Requirements to Travel to Spain: Stay, Vaccinations and MORE

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To travel to any country in the world, it is convenient to know necessary and truthful information about the previous procedures to be carried out, which in this case will be the Requirements to travel to Spain.

For this reason, here you will find information about the Requirements to travel to Spain from Colombia, the reasons for denial of entry, among others.

What are the necessary requirements to travel to Spain?

Colombians who want to enter Spain must consign the documentation established by law regarding their stay in the country at the border.

There is a Visa for Spain, and it goes according to the time and the reasons of permanence in the country.

Upon arriving in Spain, they must prove the resources available to support themselves, as well as the accommodation situation.

However, Colombians do not need to apply for a visa to enter Spanish territory. You only need to have your passport updated and valid for at least three months from the date of entry.

Starting in 2022, Colombian citizens who want to enter Spain must process the travel authorization called ETIAS (European Travel Information and Authorization System).

This electronic travel authorization can be requested by filling out a form ETIAS online, with your personal information and passport data.

Entry Requirements and Justification

The following describes the Requirements to travel to Spain from Colombia:

  1. The main requirement is the Colombian passport, with a minimum validity of three (3) months from the date of departure.
  2. Roundtrip plane ticket.
  3. Hotel reservation or lodging certificate
  4. Certification of income (bank card to use abroad, cash or travelers checks).
  5. An international travel insurance, valid for the entire planned stay.

Important note

  • The documentation to prove the accommodation can be: Lease contract, Letter of Invitation issued by the Police of Spain, if you have been invited by a resident of the country.
  • If the stay is planned through tours, the reservation must be processed by a travel agency authorized by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).
  • The proper documentation that justifies the economic means (if the person is financially dependent, the documents will be from their spouse, parents or children).

What happens if I am Denied Entry?

The employees in charge of the verification will deny entry to Spain to foreigners who do not comply with the above-mentioned requirements.

the refusal will be made, through a sentence caused and advised, with data on the means that make possible the intervention against it.

They will have a period of time to execute it and the entity before which it must be made official, will also have the right to legal aid.

The person who is denied entry to Spain will have an annulled entry stamp placed in his passport, and must remain in the place designated for that purpose until as soon as possible, and he can return to his place of origin.

In the event that a foreigner is denied entry into Spain due to lack of documents, the means of transport that took him to said territory, whether by sea, land or air, is under the obligation to take care of him.

The authorities in charge of controlling income may request the transfer of the person to the third State from where they were transported.

Likewise, it could be the State that issued the travel documentation with which they had traveled, or another third State where their entry is supported.

Amount of Money to Travel to Spain

To maintain permanence in Spain, the amount of money to be justified must reach an amount, which must mean ten (10%) of the minimum interprofessional salary, or what is equivalent in foreign currency.

This amount must be multiplied by the number of days you will be in Spain, plus the number of people who travel under your dependence.

It will be a minimum that means ninety (90%) of the updated interprofessional minimum wage, or the equivalent in foreign currency per person, regardless of the number of days of permanence.

The length of stay is necessary to quantify the amount of money required, it is the number of days that result from the date of entry to Spain, until the date of return.

The disposition of the persons of the indicated resources, will be approved through the demonstration of these, if they have them in cash, credit cards, payment letters, certified checks or traveler’s checks.

Any of those resources must go in conjunction with the updated account summary (summaries are not received from the internet). Another channel that certifies the amount available in the aforementioned account or card is valid.

If at the time of entering the country, it is found that the person does not have the financial means required for their stay or to return to the country of origin, their entry to Spain will be denied.

With some exceptions, the employees in charge of entering the country can admit the entry from abroad, and reduce the time of permanence according to their economic means.

Taking into account the minimum amount stated before, it will alert the person through the passport regarding the deadline they have to leave Spain.

For this reason, you must previously provide the date of entry, with a new ticket and departure date to return to your country or to travel to third countries, and that you meet the date you must leave.

There are some sections that determine that compliance with the foregoing is not mandatory for foreigners, and they are the following:

  • If you have a valid passport, and are the holder of a valid permit, residence or stay for studies card in Spain.
  • That they appear at the border post with a valid passport or valid visa, and for this reason they are approved to live, work (self-employed or employed), or study in Spain.
  • To appear at the border post with a valid passport and a return permit issued according to plan.

What are the necessary vaccines to travel to Spain

There are some vaccinations necessary to travel to Spain, and they are also suggested by the who (World Health Organization) and the ISTM (Higher Institute of Medical Technology) of are detailed below:

  1. Hepatitis A. The disease is spread through infected food and water.
  2. Hepatitis B. It is spread through infected body fluids (needles, sexual intercourse, etc.).
  3. The one with rage. It is spread by infected animals.
  4. Influenza. Transmitted by droplets in the air.

For more information on this, you can contact the telephone number: 01 800 099 1201.

Spain as a developing country has low medical risk. However, there are some risks that tourists should be aware of.

Bring remedies for diarrhea on the trip, since sometimes the stomach is not used to Spanish foods.

Currently there is a measles wave in Europe and Spain. If you are not vaccinated or you have not developed measles, or you were vaccinated years ago, it is advisable that you get the vaccine.

Maximum length of stay in Spain

The stay within Spain must be for a period no longer than ninety (90) days, for students it is different. If the established time is exceeded, you must process an extension or residence permit.

If entry to the country is with a visa, and the time of stay is less than ninety (90) days, the stay can be extended, but it cannot be longer than the maximum stay indicated in the previous section.

In the case of entering without a visa, and situations of a humanitarian nature, medical or family care arise or something that proves it, a foreigner may be allowed to stay in Spain for more than ninety (90) days.

In article 30 of Organic Law 4/2000 of January 11, it is stipulated that a foreigner can request an extension of stay, with a specific date of departure.

To take into account

  • If the entry is with a visa, and the time is less than ninety (90) days, you can extend the stay, never with a time greater than ninety (90) days in a period of one hundred and eighty (180) days.

The requirement will be specified in the formal model, stipulated by the Secretariat of Immigration and Emigration, which will be accompanied by the following documentation:

  • Valid passport, with a date greater than that of the extension of the stay that is requested, and then it will be returned to the applicant.
  • Justify the reasons for the request, which must be extraordinary.
  • Check that you have the necessary resources to support yourself during the period you request.
  • Have travel insurance, valid for greater than or equal to the requested extension.
  • The security of return to their country of origin, before the completion date of the requested extension.
  • The interested party must appear at the Immigration Office, police station or superior headquarters wherever they are.

The extension can be granted by the Subdelegates of the Government, by the General Commissioner for Immigration and Borders of the General Directorate of the Police. As well as by the Government Delegates, according to the situations set out below:

  • By return or expulsion.
  • Due to refusal to enter the country.
  • The extension of stay will be reflected in the travel document or in the passport.

There is also the expiration of the validity of the extension, which will be given for the following reasons:

  1. Because the stipulated time of the same was fulfilled.
  2. When the foreigner is accused for some reason of being prohibited from entering the country.

It is important to plan before entering any country. We hope that through this article, you are adequately informed about the Requirements to travel to Spain.

For more information on the Requirements to travel to Spain enter here.


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