Requirements to Travel to Peru: Documents, Travel by car and MORE

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The Requirements to travel to Peru are necessary to start the vacation of your dreams. Currently, Peru is one of the countries with the most visits during holiday periods. In other words, many tourists decide to take the trip of their dreams to know the City of the Incas. Next, we will present you the best places to visit in Peru:

  • Machu Pichu
  • National park huascaran
  • Arequipa
  • Cusco

Do you want to know more about this exotic country and its travel policies?Keep reading the sections of the article!

Documents Needed to Travel to Peru

After having a few months of work you deserve a good vacation. Therefore, Peru is the most viable option for you. Although, this country offers you a variety from culture, gastronomy, infrastructures and historical monuments that you don’t want to miss. Certainly, this nation is one of the most visited tourist sites in Latin America for its fascinating and exotic Inca architect.

In addition, many tourists consider that Peru has a good and comfortable geographical position to travel. As well as, it is one of the cheapest destinations in the world.

However, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs take into consideration the level of tourists and foreigners that enters the territory every day. Therefore, it has created the measures and policies necessary to control access to the country. That is, if a tourist wants to spend the dream vacation in this Latin American country, they have to comply with a series of guidelines.

Requirements to travel to Peru.

However, the requirements will vary depending on the country of origin. Consequently, many Chileans decide to have their first travel experience in Peru. So, if you are a Chilean citizen and you are thinking of having your next vacation in the City of the Incas, you must be aware of all Requirements to travel to Peru:

  • Thanks to the diplomatic relations that both countries have you won’t need a Tourist Visa
  • Valid passport: Must have a minimum validity of six (6) months
  • Personal Identification Document: This document is crucial to be identified at airports or border crossings
  • Round-trip tickets: It will demonstrate to the immigration authorities that you will only be in the territory for a period of less than (90) days
  • Vaccination certificate: It is not necessary to carry this document. However, if you had any illness this way, it is better to notify the authorities
  • Andean Migration Card (TAM): Electronic document that verifies your entry and exit from the country
  • Luggage Affidavit: Explanatory letter signed and stamped where you explain the level of luggage you have. In addition, in said document it is declared if any device is carried for which taxes will not be paid.
Attention! We recommend that during the trip do not lose your Passport, since you will be undocumented in a foreign country. However, if this happens you should go immediately to the Embassy of your country in Peru.

Requirements to Enter Peru

Now, if the destination of your dream vacation is Peru, you should be aware of all the conditions to legally enter the country. Certainly, this occurs with the aim of control the level of people entering the country. So, if you already have the documents to start your trip, do not forget to comply with the Requirements to Travel to Peru.

Remember! If you comply with all the necessary requirements and procedures you will not have any inconvenience on your trip. In addition, complying with a series of topics will guarantee you a safe and quiet entry into the country. Still don’t know what the requirements are? Quiet! This section is intended to mention the most important ones to you.

  • Be a Chilean national
  • Have all your Personal Identification documents up to date
  • Valid and legal passport to travel to Peru. However, if you do not have the latter updated, enter «Chancellery of Chile»
  • Request the document that records all the properties and income from the country of origin
  • Detailed letter of the reason for travel addressed to the Embassy of Peru
  • Photocopy of air or land tickets
  • Do not bring items that are prohibited in Peru
  • Enter the territory with a maximum of $ 30,000. However, you must declare to the immigration authorities in the event that you pass the currency limit

Do you have questions about the Requirements to travel to Peru? So, visit the page of «Procedures and Visas » of the Chancellery of Peru.

On the other hand, if you are determined to make this trip with your family, you should take into account if you travel with children or young people. That is, the policies of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs It covers other types of requirements regarding travel between parents and minor children. Therefore, it is crucial that you inform yourself of each of the documents to enjoy these next summer holidays with your children:

Requirements to travel to Peru with minors

  • Minor travel alone: Travel letter signed and stamped by a Public Registry stating the signature of both parents
  • If you are traveling with a single parent: The explanatory letter will only be signed by the parent who will not attend the trip.
  • Original and copy of the Young Man’s Birth Certificate
  • Personal Identification Card
  • Valid passport for six (6) months
  • Photocopy of the Identification Card of the representatives or parents
  • If the minor is not Chilean, they must present the passport of their country of origin
  • If one of the parents of the young person is traveling, they must present their signature and acceptance of the trip to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • In the case of travel with a tutorr, you must have the travel permit delivered by the Notary Public
  • Important! Following each of these steps will allow you to make a completely legal trip and you will be able to enjoy the holidays with your children.

Travel to Peru by car

On the other hand, there are many people who decide travel by bus instead of airplanes. As well as, they enjoy more than a trip by land seeing all the countries and border crossings than traveling by air. Because of that there are many transport companies who do these types of trips. In addition, they offer discounts for the holiday stage to all tourists.

In the same way, you should bear in mind that to travel by bus you have to cross the border and other cities. As well as, be informed that the travel hours that are approximately 68h with 2 routes to get to the City of the Incas.

In this section we will mention all the tips for traveling by bus. Also, we will inform you of the prices and details of the different routes that exist. Are you ready to go on this journey? Get to know Latin America by Bus!

Direct route

  • Two days of travel approximately (50h)
  • Stopover on Route 5 North, Border Crossing of Chacalluta and Santa Rosa
  • Buses are taken at the South Terminal in Santiago de Chile
  • Departure: Chile Terminal
  • Entry: Terminal Terrestre Plaza Norte
  • Andersmar Chile: It is a company that offers land transport services in a simple way
  • South Cross: Another of the many companies that undertake this journey with you
  • Tas Choapa: Compared to the previous ones, it is the cheapest and fastest to travel
  • Attention! To travel to Peru by bus you must have at less $ 100 to cover all your transportation costs

Route from Santiago de Chile with national stopovers

  • You can make your trip from Santiago to Antofagasta: It lasts approximately 19-21h. In addition, its main lines are Tur Bus and Fichtur VIP. As well as, they have an approximate price of $ 45.
  • Antofagasta to Arica: After taking the first bus, you will have a 10 hour trip. The most important thing is that the ticket will cost you approximately $ 20
  • Arica to Tacna: You can take a private vehicle at the City Terminal.
  • Tacna to Lima: It has an approximate travel time of 20h. Certainly, the most important transport companies are Cruz del Sur and Tepsa. Finally, the cost will be approximately $ 30.

How long can Tourists be in Peru?

Now, if you meet all the Requirements to Travel to Peru, you can start the trip you want so much. However, according to the policies of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs tourists have a limited time to stay in the territory. That is, foreigners traveling for vacation reasons can only be on time maximum of 90 days.

Similarly, if tourists fail to comply with this time required by the Peruvian government, they will be immediately deported and sanctioned by the country’s Foreign Ministry. However, if you want a trip of more than (90) days you must request «Travel Extension Document» to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. As well as, present all the documents requested to process the extent of travel.

Be legal, meet the established time!

Travel insurance

Finally, one of the most important points that you have to take into consideration before embarking on your trip is to hire a travel insurance. The latter will offer you the best packages for protect you throughout the trip. Remember! Your health comes first.

Still don’t know what travel insurance offers?Quiet! Here we tell you in detail what you can have with your health insurance.

  • Complete assistance on your trip
  • Stay in clinics in the event of an emergency or accident
  • Medical evaluation
  • Dental emergencies
  • Lost luggage
  • Fortuitous cancellation of the trip

Finally, we have you recommendations to avoid any inconvenience during your trip. The latter will allow you to have more precautions and be safe until the last day of your trip:

  • Plan the trip well
  • Charge your electronic devices to communicate
  • Avoid bites
  • Take your sunscreen with you
  • Not sure where to get good health insurance? Do not wait more! Visit «InterMundial»

What are you waiting for? Peru awaits you!


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