Requirements to Travel to Spain: Documents, ETIAS AND MORE

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You like to travel? This article will explain what the Requirements to travel to Spain where the step-by-step below will be highlighted. Keep reading!

Nothing more satisfying than organizing a trip. Every time we want to know more places, languages ​​and the cultures of different countries.

Spain is a country that is located in Western Europe. This country is one of the most visited in the world for its great attractions, gastronomy, landscapes, among many other things so that anyone feels part of this nation.

This country is very diverse and suitable for all types of public. That is why if they plan a trip to this country they must comply with the following Requirements to travel to Spain.

Documentation Needed to Travel to Spain

With already having complied with the requirements to travel to Spain, the citizen must have the necessary documentation which are the following:

  1. The citizen must have the minimum valid passport for three months following the expected date of departure from the territory.
  2. You must have your one-way and return ticket. That is, it is essential to highlight a return date with a duration of 90 days.
  3. If the citizen will stay, they must show their hotel reservation or in that case they will visit a family, friends must present the letter of original invitation.
  4. It is important to explain that if tourists will stay in a hotel they have to show the authorities that the hotel has already paid for it, reservations are not accepted from sites that the person has not canceled.
  5. In the event that the trip is for business reasons, fairs, congresses, the citizen must present the documents that confirm your attendance.
  6. It is important that citizens demonstrate their economic resources. That is, they demand that they must have 65, 52 euros per person per day.
  7. Sometimes it is necessary for tourists to purchase a travel or medical insurance.

Stay in the Spanish Territory

The Requirements to travel to Spain being Mexicans they are the following:

  • Mexicans must have a valid passport with a validity of 3 months.
  • It is important to note that Mexican citizens do not they need a visa to enter Spanish territory for a maximum time of 90 days in a 180 period, as long as the reason for the trip is unpaid activities.
  • By 2022, Mexicans need to process the authorization ETIAS. It is an indispensable requirement.
  • In the event that the Mexican citizen wishes to enter the Schengen area you must follow with the following requirements:
  1. You must have your passport with a validity that does not exceed the planned period of stay for 3 months and that you have sent at least Previous 10 years.
  2. Show your ticket with your return date.
  3. The citizen must contain an amount of 65.52 euros per day, per person, with an approximate minimum of € 580.77 per person.
  4. Show your reservation where you will be staying.
  5. Reason for the trip.
  6. Health insurance.


The ETIAS refers to European Travel Information and Authorization System, this system has been created to provide the choice of people from visa-exempt nations who wish to enter Europe. However, this measure was taken to protect the borders of the Schengen zone and enrich immigration control.

By the end of 2022, which is when it comes into force, Mexicans need to process ETIAS, that is, it would be a new requirements to travel to Spain. However, requesting it is a quick and simple process, the requirements to aspire to this documents online are the following:

  • The citizen must have his passport updated.
  • Contain a credit or debit card.
  • Have your email address.

By having that, the citizen must complete the ETIAS form, which will not take long to fill out. minus 15 minutes.

Requirements to travel to Spain: comply with the data

Citizens requesting the ETIAS must provide the following information:

  1. Full name.
  2. Date of birth and place.
  3. Information from your passport, including the date of issuance and maturity.
  4. The citizen must provide information regarding their employment situation.
  5. Justification of your trip to Spain.

Importantly, each citizen will have to answer a number of security questions based on their health, criminal record, or whether they have moved to places in conflict zones. No question can be left blank.

The information provided will be verified and analyzed with the security databases of the Schengen area , from interpol, Europol, Sis , among other.

The citizen will receive his ETIAS through his email, he will have to print it and show it together with his passport when arriving at the access of the Schengen zone. This document will allow travelers in a time of 3 years can move to European countries less than 90 days each.

Travel costs to Spain

Spain is one of those countries that always want to visit it for its great monuments, attractions, gastronomy, among other things. The cost to travel to this country may vary depending on the time, season, which airline, etc.

Approximately for the ticket you will need to have at least 620 euros (15,212 Mexican peso) and 900 euros (21,732 Mexican peso) departing from Mexico City, Monterrey, Guadalajara, etc.

Requirements to Travel to Spain: Accommodation

In Spain there are cheap hotel chains, it is for them that if you stay in a private hostel for one or two people in a room in cities like Madrid or Barcelona it can cost approximately 50 or 60 euros (1,228.68 Mexican peso). Depending on how many days your stay will be, you can spend approximately on lodging 580 euros (14,252.7 Mexican peso), in the case if it is a trip for 10 days.

Requirements to Travel to Spain: Food

Spanish food is very varied, each region has its own unique and special dish. That is why, to save on food, you have two options. The first go for tapas, that is, look for bars to eat a small portion of food or eat a daily menu

The menu of the day always consists of first and second courses, the first is a light dish and the safe is the strong one. This menu most of the case include water, bread, coffee or dessert. Depending on the place you attend, you can spend approximately between 8 to 15 euro (196,589-368,605 Mexican pesos).

If it is a stay for 10 days you can spend approximately between 150 euros (3,686.05 Mexican pesos) onwards.

Requirements to Travel to Spain: Transportation

If the citizen wishes to visit Madrid, he can travel by means of many means of transport, one of them is the subway the cost is as follows:


  1. The single ticket that includes Zone A and Zone ML1 has a cost of 1.5 to 2 euros (36.8605-49.1473 Mexican pesos).
  2. The single ticket for all areas except the airport has a cost of 3 euros (73.7209 pesos).
  3. If you want to acquire a card for 10 trips on the metrobús it has a cost of 12.20 euros (299,798 pesos).
  4. A 10-journey combined ticket has a cost of 18, 30 euros (449,698).


In the case, if you want to move by train, it can cost the following:

  1. If the citizen wishes to visit Barcelona, ​​leaving Madrid, a round trip ticket has a cost of approximately 87, 10 euros (2,140.36 pesos).
  2. In the event that the tourist wishes to visit Segovia, leaving from the Atocha station in Madrid, he has a approximate cost of 19.70 euros (484,101 pesos).
  3. If you want to visit Toledo, leaving from the Atocha station in Madrid, it has a cost of 11.10 euros (272,767 pesos).
  4. If you want to visit the city of Valencia, leaving from the Atocha station in Madrid, it has a cost of 22.70 euros (557,822 pesos).

The price will depend on the city you are going to visit. For more information on the prices of the routes you can visit the page Renfe.


Taxi prices may vary depending on the city, for example:

  • The price in Km in Madrid has a cost of 1.17 euros (28.7512 pesos).
  • The value of the Km in Barcelona costs 1.30 euros (31.9457 pesos).
  • In the City of Valencia the Km costs 1.24 euros (30.4713 pesos).

Requirements to Travel to Spain: Attractions

If you want to visit museums in Spain you can spend approximately 15 euros (368,605 pesos). In the case that you want to visit the Sagrada Familia in its entirety it has a cost of 29 euros (712,636 pesos).

If you are in Madrid and want to enter to observe the Royal Palace, it has a cost of 11 euros (270,310 pesos).

As there are paid attractions, there are others that are free.

Recommendations when traveling to Spain

Spain is a country that attracts people from anywhere in the world. This country enjoys its incredible gastronomy, its history, monuments, climate, its people, etc. That is why if you want to visit it, the following recommendations are made.


Before visiting this country you should take into account which season you visit. Summer can be seen in the months of June to September and it is extremely hot and suffocating in some cities..

In the case of autumn, it is one of the perfect seasons to visit Spain, since the temperature is around 20 °, they are refreshing temperatures, autumn begins in September and lasts until December.

In winter it will be very cold with rain during December and March. And spring will witness pure rain and sun, it is also another time to visit Spain.


It is important to note that Spain is a safe country, but it is recommended that citizens be warned of the presence of pickpockets. That is why it protects your belongings.


Are you wondering what clothes to take to Spain? and it will depend on the time you will attend. In case of going in summer it is better to wear cool clothes and in winter cold clothes.

It is very important that citizens consider it important to wear comfortable shoes because in Spain you walk a lot. And above all, take what you need for the trip, do not overload your luggage.

Current and plug

If your destination is Spain, you should consider purchasing an adapter because the current in that country is 220v.


It is important to note that there are options to stay in Spain, but a good recommended option is to look for apartments by examples: in Madrid, staying in apartments in the central area contains reasonable costs and they are cheaper than hotels.


The train service from Madrid Barajas airport is worth it, depending on the amount of luggage you have.


It is recommended that before visiting Spain, the citizen makes a kind of itinerary, because in Spain there are many cities, attractions, restaurants, museums, among other things that are important and essential to visit.

If you are motivated to make a dream trip, do not hesitate to visit this great country, but before making the decision, the citizen must collect the requirements to travel to Spain.


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