Requirements to travel to the Dominican Republic: about the Visa, Documents and MORE

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Traveling is an experience that every human being should be able to experience. Do not hesitate to take the opportunity if you have it in your hands.

Regardless of the means of transport you use, they will surely be memories that you will never forget and will always be with you. You only have to meet the requirements to travel to the Dominican Republic.

It is not only a time of recreation, rest, vacation, but you can also learn about other cultures, observe other environments and enjoy other spaces.

Here you will find the Requirements to travel to the Dominican Republic, so you don’t take a second longer to decide and give yourself the time you deserve so much.

Requirements to travel to the Dominican Republic

To fully enjoy this adventure, you don’t need a lot of paperwork. It varies depending on your country of origin, but it is easy to get what you need to enter the island.

Most Latin Americans they do not need a tourist visa to start the trip, although it is worth making sure that your country is not among the exceptions.

For trips with purposes other than tourism, the authorities request a visa, of which there are several classes:

  • There are Student visas.
  • Visas for Diplomats, officers and courtesy.
  • There are work jobs.
  • The one for the Residence.
  • There is also the Business visa for Labor reasons.
  • And finally the Dependency visa.

For more information about the different visas, you can go to the following link, just click here.
Do not overlook the vaccines recommended by the WHO, which we will tell you later.

Necessary documents

Now being more specific we know that your time is valuable and it is certain that you do not want to invest hours in paperwork, paperwork, errands and endless transactions that will exhaust you and end up bothering you.

For this trip you do not need any of that, because the papers that you should worry about surely you have, and if not, you can get them faster than you think.

Specifically, documents to consign to accomplish with the requirements to travel to the Dominican Republic are:

Valid passport

A passport is required with a minimum of 6 months from the date you will enter the Dominican Republic. It is a document that everyone has and that does not cause headaches for anyone, since it is an internationally valid identification.

Tourist Card

The tourist card can be purchased in the Dominican Republic or by other means. A few paragraphs later, you can see how easy it is to meet this requirement.

Tourist visa

To obtain it, you must consign to the embassy of the Dominican Republic the amount of requirements corresponding to your country. This may vary, since with the passing of time they update the requested documents.

However, there are a large number of citizens who can enter the country without this visa.

Yellow fever vaccination certificate

This document is necessary if you are a citizen of Brazil or your trip originated there. It will only be difficult for you to get it if you have a panic about needles, because it is enough to make an appointment and proceed. Let nothing take you away from your dream vacation.

It is important that you have a travel insuranceIt is not exactly mandatory but it could come to you in any health trouble. As they very well say: It is better to have insurance and not need it, than to need it and not have it.

Requirements for the Tourist card

The Tourist Card It is a tax that the government of the Dominican Republic collects for all those who visit the country for tourism purposes.

When paying the corresponding amount (it is only 10 US $), the person is given a card similar to those used by banks.

As previously said, it is very easy to obtain it. This card loses its legality if the holder is engaged in lucrative activities, since it should only be used for tourist purposes.

How long is it valid for?

It is valid for up to one year, valid for a single person and allows 30 days in the country. If you decide to extend your experience, it is necessary that you extend your stay by means of a payment, the value of which will be defined by the amount of extra time you wish to be there.

For more information you should only contact the Ministry of Migration.

In the case of those who arrive to the island by air, there is the possibility that the cost of the card is included in the ticket, which minimizes the time spent at customs and allows a greater enjoyment of the experience.

For those who arrive by sea, it is necessary to buy the card through the usual procedure by customs, which does not represent a major problem either. Whatever your case, you should not worry, since there will be no complications to obtain it.

Requirements for the Tourist Visa

We give you the excellent news that if you are a Colombian citizen, you should not apply for a tourist visa. You will only have to take care of canceling the amount corresponding to the tourism card (10US $) and this will be it.

In the event that the trip is for a reason other than tourism, you must present the corresponding visa. Do you want to know what other visa you could apply for? Perfect, just enter here and you will learn more about the visas for which you can choose to undertake this great journey.

Vaccinations needed to travel to RDominican Republic

Nobody wants to have a bad time on their vacation, and even less, take unnecessary risks. The vaccination certifications are not required for the entrance to the paradisiac island, except for the one that was already mentioned, but they are widely recommended to avoid any type of risk.

The diseases most prone to contracting are:

Typhoid. The disease is spread through contaminated food and water.
Hepatitis A. It is spread through contaminated food and water.
Hepatitis B. It is spread by contaminated body fluids.
Rage. The disease comes from infected animals.
TDaP (tetanus, diphtheria and whooping cough). It is spread by various factors.
Influenza. It is acquired by tiny drops in the air.
Some areas are known to have zika and malaria. Mosquito nets and insect repellants are an excellent company to enjoy these areas, especially for pregnant women.

Why travel to the Dominican Republic?

There are so many and varied reasons that the question you really should ask yourself is: Why not? The Dominican Republic contains beautiful and truly exotic natural landscapes, vastly tourist areas and attractive cities such as Varadero or Santo Domingo.

You can plan to enjoy each of them and not miss anything.

If you are an art lover, you can enjoy it in the museums that are contained in the Barahona area, and fill yourself with the spiritual wealth of the Dominican.

The island also has some of the most important reserves and natural parks on a global scale, so if you decide to go, it is impossible to miss them.

The National Botanical Garden of Santo DomingoFor example, it is in the list of the 10 best, composed of such exotic flora and landscapes so beautiful that they will make you believe that you are truly in a perfect fairy tale.

Of course, food is not lacking. We can all come to love them, and this will be a vacation where you will enjoy it to the fullest. You will experience a mix of Spanish, African and Taino products.

Here breakfasts and lunches tend to be main courses, while dinner is lighter. Among the most common ingredients you can find beans, white rice, coconut, yucca, chili, banana, avocado, among others.

It is also good to highlight the Dominican drinks, among which you can find rum, Mamajuana (drink made from herbs that are mixed with rum or other liquor), coffee, and smoothies, which are made with the exotic fruits that can be found on the island.
Dominican Republic it is very famous for its beaches.

It is endowed with a large number of hotels by the sea, these offer you quality and also a comfortable enjoyment of the calm waters.

Also, far from all the lodgings, you can find beaches that provide excellent days to sunbathe and a time to have a pleasant rest.

Of course you can not miss the sport. The baseball league and golf practice are a major attraction in the country. Do not forget to take a tour of the stadiums and fields to break with your routine.

You will see that this will be a trip that you will never regret!

This is all you need to know to finish picking up your spirits and visiting this excellent place, you already know what all the requirements to travel to the Dominican Republic, which means that with a little order and your complete documentation, you will be ready to embark on your excellent journey.

Just take into account each indication and be forewarned in every area to avoid inconveniences.


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