months, which will be granted while the visa is approved.

It is important to note that if the Visa has not been authorized to the applicant, he must go to the embassy to request an extension up to one year, to avoid legality problems in the country. The multiple entry and exit visa will grant you ease to transit, enter and leave the territory while the requested visa is authorized.

Short stay visa

All those foreigners who will stay in Panama for a period of less than nine months must apply for a short-stay visa, since they do not wish to reside in the country. It should be noted that this visa does not have an extension.

Below we detail the types of short-stay visa, depending on the need:

  • Short Stay Visa in Panama for business
  • The Short Stay Visa in Panama for Researchers and Scientists
  • Short Stay Visa in Panama to Visit Relatives
  • The Short Stay Visa in Panama for Medical Treatment
  • Short Stay Visa in Panama for International Humanitarian Assistance
  • The Short Stay Visa in Panama as Merchants and Investors by Special Laws
  • Short Stay Visa in Panama for the Banking Sector

Attention! Anyone who wants to live in Panama must apply for a visa to work and study. Request the Requirements to travel to Panama!

How to travel to Panama from Nicaragua?

Nicaraguan citizens despite having a beautiful country, emigrate to other countries in search of a better quality of life, the multiple problems that this country is going through, makes its inhabitants do not have peace and, therefore, abandon their roots.

Panama has become one of the most sought-after countries by foreigners, the hospitality of its people, the culture, its natural beauties, the Port of Colón, the stores, the Panama Canal, are many of the attractions that living in this country represents.

Any person who undertakes this trip must have the required documentation, passport, round trip ticket, accommodation, vehicle rental, among others. The time that a person can last is ninety days, without exception. However, if you want to stay, you must definitely carry out other migration procedures.

To travel to Panama you can do it in different ways, we inform you how you can do:


  • Everyone should go to the travel agency of their choice to buy roundtrip tickets.
  • Locate the agency that offers you the best budget that suits your need.
  • Request the date you want to travel.
  • When you have the ticket issuance you must check the time, day and date on which you will make the trip.
  • Check the airline you will be traveling on to your destination, and choose the safest one.
  • Present personal documents, passport, identity card, stay, etc.

Land route

  • This trip is usually made by people who cannot tolerate boarding an airplane.
  • They like to enjoy the scenery on the ground.
  • They have an adventurous and risky spirit.
  • People need to prepare physically and mentally as it is an exhausting journey from the discomfort of spending a lot of time sitting.
  • In order not to make so many stops and take advantage of the trip, they must stock up on food that does not expire quickly.
  • Hydration is essential to avoid exhaustion.
  • Equip with medicines in case you need them.

Costs of Traveling to Panama from Nicaragua

The cost to travel from Nicaragua to Panama is as follows: C $ 14,642. It is important to have the money for this expense and additionally, for accommodation, food, shopping among others. The Requirements to travel to Panama they must be performed without exception.

Maximum length of stay in Panama

To prevent foreigners from entering and leaving Panama without any order. The country placed immigration controls among which citizens who travel to Panama for tourism only have 90 days to stay.

It is important to mention that the Government of Panama reduced the stay of Nicaraguan citizens within the framework of a policy of hardening, due to the bad relationship that currently exists with the president of that nation.

Nicaraguan Embassy in Panama

All countries have an embassy of another country within their territory, however, currently fraternal, political and business relations have considerably diminished between Panama and Nicaragua. For this reason, the stay of Nicaraguans in this country is not happening with much regularity.


To travel from Nicaragua to Panama, you must take into account all the requirements in order to avoid inconvenience when wanting to enter this country, therefore you must consider the following:

  • People must verify that they have all the requirements requested by the Panamanian embassy.
  • Take clothes for tropical and rainy weather in your luggage. This island is hot.
  • Visit the natural landscapes, the port of Colon, where only tourists can shop.
  • Have your medications or treatments that you are doing.

What are you waiting for? Panama is beautiful!

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