Requirements to Travel to the United States: Documents, Visa and MORE

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When considering entering the American territory, we have to know in detail what are the Requirements to travel to the United States. Whether it is the visa or our itinerary, all of them are extremely important when making the decision to visit the northern country.

If you are already prepared for a dream vacation or want to visit a relative for a couple of months Why don’t we start by showing you the Requirements to Travel to the United States from Ecuador?

Documents Needed to Travel to the United States from Ecuador

The Requirements to travel to the United States from Ecuador They start with the American visa process. For this, Ecuadorian citizens must gather the following documentation:

  • The passport with a minimum of six months from the date of departure from the country.
  • Form DS-160 of Ecuador that fills up in the Consulate website.
  • Have a user in the online platform of the United States Embassy in Ecuador.
  • A recent digital photo with a white background that meets the specifications. See, the applicant must have a clear face, not use makeup or decorations that distract or cover the face, and so on.
  • An active email to which communications are sent at the time of initiating the process.
  • Have an acceptable payment method when you show up at the office, which includes credit or debit cards.
  • An itinerary that demonstrates the purpose of the trip and planning, as well as making clear your intentions to visit for sightseeing.
  • Documents proving previous trips if this was the case.
  • Certification of employment or studies in the Ecuador. This includes labor certificate, student registration, among others.
  • Certification of residence in the country, either a lease or property title.
  • Have your fingerprints taken at the time of the interview.


There are some important issues that we think you should consider when processing the Requirements to travel to the United States from Ecuador:

  1. The fingerprints that are taken at the Embassy are contrasted when entering the United States. In this way the authorities make sure that another citizen uses your visa.
  2. If you reject the process of scanning your fingerprints, the request will be stopped and discarded.
  3. Interviews to get the visa are mandatory in all cases.
  4. The United States Department of State has several consular entities in the provinces mentioned below:
    1. Chinchipa.
    2. Galapagos.
    3. Guayas.
    4. Gold.
    5. Azuay.
    6. Loja.
    7. Cañar.
    8. The rivers.
    9. Zamora.
    10. Manabi.
    11. St. Helen.
  5. The process to obtain the American visa is carried out only in the offices of Quito and Guayaquil, so citizens must go to them to start the process.

American Visa to Travel to the United States

The American visa It is the main requirement for many citizens who want to enter the United States to enjoy its tourist attractions. It is, therefore, the priority to which we aspire when gathering the rest of Requirements to travel to the United States.

However, you should know the specifications of each type of American visa available to Ecuadorians. Although both visas offered, the B1 and the B2, are for people who do not plan to emigrate, the reasons are different. By knowing each one thoroughly, you will be aware of the documents that you must gather for the one that best suits your needs.

Business Visa

The business visa or B1 visa, is, as its name implies, permission to travel to the United States to carry out different unpaid activities. You must apply for this version of the visa in the cases highlighted below:

  • Carry out investments.
  • Practice market research.
  • Consult with clients and suppliers.
  • Negotiate contracts.
  • Participate in short workouts in the case of athletes.
  • Take part in exhibitions, seminars and conferences.

Tourist Visa

The tourist visa or B2 visa It is specific to trips made for entertainment to any part of the American territory. This is the option you should choose in cases of:

  • Visits to friends and family.
  • Shopping.
  • Holidays and recreation.
  • Short-term medical treatments.

Emergency visa

As the name suggests, this type of visa must be requested if you must travel to the United States because of all kinds of emergencies. Such emergencies include:

  • Medical emergencies, for which a written doctor’s note and information must be delivered.
  • Business emergencies, which are declared by means of explanatory letters that show the details of the situation.
  • The death of an immediate family member, for which an official report or note must be issued by the corresponding American authority stating the details of the event.
  • Students whose forms are late. They must present the forms with the date that the account of the delay.
  • Citizens who have lost their passport in the Ecuador, as long as they are nationals of member countries of the ESTA program.

For more information regarding the american visas, we recommend entering this link.

Costs of Traveling to the United States from Ecuador

The costs to travel to the United States from Ecuador, as from any other country, they are divided into different areas.

First of all, we must start with the cost of the flights. Depending on the season and the airline you decide on, you can get tickets between $ 50 and $ 200. Get ready to take off!

After that you will find different offers. Based on the city and area one night it can cost anywhere from $ 90 to as much as $ 150. Also, in most cases it is always convenient to have travel insurance (mostly for health emergencies), which on average can cost $ 50 for the entire trip.

The transport and the meal they are a totally different topic. When it comes to getting around, you could spend up to $ 300 a week on public transportation. Meanwhile, your daily meal can cost you between $ 15 and $ 30. Everything will depend on your itinerary and the sophistication of your culinary tastes, so try to take advantage of the offers!

When you have finally gathered for all your basic needs during your stay The fun begins! On average, you could save between $ 300 and $ 400 for a week of fun in Unidos, not including all other expenses.

With all this in mind we can calculate around 850 US dollars for each week you spend in the country. Now you can start to calculate how much of your savings you can invest in visiting the great friend of the north!

Attractions of Traveling to the United States

Attractions of Traveling to the United States there are thousands. Being such a vast and varied territory, the possibilities are almost endless.

From the golden beaches of Los Angeles to the green landscapes of Virginia, not counting the glamor of New York or Las Vegas There are incredible destinations to choose from!

Grand Canyon

This tourist attraction, immense like few others, is located more or less 200 kilometers from Las Vegas, so if you pass through the city of sin we are sure that you should not miss this incredible landscape.

Times square

The iconic Big Apple it has nothing to envy to other metropolises in the world. Downtown New York is a place that seems almost fanciful, and it is a point that you cannot forget if you travel in the New Year and want to witness the beginning of a new cycle with millions of other citizens from all over the world. world.

Los Angeles Observatory

Of course, this hot region has beautiful beaches that it can offer you every day, as well as the full glamor of Hollywood and other beautiful neighborhoods that compose it.

But it seems to us that this establishment is a classic that you cannot miss. If you want to see the whole city and see the most beautiful sunset, enjoy from the top!

Niagara Falls

This side of the border it has nothing to envy the Canadian side. The most spectacular fall in the north of the continent guarantees you an ideal natural exploration experience, as well as images that will remain in your mind for the rest of your life.


Orlando, Florida’s biggest attraction couldn’t be left out on this list. Millions of tourists of all ages visit the happiest place in the world every year And it’s not hard to see why! Its infinite attractions and shows will give you the best experience you can go through.

Tips for Traveling to the United States

Finally, we are going to give you a few advice so that you are as careful as possible when organizing all your Requirements to travel to the United States from Ecuador.

  1. When it comes to introducing yourself to your interview, make sure to answer with all the existing honesty. Lying in any data you provide is a very big mistake for which you can deny visa. The same will be the case if you are deemed to pose a danger to the nation, so keep your record as clean as possible.
  2. Book a return flight. It is very easy to be denied entry to the country if you do not have insurance that you will return to Ecuador. Even if you do not have a defined return date, you can take advantage of offers and buy a cheap ticket, and buy your return much later.
  3. Try to book accommodation in advance where you plan to stay, even for the first few days. The best thing is that you have a reservation for the first nights, or at least a friend or relative who welcomes you as soon as you enter the country.
  4. Plan your stay very well. Not only to present your itinerary at the border, but to calculate your cats, the time you will stay and visit each of the dream places for which you have prepared for so long.
  5. Take out travel insurance. American healthcare is extremely expensive, so it is convenient that you prepare for any emergency. And with the number of accidents that can occur during the holidays, Better safe than sorry!

If you have the opportunity to travel to the United States, take it as soon as you can! Every city in the country will offer you an incredible experience that you will not be able to forget.

When it comes to living a unique vacation Take advantage of all these Requirements to Travel to the United States from Ecuador!


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