Requirements to Travel to Puerto Rico: Visa, Costs and MORE

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Do you like to know cultures? This article will explain what the Requirements to Travel to Puerto Rico.

In this wonderful country you will be able to witness incredible islands, with impressive views of the beach and the natural wonders that surround them.

It invites you to live a wonderful family vacation, it offers you different alternatives to get to know, among which stand out, ferry rides, historical places and excellent gastronomy, among others. Likewise, you will get friendly people in all the places you decide to visit.

That is why if they plan a trip to this country they must comply with the following Requirements to Travel to Puerto Rico.

What are the Requirements to Travel to Puerto Rico?

Mexican citizens who wish to visit this country must comply with the Requirements to Travel to Puerto Rico which will be explained below:

  • Mexican citizens they do need to process a Visa.
  • When requesting international entry either by air or by sea, the immigration authorities will request the passport and visa valid.
  • The citizen will not be allowed a period of accommodation that exceeds the validity that contains your Mexican passport,
  • The person must show both tickets, both outbound and return.
  • Show the lodging location during your stay to prevent inconvenience.
  • If the passenger is not allowed to enter Puerto Rican soil by the head of the US immigration body, this would not incur a legal infraction at any time.
  • The income to citizens are electronically regulated qualified as I-94. That is, they will stamp your passport noting the duration that you will be in Mexican territory.
  • It is important to note that the citizen must complete the customs declaration form that will supply the one with which the person is going to travel or can search for it in the international area. If you are traveling as a family, you would only need a single form.
  • With this format the citizen must declare: the product that are in Puerto Rico, the items that you purchase in duty-free stores, on the plane or on the ship.
  • If the citizen travels approximately with more than $ 10,000 US dollars or equivalent in other currencies must declare it.
  • The incorporation of meat, meat products, snails, fruits, plants, etc. is restricted.

Visa to Travel to Puerto Rico

Mexican citizens Yes they need Visa to access Puerto Rican territory. It is important to note that visas are granted by the US government through their embassies and consulates.

Citizens must apply for a visa if they will do tourism, work, study or live in that country.

In the event that the citizen has a job offer, the company or institution must process in that country a certificate of eligibility and send it to be presented as part of the application, at consulates and embassies.

It is important to explain that Puerto Rico is an Associated State of the United States. That is, it has the same immigration rules as the other states.

In order to request and process the visa, you can access the non-immigrant citizens page of the United States embassy in Mexico.

How to request it?

First, the Mexican citizen must determine which visa he needs that he can review in the next link. Then they must fill out the form DS-160 Visa application online.

Once the citizen has completed the form, they must log in again to schedule an appointment at the consulate, they must follow the following steps:

  1. The citizen must create a user account.
  2. The person must attach the requested information to complete the registration.
  3. The citizen must put the confirmation number DS-160 for each person who wishes to obtain the visa.
  4. Provide an address or choose one Location where you want to receive your document or your information.
  5. The citizen must pay the fees for the non-immigrant visa application (MRV) using the payment procedure available in the country where you live.
  6. People who need to process a visa must make an appointment at the consular section.

Having carried out these steps, the citizen must attend the appointment, then they will do an interview.

Costs to Travel to Puerto Rico

The cost of the air ticket will depend on the high or low season. That is, the price may vary.

It depends on the season, the citizen can find flights of approximately between 800 to 2000 USD, round trip tickets.

Requirements to Travel to Puerto Rico: Lodging

If the citizen wishes to travel to Puerto Rico for 7 days approximately, a budget hotel can cost 1,300 USD.

If the tourist wants a more comfortable and pleasant stay, a hotel for 7 days can cost approximately 1,600 USD. In this case, that the tourist wants an elegant hotel, it can cost for approximately 7 days 9,300 USD.

That is why it is better to look for hotels in advance because there may be good deals.

Requirements to Travel to Puerto Rico: Food and drinks

If the citizen wishes to eat in a cheap restaurant with a daily menu, it has a cost of 12 USD. On the other hand, if you want to taste in a restaurant for two people, with two dishes and dessert, it can cost approximately 60 USD up to date.

The menu in fast food such as McDonald’s, Burger King or similar brands, has a cost of 7.00 USD.

The value of an imported beer is at least 3.40 USD and the local ones cost 2.00 USD. The Coca Cola bottle has a value of 1.20 USD, the water of 0.33 liters cost 1.10 USD.

An espresso can cost at least 1.80 USD and a cappuccino $ 2.70.

Requirements to Travel to Puerto Rico:Transport

A one-way ticket on local transportation can cost 1.50 USD.

A taxi 1 km the normal rate has a value of 1.60 USD. If it is a taxi, 1 hour of waiting has a value of 23 USD.

In the case that the citizen wants a vehicle, to invest approximately between $ 23,000 to $ 25,000 depending on the brand of the car.

Requirements to Travel to Puerto Rico: Attractions

The Coqui Water Park It is a water park for the whole family, the full ticket for the adult is 20 USD, For children 3 to 12 years.

If you purchase the noon tickets from 1:30 to 6:00 pm It has a cost 13 USD for adults and 9 USD for children from 3 to 12 years old. Also, in case you want to take a tour of the old San Juan, it has a cost of 30 USD approximately.

The Mosquito port it is a bioluminescent bay that glows blue, the cost of this place is from 60 USD. There are many more attractions that you can find in this incredible place.


This country we can find many natural beauties, that is why we will give you tips to visit this place.

Season- Weather

It is very important to take into account when visiting this country. The high season is evident from December, April and July. The average occurs in September and November; the low is approximately June to November.

The temperature can be at least between 21 to 27 °, being a tropical country, it will be able to witness rainfall.


It is very important that citizens know that Puerto Rico is an Associated State of the United States, therefore they contain the same norms, laws.

If the citizen is granted a visa, he can stay for 90 days in that country.

Travel insurance

It is recommended to have travel insurance. In other words, to enter Puerto Rico no vaccination is needed.

The area of ​​Puerto Rico is endemic to the Zika virus, which is why it is recommended to take out insurance and carry a good repellent to prevent mosquitoes from biting you.


Renting a car is the easiest procedure to get to the island.


It is important to note that electricity and voltage are of 120 volts and a frequency of 60 Hertz. In addition, the plugs that you will find are A / B.


It is recommended that the citizen does not travel with a lot of cash, since the cards can be used anywhere.


For this type of trip, it is better to wear comfortable shoes and light clothing. Also, don’t forget sunscreen, an umbrella, and a hat.

Why Travel to Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico is an incredible country that can enjoy a range of options for all types of public.

An essential visit is to know the El Yunque National Forest, is a national park and is the only rain forest. In this place you can witness the natural beauty, the sounds, the tranquility.

Must visit the Luquillo beachIt is one of the most beautiful, its sand is white, the sea is calm and you can see its magnificent palm trees.

The tourist must know the national park of the Rio Camuy Caverns, you will live an unforgettable experience, because it is one of the largest caves.

A safe visit is to know the old San Juan, the city is evidenced by its striking buildings that people move to the sixteenth and seventeenth century. You can know the Castle San Felipe del Morro, also the Museum of the Americas, the San José Church , between many more.

Knowing Ponce, the pearl of the south, you will be able to observe colonial-style mansions. Also know the bioluminescent bays (Mosquito bay), here tourists can kayak.

This country has many more things to do, that is why if you want to know this country, you must comply with the Requirements to Travel to Puerto Rico.


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