Requirements to travel to Peru from Colombia: for minors, Cost and MORE

The Requirements to travel to Peru from Colombia are mandatory to comply with all immigration permits legally. Consequently, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs It has required Colombian citizens to comply with a series of requirements before embarking on their trip. In addition, they have different sections in case you want to enjoy your holidays with your children and your pets.

Certainly travel to Peru is an unforgettable experience that you will remember for many years. Therefore, you need to be informed of all the expenses that you will assume when you enter to Peru. Don’t know what they are? Quiet! In this article you will find all the travel requirements, prices of all Peruvian attractions, places to visit and the best food in the country.

All this and more in this article!

Requirements to travel to Peru from Colombia

Peru is one of the busiest countries in Latin America in recent years. In the same way, this tourist destination offers all its visitors a variety of landscapes, attractions, culture, food, among others. Furthermore, one of the favorite destinations of Colombian citizens to spend your vacations is Peru. Consequently, both countries sand identify by their relationships in South American territory and for significantly sharing their customs.

However, to enjoy these wonderful vacations you must do some queries, about the documents and requirements are requested to travel. The latter occurs with the aim of control the level of people entering to Peru, and thus be able avoid any illegality of procedures when visiting the country. Therefore, the Ministry of Foreign Relations of Peru has been in charge of develop measurements for all those who wish to enter the country as a tourist.

Certainly, if you are thinking of traveling soon, you must abide by the regulations of the Requirements to travel to Peru from Colombia Without exceptions. Above all, be aware of all documents you need to leave the country. The most important thing, to avoid any inconvenience in your trip, is to comply with all the measures that this institution assigns to all tourists. Still don’t know what the requirements are? Quiet! We take care of mention the most important ones, in this section we have for you.

  • Be a nationalized Colombian citizen
  • Present your Personal Identification Documents (DNI)
  • Have your valid passport (With six (6) months of validity). If you do not have your updated passport, enter to «Chancellery of Colombia»
  • Declaration of income and properties in Colombia
  • Explanatory letter of the trip
  • Photocopy of air tickets (Round trip)
  • If you are a tourist you should not declare your bags because the items will not be sold in the country
  • The maximum money to enter the country is $ 30,000. However, if you have more cash, you must declare it at the immigration offices of Peru

If you meet all of these Requirements to travel to Peru from Colombia you will be ready to go on the journey of your dreams. However, many people want to enjoy their family vacations. That is, they want to share that range of wonderful landscapes between Fathers and sons. Therefore, Foreign Relations has other travel policies when you decide to travel with young minors. So, if you want to celebrate the summer holidays with your children, you should be attentive to the following requirements:

Requirements to travel with minors to Peru

  • If the young person is traveling alone: You must have an explanatory letter signed by your parents
  • Travel with one of the parents: You will only need the signature of the parent who will not attend Peru
  • Original and photocopy of the Birth Certificate of the minor who will travel
  • Identification Card
  • Valid passport of the minor
  • Copy of the Identity Card of the parents
  • Valid passport of both parents
  • If the young person is a foreigner but resides in Colombia, they must present their Identification Document from the country of origin
  • In the event that one of the minor’s parents has died, they must communicate and present the death certificate of the relative
  • On the other hand, if one of the parents is outside the country, they must revalidate the travel permit before the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Now, if you have already entered all Requirements to travel to Peru from Colombia in the case that travel with minors and you have each of the documents up to date, you must follow these instructions to get the child’s travel permit. Remember! These steps are fundamental so that your family can enjoy a wonderful trip without eventualities or any problem of illegality.

  1. Attend to a Public notary to validate the Travel Authorization. Consequently, this procedure must be canceled after contracting the services.
  2. Presents all the aforementioned documents. In addition, you must declare other types of information, such as city ​​of destination, date of departure and return, airline information or means of transport.
  3. In the event that the minor don’t travel with your parentsYou must provide all the information related to your legal representative on the trip.
  4. Later, when you receive the Travel Permit you will only have to notify at the airport or terminal of departure from the country.

Requirements to travel to Peru from Colombia with Pets

Now there are many people who consider your pets as part of your family. Therefore, they decide to enjoy these dream vacations with these animals. However, in order to enjoy their company they have to meet a series of Requirements to travel to Peru from Colombia with Pets.

Do you have pets and want to travel with them to Peru? Read all the requirements that you must meet depending on the airline you choose!

LC Peru

  • Cabin: Can only be one minimum of 48 hours of travel
  • The pet cannot have less than 8 weeks old
  • Vaccine certification and valid travel permit
  • Kennel must ccomply with the necessary measures for the flight
  • The total weight of the pet and the Kennel must be up to 7kg
  • Warehouse: The maximum weight will be 20kg
  • Cost: $ 20 + IGV

Star Peru

  • The hours flight maximums are 48h
  • Minimum age of the pet 2 months of life
  • Cost: 5 $ + IGV


  • Service minimum 48 before flight
  • The Kennel must have measures of 80cm x 64 cm x 1mts
  • Vaccine certification and travel permit
  • The age of the pet must be above 2 months of life
  • Cost: $ 4.50 + VAT

Viva Air Peru

  • Travel exclusively from the plane cabin for your pets
  • Current vaccination certificate
  • Cost: $ 25
Important! Peruvian airlines have the option that you travel with your pet in the cabin at no cost. But how? Simple! Your dog or cat should have a certificate of emotional assistance that supports the behavior of the animal.

Is it necessary to process a Visa?

Colombia in the last years has strengthened International Relations with all the countries in Latin America, and of course, Peru is one of its main commercial, tourist and social partners. Thus, It is not necessary to process any type of visa to travel from country to country. That is, all Colombian citizens must comply only with theyou Requirements to travel to Peru from Colombia.

In addition, it should present valid passport and with travel accessibility by less than 90 days. The latter is mandatory for each of the Colombians. However, if you want to travel for more than 90 days to Peru you should consult «Consulate of Peru in the City of Bogotá». Next, we recommend that read each of the conditions and documents you need to have more days to stay.

On the other hand, if you are a foreigner But you currently reside in Colombia, you will have to check which are the countries that need to process the visa to travel to Peru. If you want to have more information, Choose here.

Cost of Traveling to Peru from Colombia

The most important thing you should know before embarking on this trip is that Peru is one of the cheapest tourist destinations. So too, many of the hotels offer promotions and discounts in the summer times. For this reason, we decided to mention all the expenses that you will have to do during your trip. We remind you that all prices are calculated in USD ($).


  • Lime: Llama’s Brothers ($ 30), Condor’s House ($ 15), other types of hotels range from ($ 10-$ 20)
  • Cusco: Kurumi Hostel ($ 18) and Puma Hostel($ 15).Budget
  • Individual spending: The total per person will be between $ 15-$ 20


  • Undoubtedly one of the sections of this trip cheaper than you think

Gastronomic variety in restaurants from $ 3

  • Meals in street stalls from $ 1


  • If you travel from Colombia to Peru by bus, you must pay a ticket between $ 30-$ 40
  • Micro buses in Peru cost from $ 0.20 (depending on where you go)
  • Lima- Cusco Tour is $ 30 the passage per person


  • The archaeological walks have a $ 50 total cost
  • Entrance of Machu Pichu has a price of $ 70
  • Other cultural activities range between $ 30-$ 50


  • From Colombia to Peru ($ 400) about
  • Return ticket from Peru to Colombia ($ 450) about

Why travel to Peru?

By last, Peru is one of the most exotic destinations in Latin America. As well as, offers varieties of landscapes, culture and food. Also, prices for to access to each of these services they are cheap compared to other tourist destinations. So if you meet the Requirements to travel to Peru from Colombia We present you all the tourist places that you can visit.


  • Machu Pichu: Get to know the City of the Incas by train. Visit one of the 7 wonders of the world with your family.
  • National park huascaran: See part of the Cordillera Blanca.
  • Mancora: Do you want to know the Peruvian coasts? This is ideal! In addition, you can go surfing, diving and horseback riding
  • Arequipa: On your trip to Peru you cannot miss the Historic Center of this city
  • Cusco: One of the most iconic cities in Latin America and Peru. In recent years, he has shown his culture to the world


  • Tourists are fascinated by the gastronomic variety that exists in the country.
  • For example, the most famous dishes are: Rice a la Chiclayana, Cau-Cau, Causa a la Límeña, Ceviche, Shrimp lollipop, Stuffed empanadas, Sautéed loin, among others


  • Peru is a country with an exotic and diverse culture. Also has festivities and customs recognized worldwide.
  • The most famous holidays are: Virgen de la Candelaria, Lord of Miracles, Dance of Scissors, Diablada Puneña, among others

Live the vacation of your dreams! What are you waiting for?

Peru awaits you!


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