Requirements to travel to Spain: Travel insurance, frequently asked questions and MORE

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Chileans have long sought to travel frequently to Spain. If you are one of those interested in visiting this attractive European country, here we leave you the Requirements to travel to Spain, so that the preparations are more comfortable and calm for you.

Spain is one of the most visited countries of the old continent. Although Chileans do not need a visa to travel to Spain as a tourist. If it is important to constantly review the modifications that the Spanish authorities can make to all travel requirements.

What are the requirements to travel to Spain from Chile?

First of all, we must bear in mind that Spain is one of the countries that make up the Schengen territory. This means that to enter it is required to have a visa and special insurance. Chilean citizens can stay as tourists for up to 90 days. In this case, they do not require a tourist visa to enter the countries that make up the Schengen Territory.

However, there are other requirements to travel to Spain from Chile that are mandatory, that must be taken into account, are mentioned below:

  • To have valid documentation, passport with a minimum validity of 6 months, from the moment of travel.
  • Must have a travel insurance.
  • Make delivery of Certificates showing the reason for the trip and the circumstances of the stay prepared, here reference is made to reservation, accommodation, invitation letter from family or friend, among others).
  • To have ticket Travel, round trip, within the 90 days that includes the authorization of the visa.
  • It must be clearly demonstrated that you have the economic capacity To cover personal expenses, it can be cash, credit cards, which guarantee € 40 to € 60 per day during the entire period of stay.
  • Not appear on the unacceptable list.
  • If you vI’ve lived in Chile but it’s a foreigner, you need to confirm if your country of origin asks for the Schengen type visa.

Requirements to enter Spain

In the Requirements to travel to SpainIn order to enter European territory, specifically Spain, for a period of no more than 90 days, it is essential to comply with certain conditions, which we show you here:

  • It must have a valid passport and the day that legitimizes the identity of whoever carries it. This identity document must be valid until three months after the date determined for the departure from Spain, Schengen territory. Likewise, it must have been issued within ten years prior to the date of entry into the country.
  • To have Valid and valid visa, except in cases where the traveler has a long-term residence permit or visa, which has been issued by another country that is part of the Schengen State.

This means that Spain or another of the countries will not request the visa, if you are going to stay in Spain as a tourist, or for family reasons, for less than 90 days.

Of course, without intentions to carry out work-related or remunerative activities, or for the purpose of migration. To know the countries that must have a visa for short stays, consult here.

  • Whoever has permission or long stay visa that has been issued by another country of the Schengen State group, can transit for 90 days, of the total 180 days granted, through any of the rest of the countries of the group. As long as it remains in compliance with the regulations related to entering Spain.
  • Always have the documentation that corroborates the purpose and circumstances of the stay in the country. As well as always having the necessary financial resources for their livelihood and maintenance expenses in Spain.

For tourist or personal type trips

The documentation that you must present is the following:

  • Document by which it serves as hosting credential. It can also be the invitation letter from family or friends, in case you stay at your home.

According to Order PRE / 1283/2007 dated May 10, for better information you can make the query in the link. Of course, the presentation of the letter does not replace at any time, the accreditation of the other requirements claimed to enter Spain.

  • Travel reservation with the corresponding route.
  • Travel ticket, with the return or tourist tour.

For business-professional, scientific, political, religious, sports or other types of trips

The documentation that you must present is the following:

  • Formal invitation of a company, invitation of an authority to intervene in meetings, conventions, among others. Also, invitations of a commercial, industrial type, etc.
  • In addition, you must present a document that authenticates the existence of commercial links, industrial, etc.
  • Attach the invitation cards to fairs, congresses, conventions, etc.
  • Equally, invitations, entrance cards, reservations or programs with instructions. Everything that shows the name of the institution that makes the invitation and duration or any other instrument that indicates the purpose of the trip to Spain.

For study trips, training in general with a duration of less than 3 months

The documentation that you must present is the following:

  • Have available the registration document of the educational-training center, to participate in theoretical and practical training courses.
  • Have at hand certificates corresponding to courses or training made.

Regarding the validation of economic resources, it is necessary to consider what is established in order Pre / 1282/2007, dated May 10, related to the economic resources that must be had in order to enter Spain. If you want to know more about the economic accreditation you can click the following link.

  • On occasions, exceptionally, you must have a medical certificate requested by the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Labor and Immigration and the Ministry of Health. This request will be made well in advance.
  • The traveler should not be prohibited from entering Spain, that is, it appears registered in the Schengen Information System SIS

The causes of prohibition to enter the country are the following:

  • If you were expelled or returned by Spain or another country of the Schengen group.
  • Entry prohibited for carrying out actions against the interests of Spain, Human Rights or also for being linked to crime networks.
  • Wanted internationally for criminal reasons.
  • Not be classified as a risk of national security, public health or public order, in Spain or in other countries with which there are international agreements.
  • That you have not consumed the maximum stay of 90 days, within a period of 180 days.

Requirements to travel to Spain: Travel insurance

If you have already decided your fate, congratulations. Spain is one of the most popular European destinations to travel. The characteristics of the people, their landscape, their monuments, climate, gastronomy, art, etc.

All this set of elements makes it attractive to foreigners, especially to citizens from Latin America. Spain is a country that is part of the Schengen Territory.

Another of the Requirements to travel to Spain there are those established by the countries that make up the Treaty.

It is important to know that the Schengen Treaty began in 1995. There it is established that there are no borders between the member countries, but the controls must be applied to citizens from countries that do not make up the treaty. Turning out to be mandatory for the foreign tourist to have a Schengen travel insurance. Allowing this, the entrance to any of the nations that comprise the treaty.

Requirements to be met by Schengen Travel Insurance:

The insurance company you own must be prestigious and with a recognized track record, authorized to operate in Spain. Likewise, it must have a coverage of at least 30,000 euros.

Said insurance coverage must be for:

  1. Medical assistance for accident or illness.
  2. Also for medical aid for preexistence.
  3. In case of hospitalization and surgical interventions.
  4. In addition, for emergency dentistry.
  5. Likewise, to cover medicine and lodging expenses in case of recovery.
  6. Compensation for lost luggage
  7. For legal assistance
  8. Intensive care and coronary unit
  9. Additionally in case of administrative, health and funeral deportation.

Likewise, you must have other benefits such as emergency repatriation due to force majeure.

The member countries of the Treaty, these are:

Switzerland, Sweden, Czech Republic, Portugal, Poland, Norway, Malta, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Latvia, Iceland, Italy, Hungary, Netherlands, Greece, France, Finland, Estonia, Spain, Slovenia, Slovakia, Denmark, Belgium, Austria, Germany.

What to do if you are denied entry to Spain?

If the foreigner is returned to his country of origin, because his entry to Spain has been denied for any of the reasons established in the regulations. This prohibition has a duration that ranges from 3 to 5 years and for cases considered more serious it can reach 10 years.

When this entry restriction is applied, a record is made in the Schengen Information System (SIS). This is so that all the countries that make up the treaty are informed and alert. In this way, the person cannot enter any of the countries that are part of the territory.

The problem occurs sometimes, after a period of time that the prohibition elapses. Since those in charge of the system in question, do not delete the corresponding record and it is still active.

The result of this bad practice is that surely many people will have unfairly rejected lupon entry to any of the countries that make up the Schengen territory.

The procedure that must be done is to request the elimination of the record in the Information System, to avoid future inconveniences.


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