Requirements to travel to the United States from Argentina: Costs, Documents and MORE

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There are a number of Requirements to travel to the United States from Argentina that you should keep in mind if you want to visit this country at any given time. You probably already know some of them, but you certainly do not know all of them, and it is very important to be up to date with everything you will need to do this process.

There is no person who does not know about the United States. This country is a power that stands out for its economy, education, health system, politics, art and culture. Millions of people visit it every year, to see what life is like in this country and to see incredible places. In its most visited cities, there will be people of all nationalities, sightseeing just like you.

NextWe will explain not only the requirements and documents you will need to travel from Argentina, but also the associated costs, visa requirements, average cost of the trip, and why you should visit the United States of America on this vacation.

Requirements to travel to the United States from Argentina

The basic requirements What you will need to have up-to-date to travel to the United States can be listed as follows:

  • Weather. You will need time to complete the necessary procedures in case it is the first time you travel. For example, if you need a visa, then you will have to attend appointments, interviews, carry and fill out paperwork, and much more.
  • Sufficient income and savings. You must be able to travel to a country and stay there without any problem; your income or savings will reflect your ability to meet the cost of food, lodging, and medical services if they are required.
  • Documents valid and in order. If possible, make a check list so that you can cross out the documents you need as you get them.
  • Know English or hire a bilingual guide to accompany you throughout the trip. This is very important so that you can communicate.

Once you have this, we can proceed to provide more information, such as what documents you will need to get your Visa and the relevant procedure.

Documents for Visa Processing

You will not be able to travel to the United States without a Visa, Regrettably. This is a necessary document that expresses that you have official permission to travel or stay in the country for a limited time, and that allows the government of this country to know that it is safe for you to visit the country, not only for them but for you as well.

Truth be told, there is the Visa Waiver Program, valid for some countries and with some conditions. This allows you to travel to the country for a maximum of three (3) months, without a visa. However, it is only valid for Chilean or Spanish citizens.

Now yes, let’s see what are the documents that you will need to apply for your visa and travel to the United States, temporarily, followed by the procedure.

  • Valid passport. This is very important because the visa is placed in the passport, so if it has expired the first step is to renew it. This must be valid for at least (6) months more than the time you plan to visit the country. That is, if you are going to travel to the United States and will return in May, your passport must be valid until at least November.
  • Visa fee payment. You will have to pay a certain amount to apply for the visa, which is taken into account as a fee.
  • Barcode, for each applicant, from the DS-160 confirmation sheet.
  • Previous passports or visas.
  • Photocopy of DNI on both sides. This should preferably be in color, legible and with good image quality,
  • Finally, one (1) color photograph with the following characteristics:
    • 5 x 5 cm.
    • Recent (from the last 6 months before submitting these documents).

If you are going to apply for the Type B Visa, which is the one granted to people who travel to the country for tourism, business and medical treatments, you will (also) necessarily need:

  • In case you go for medical treatment:
    • Testimony the doctor who diagnosed you, which reflects the nature of the disease and the reasons why the treatment should be done in the United States.
    • Letter from a medical center or a private American doctor where the willingness to treat you is manifested, and where you can see the duration of the treatment, the total cost and other pertinent information.
    • Constancy that you have the ability to pay all expenses that you may incur during your stay; It can be a Statement of Account, sworn statements of the ISLR, and so on.
  • If you go for tourism, you will only need the businesses listed above.
  • Evidence of the employment contract, if you go on business.
  • Evidence of purpose of travel, such as the ticket, the hotel reservation, letter from the person who is going to receive you at home, family ties, and so on.
  • Proof that you are coming back after the specified period: return ticket, etc. The same, that you are going to leave the country.
  • Income certificate, account statements, solvency that reflects your ability to take responsibility for all payments of food, stay, transportation and eventualities. However, you can also present evidence that someone else will be responsible for your expenses.
  • Health insurance, if you have it.

Any other document you need will be easy to consign, so don’t worry. Also, remember that if you are going for studies, the visa you have to request is another and that if you are going to travel with your family, you can apply together.

For more information on non-immigrant visas click here. If what you want to know are the visa categories and the different documents for each one click here. This is for students, journalists, temporary workers or interns, and so on.

Procedure to acquire your Visa

It could be considered that one of the Requirements to travel to the United States from Argentina is to know the procedure you must follow to apply for your visa, so let’s see:

  • First, you must fill out the Electronic Non-Immigrant Visa Application clicking here. Next, it proceeds to print the confirmation sheet (DS-160).
  • After go to the Visa Information Service website, clicking here, where you will only need to create a user using your email and selecting a password.
  • Right there, choose the Visa category you want to process, enter the applicant’s information, the confirmation number DS-160, select the DLH office where you want to receive the passport and pay the corresponding fee.
  • Finally, schedule your appointments. There are two (2) that you have to program: one in the Applicant Service Center (CAS) and another in the Consular Section. Bring the documents and wait for further instructions.


DLH will have your passport for up to a month, when it will be returned to the Consulate in case you do not pick it up. This will retain it for a maximum of six (6) months and will finally cancel the visa and return it to RENAPER.

How much does the procedure cost?

By 2020, the fee to process the visa It is at $ 160 USD for the Class B Visa. Temporary workers or interns, as well as athletes, artists and exchange visitors have a fee of $ 190 USD.

To pay it, you have the option of doing it in cash or by credit card. In the case of the first you must:

  • Sign up on the website of the Official United States Department for Visa, which you can access directly by clicking here. Just click on Create an account.
  • Follow the registration instructions, offering the information that is requested of you.
  • Go to section from Payment> Cash payment.
  • Download and then print the instructions of the document that will tell you how you can make the payment.

The appointment with the Consular Section You can do it three business days after having carried out this operation, as that is when it will appear in the system. You can use the proof of payment only once and this money will not be refundable or transferable and expire after one year.

For more information on the detail of tariffs click here.

Cost of traveling to the United States from Argentina

The cost of traveling to the United States It is something that must be thought very carefully before deciding to visit the country. Remember that having sufficient savings is one of the Requirements to travel to the United States from Argentina, so you shouldn’t be surprised by what we’re going to tell you next.

The expenses you are going to incur on this trip depend on many factors: the airline you hire, the places you are going to visit, your place of stay, the date you travel, whether you eat in restaurants or fast food franchises. , if you use taxi or public transport, and many other factors that They will depend solely on what you are going to do in the country.

For a trip of a month, using public transport and staying in hostels, you could have a minimum expenses of:

  • Lodging: $ 1000.
  • Transport: $ 400.
  • Food and drink: $ 600- $ 700.
  • Tickets to the cinema, theaters, others: $ 100.

Why travel to the United States?

There is a endless reasons to travel to the United States. As we said at the beginning, it is an economic power where you can travel to do business, to study, to do tourism or to enjoy the health system it has. What’s more, you can do all of this at once!

Let’s see some of the places you can visit in United States:

  • Disneyland Resort.
  • Walt Disney World: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, etc.
  • The statue of Liberty.
  • Grand Canyon National Park.
  • Central park.
  • Golden Gate Bridge.
  • Union Station.
  • Navy Pier.
  • Venice Beach.

Doesn’t that sound amazing? What are you waiting for? Start the procedures!

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