Requirements to Travel to Spain: Documents, ETIAS and MORE

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The Requirements to travel to Spain From El Salvador, these are provisions that every Salvadoran citizen must comply with if he wishes to travel to the Iberian Peninsula. If you are from El Salvador and want to travel to Spain, then don’t stop reading this article.

According to the above, if you have a valid passport and want to travel to Spain, we inform you that until 2022 you can enter that European country without a visa and stay for up to 3 months. This means that you are going on a business or tourist trip. Cheer up! traveling outside of your land can be an unforgettable experience.

Documents Needed to Travel to Spain from El Salvador

We remind you that until the year 2022, Salvadorans can travel to Spain without the need for Schengen authorization. In this regard, this area is made up of more than 25 European countries that have minimized or eliminated their internal border controls to facilitate the mobilization of migrants to EU countries.

Consequently, we are going to explain to you which is the documentation that is currently in force in case you want to travel to the Iberian country, apart from Requirements to travel to Spain. In this sense, you must bear in mind that Spain is incorporated into the ETIAS visa as a necessary requirement in 2022 to enter that country. This authorization must be processed before traveling.

According to the above, if you plan to travel to Spain for pleasure, tourism or recreation, we are going to indicate the precautions you need and where you should go. Keep reading:

  • Have your passport updated for 10 years, valid at the time of travel and during your stay in Spain.
  • The passport must be valid for at least 3 months when you leave the Schengen area.
  • Remember that in these cases, your stay should not be longer than 90 days. Therefore, you do not need the Schengen visa.
  • Round trip airfare (entry and exit in the Schengen area).
  • Probationary document of hotel reservation or invitation from the place of accommodation.
  • Evidence of availability of income for your trip: international bank cards, cash or travel check.
  • Show that you have a little more than 800 euros per person for up to 9 days of stay.
  • Also, you must prove that you have 95 euros per additional day of stay in Spain (without staying more than 9 days).
  • Present your travel health insurance policy abroad.

This is going to interest you: Additionally, there are additional precautions that you must have as indicated by the Embassy of Spain in El Salvador. If you don’t know,stay alert !, we are going to tell you:

If your trip is of a tourist nature

  • Invitation letter from someone residing in the Iberian Peninsula or accommodation document issued for the exact time of stay.
  • Confirmation of accommodation reservation and stay schedule.

Travel for professional, religious, cultural, sporting or other reasons

  • Invitation letter from the body, foundation or authority to participate in the event.
  • Certification of alliance, agreement or commercial or affiliate relationships to attend the event.
  • Entry card to the event, accreditation, authorization, approved itinerary.

Travel for training reasons

  • Present the enrollment registration at the Teaching Center, proof of income or invoice for payment of the course, internship or international congress.

Today, there are many refusals to authorize entry to Spain. Thus, some requirements and policies on migration are always changing. For this reason, it is always advisable to consult the website of citizen services in the Ministry of the Interior of Spain or in the Embassy of Spain in El Salvador.

Likewise, if you are still not clear and need more details and advice to avoid setbacks on your trip to Spain, you can consult online from your PC or mobile, different travel agencies or experts in trips abroad.

You should also consider that if you want to go to Spain, beyond the requirements and requirements, there are recommendations of interest to you:

  • You cannot have any type of antecedent of prohibition of entry to Spain.
  • Show that you are not a health threat to enter that country.
  • Show that you are not a risk factor for the political and social stability of the Iberian country.

Thus, you will avoid going through unpleasant situations that even lead to repatriation to your country of origin. For that reason, the rules for traveling to Spain are necessary mechanisms for the security of the host country and for your legal and quiet stay. Therefore, you must also comply with the Requirements to travel to Spain.

ETIAS to Travel to Spain from El Salvador

If you still don’t know what the ETIAS is!do not worry, we will get you out of doubt!

Recently, the countries of the European Union have created this type of visa called «Travel Information and Authorization System». That is why from 2022, foreigners from countries like El Salvador who do not require a visa to access the Schengen area of ​​Europe, must process their ETIAS.

According to the above, as a result of acts of terrorist threat in recent years in some European countries, the ETIAS authorization has been created for the protection of borders when foreigners enter the EU territories and the Schengen area.

Consequently, Salvadorans who wish to travel to Spain must request their ETIAS authorization. For that, they must complete a formal online procedure before making their journey. Are you not clear to do this management? Don’t worry, we are going to point it out to you:

  • You must have a computer or mobile phone with a good Internet connection.
  • Access the official ETIAS link in your browser.
  • Look for the ETIAS application form.
  • Fill in the data required in the document: personal, confidential and security information.
  • Send the form, in a few minutes you will get the answer of your ETIAS authorization.
  • If the permit is authorized, it will be valid for 3 consecutive years.

In addition, in order for you to apply for the ETIAS permit, you must have a series of precautions on hand to facilitate the information when filling out the application form. Get ready, We are going to tell you what those documents are:

  • Valid International Identification Document (Valid Passport).
  • Email address to send and receive the ETIAS visa response.
  • Credit or Debit Card to cancel the fee for the ETIAS authorization.

Remember that when you submit your ETIAS form, the system will monitor and compare it with the databases of people, managed by organizations such as Interpol and Europol. As well as, it will make a cross with the mobilization data of the Schengen area in its member countries.

Remember that apart from the procedure to obtain the ETIAS visa, you must have at hand the information about the Requirements to travel to Spain from El Salvador. This will allow you to do your business in a transparent and safe way when planning your trip.

Attractions of Traveling to Spain

Spain has excellent attractions that can not only impress you as a foreigner, but even the Spanish himself. Therefore, tourists can enjoy:

  • Excellent beach coastlines in the Mediterranean and the Atlantic.
  • Dazzling mountains, ideal for hiking and skiing activities. The main attraction of this type is centered in the Pyrenees.
  • Picturesque towns that denote the mixture of ancient cultures and ancient history.
  • Spanish gastronomy: which is diverse and exquisite, such as the famous paellas, rice dishes, exotic fish combinations and varied winemaking that originates from beautiful Spanish vineyards.
  • Art, architecture, sculpture and traditional festivals: Salvadorans in Spain can visit impressive museums, art centers, temples and historical ruins, ancient palaces, the San Fermín bullfighting festival, film festivals, among other attractions.
  • Modern and bucolic cities that keep secrets, romances and history: Madrid, Seville, Navarra, Valencia, Barcelona, ​​San Sebastián and many more cities to stay and enjoy.

In general, remember that if you want to enjoy the wonders of Spain, you must start by fulfilling the Requirements to travel to Spain.

What Products can I enter?

If you are Salvadoran and you are going to travel to Spain, keep in mind that there are products that you must declare at customs once you have completed your immigration procedures. Keep in mind that there are articles that you can enter into Spain and others are prohibited.

The products that can be entered are:

  • Vegetables and fruits.
  • Plants.
  • Medicines for sports performance.
  • Financial instruments and securities.
  • Medications (if they are for prolonged treatments, the Salvadoran must show the medical report and prescription).
  • Pets (prior compliance with the protocol and respective sanitary permission).
  • Historical heritage works.
  • Antiques, works of art, clothing and jewelry.
  • Veterinary products.
  • And other lines more.

There are other products that cannot be entered into Spanish territory:

  • Drugs and narcotics.
  • Products that show danger (explosive devices, poisons, weapons).
  • Inappropriate content material.
  • Biological products not justified.
  • Non-original material that violates the original product market.
  • Non-domesticated animals.
  • I enter others.

Stay Time

As established on the official website of the Spanish foreign affairs authority, there are countries whose citizens need a visa to enter Spain. In those cases, these people can stay in Spain for a maximum time of 90 days without any extension.

However, in countries whose citizens do not require a visa to enter Spain, they can stay in that country for up to 3 months. But, if they need to stay in Spain for a longer time, they have up to 90 more days, extendable with due justification.

In cases of stays longer than 90 days, for reasons of work, research or study, Salvadorans can enter the official link of the diplomatic office of Spain in El Salvador and complete the long-term visa application. Likewise, they must follow the steps indicated by the consular office, including theRequirements to travel to Spain.

Travel to Spain safely and with information!

Visit GESTIONALO.NET El Salvador

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