Requirements to travel to Spain: Stay, Cost and MORE

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If you are in Argentina and you are planning a well-deserved vacation, we invite you to obtain information about the Requirements to travel to Spain.

You will also know other information such as tourist and historical sites, beaches, parks, gastronomy and costs so that you can organize yourself and fulfill your dream.

What are the requirements to travel to Spain?

There are some Requirements to travel to Spain, with which the people who are destined for that country must comply. One of them is to consign the updated passport. It is not necessary for Argentine citizens to acquire a Schengen visa to enter Spanish territory.

In the case of foreign people or from some free country visa, one of the requirements to enter Spain is to have a Schengen visa. Which authorizes entry to Spain and the other states of the Schengen area.

At this time, Argentine citizens should not present a visa. However, it is established that from the year 2022, they must manage the ETIAS travel approval to enter Spain.

This procedure will be done through a ETIAS online format, where the Argentine tourist can acquire their travel authorization.

Necessary documents

As part of the process there are other Requirements to travel to Spain. And they are a series of documents which are detailed below:

The passport is the main document, which must have a minimum validity of three months after the planned date of departure. The person must not be on the “no admission” list of the European community.

Check that you have the financial resources to maintain your stay in the country. Have a hotel reservation, or the address information of the person who will give you accommodation.

Have a medical insurance with international coverage, at least € 30,000 for emergency and hospitalization and repatriation costs. The roundtrip air ticket (important).

How long is the stay as a tourist in Spain?

Regarding the length of stay in Spain, all people of Argentine nationality can be in Spanish territory for up to 90 days. This is six months from now.

This time can be extended by requesting a extension authorization. And it is valid for people who have a visa as well as for those who do not have it.

The forceful reason for requesting the extension is fundamentally due to accident or illness. It should be noted that many of these requests are denied, and therefore it is notified that you must leave the country immediately.

Requirements to travel to Spain: Vaccines

This is one of the Requirements to travel to Spain. When planning a trip of this type, it should be taken into account that there are some necessary vaccines recommended by the WHO (World Health Organization) and the ISTM (International Society of Travel Medicine). These vaccines are:

  • Hepatitis A, which is spread through contaminated food and water,
  • Hepatitis B is acquired through infected body fluids (needles, sexual intercourse, among others).
  • Rabies is spread by infested animals.
  • Influenza is spread by droplets in the air.

Cost of traveling to Spain from Argentina

The first thing that must be taken into account is that the tourist to justify their stay in Spain with € 90 for each day. That is, at least it must have € 810 if the trip is 9 days.

To know the cost of a trip to Spain from Argentina, different expenses must be calculated. The price of tickets, accommodation, transfers, tours and food are expressed in euros.

The calculation goes according to each tourist, since some can invest more and others less. Likewise, the airport where it leaves and where it arrives is taken into account. Also the season in which you intend to enter to the country and the previous reservation time.

The most important thing in this whole process is to plan and organize the entire trip, since this way you can lower expenses and adapt the options to the budget you have.

In the event that a relative or friend is going to host you, you must carry out the diligence in advance at the police station that corresponds to your home.

The price of the fees for this procedure is € 80. In addition to this, the value of the invitation letter, plus shipping by postal mail that is fast and safe and costs approximately € 20.

The invitation letter is extremely important, so it can be requested to verify accommodation. If you want to know how to request this document you can enter here.

As mentioned above, it is mandatory to buy medical insurance to travel to Spain. With a coverage not less than € 30,000. At the moment they can be found from € 30 per month and usually show offers of 2 for 1, or prices with discounts of up to 60%.

In recent years, accommodation options have been opened for tourists traveling to Spain. Which provide a pleasant experience and more affordable costs.

There are traditional lodgings such as hostels, where their prices are from € 9 each nightThis will depend on the city and the number of people with whom the room is shared.

And there are the hotels, where the cheapest prices run between € 20 and € 30 per night, it will also depend on the season in which you have traveled and the number of people with whom the room is shared.

In this country you will have many options to eat, from the cheapest to the most ostentatious. There is the sandwiches from € 4. Although it it is cheaper to go shopping at the supermarket and prepare their own food, even selling ready-to-go food.

And you can also choose to eat in restaurants, where the cheapest menu costs around € 10. It is advisable to eat in places that are not touristy to get prices according to your pocket.

Another important point is transport in Spain, transfers from one city to another. There is a modality that is car sharing, where drivers and passengers get in contact and go to the same destination, and pay the cost of the transfer between all passengers.

There is also the bus with a cost from € 37 and includes the amount of the reservation. Likewise, it is possible to travel by train with prices starting from € 43.30, and to travel by plane from € 41.

Includes flight, hotels, the minimum recommended money per day, etc.

Requirements to travel to Spain: Why travel to Spain?

Spain is ranked number four, as one of the most visited destinations worldwide. With fascinating historical and cultural backgrounds. Also, a wonderful nature and a delicious gastronomy.

For this reason, tourists prefer to visit and get to know this country. These reasons are detailed below:


It is provided with beautiful natural landscapes, some have been proclaimed UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. The Spanish territory is divided into two zones, the humid one to the north with beautiful rivers and lakes, mountains, forests and beaches.

And the dry zone that is to the south formed by mountains and beautiful natural parks, beaches on the Costa del Sol and the Tabernas desert in Almería. It also has the Canary Islands, which are surrounded by a crystalline sea and enchanting marine species.

The Cities

This country has cities of urban relevance, with a transcendental culture and an enriching history. Her charms are everywhere, yet one of the most important cities are Barcelona and Madrid, Bilbao and Seville. In them the cultural movement and its architecture go hand in hand, in addition to its panoramic views.

The museums

The museum custom in Spain is ingrained. And it is one of the main reasons to go to this country. There are some of the most renowned museums in the world.

For example: The Prado Museum where plastic works from all over the world are exhibited. There is the Museum of Picasso, that of Miró and that of Dalí, the three painters of modern stature who were born in Spain. There is also the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, with works of modern architecture.

The constructions

Its constructions have great architectural significance, considered as World Heritage. A very visited one is the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, it is a medieval and legendary site for the Christians of the world.

There is the Alhambra, an old palace belonging to the Muslim government. It is a place with magic and the sound of the springs takes you to travel through time to unreal places.

And finally, you cannot miss the Church of the holy family, one of the most important works of the Catalan architect Antonio Gaudí. Although it has not been finished, it attracts a large number of tourists from all over the world.


Regarding the climate, Spain is a country for visit anytime of the year. Since you can enjoy a good climate even during winter. And in summer the sun is radiant throughout the country, except in the north.

Their beaches

During the summer the Spanish beaches are great, especially the Canary and Balearic Islands. Also, the Mediterranean coast, where the favorite is Costa Dorada, which is located in Catalonia. Also Costa del Sol in Andalusia, and the beaches with golden sands, crystal clear waters and the charming nightlife of Valencia.

The Music Festivals

These festivals seduce young tourists, as they enjoy a great reputation and where genres such as pop, flamenco, electronic music, rock and folk meet their expectations.

The gastronomy

Its famous paella and Spanish tortillas are gastronomic icons in Spain. The Mediterranean cuisine is very attractive for tourists visiting the country.

This varies according to each region, however, the fruits of the sea constitute a very important figure in their meals. As well as meats. The high-end restaurants and their gastronomic fairs attract tourists from all over the world.


The well-known parties characterize Spain, these and the discos are endless. The enjoyment is found throughout the territory, also the traditional events and pubs that are open until very late at night. They are activities that easily attract tourists who want to have fun.

Not very well known tourist sites

These sites are located at small populations of Spain, and that are motivating for visitors. Its inhabitants lead a calm life, however, you may be amazed by its architecture and its spectacular panoramic view.

We recommend visiting La Alberca in Salamanca, Valle del Jerte in Extremadura and the Picos de Europa National Park. You will not regret.

It is very important that you comply with all the Requirements to travel to Spain. Since in order to enter the country they are essential.

We hope we have helped you, and that with this information you can adjust your budget to enjoy that trip that you need and want so much.

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