Requirements to Travel to the United States: Visa, Costs and MORE

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The United States is one of the most coveted countries, many people want to know it and others to settle there. That is why in this article we will explain what the Requirements to travel to the United States from Mexico.

Live this great experience and dare to know something different. Without a doubt, the United States offers you the best options and opportunities for you to live a great experience.

Stay to read this content and know some tips to help you succeed on the journey, also if you still have doubts about traveling, we will show you some reasons to go to the United States.

Keep your American dream alive and decide to change your life, even for a short trip to this wonderful country.

What are the requirements to travel to the United States from Mexico?

Traveling without a doubt is one of the great pleasures of life, it is a dream for many to be able to travel to know and even settle in another country. It cannot be denied that the United States is one of the most sought-after destinations, where many people go to fulfill the “American Dream”.

In this sense, it is important to bear in mind that in order to travel to the United States it is necessary to supply a series of requirements and do certain procedures. This process is easy if all directions are followed.

Below are the main Requirements to Travel to the United States:


The passport It is an essential document when traveling to a country. This is an instrument that allows to prove the national identity and the personal identity of a person, which works as a permit to enter another country.

In other words, it is a kind of endorsement or guarantee that is used to identify and in turn allow travel to another country.

It is also necessary that not in all countries it is necessary to present this document, due to certain agreements, treaties between countries that allow free or easier access between the inhabitants of both nations.

In this case, to travel from Mexico to the United States, it is mandatory to present the passport and it is important that it is in order, in order to travel. Its validity must be at least six months at the time of travel.

Travel insurance

It is 100% advisable to have a travel insurance, Because despite the fact that the United States has an excellent health system, it is a non-free service, so it is necessary that in the event of a complicated health situation, the traveler has travel insurance to cover these expenses.

Travel insurance is responsible for covering incidents that may occur during the trip in another country.

Visa or Visa

The Visa or Visa It is an important document that serves as an identification instrument and is also a fundamental requirement to enter certain countries.

It is important to know in depth about North American visas, to know what their types are, the requisite conditions, and other necessary information.

Types of visas

As is well known, any person from a foreign country who wishes to enter the United States must have a visa, and to obtain it, the corresponding procedure must be carried out.

That is why you must know the types of visas and apply to the one that corresponds. The types of United States visas can be divided into two categories:

  • Immigrant Visa: This type of visa is intended for those who go to the United States in order to live and settle there.
  • Non-Immigrant Visa: This visa is for those who wish to go to the United States with the intention of doing tourism, that is, traveling for a short period of time.

In the case of the non-immigrant visa, it should be known that this is divided into two groups as well, and they are generally identified as B1 and B2. More about this is explained below:

  • Non-Immigrant Visa B1: This type of visa is intended for those who wish to visit the United States for business purposes. In this case, negotiation meetings, a business meeting, client appointments, presentations, among other aspects, apply.
  • Non-Immigrant Visa B2: The B2 visa is for those who wish to make a tourist trip to the United States to meet, visit family, a special invitation, among other similar events.

This type of visa is very beneficial, both B1 and B2 are valid for 10 years, and during their validity, each of your entries to the United States cannot last more than 180 days.

Requirements to process the US visa

Each of them is presented below in this list:

  • Present the Passport, which must be valid.
  • Passport-type photo, which must be of quality and detail the person perfectly.
  • It is necessary to supply a travel plan or itinerary, where each of the things that are going to be done during the trip is explained.
  • The dates of the last 5 trips to the United States must also be presented, if they have traveled.
  • Information must be given about the working life and studies of the applicant.
  • Make the corresponding payment. It can be done by credit or debit card, as well as by PayPal.
  • If you want to know more and request more information, you can access the following page, by clicking here.

    Why travel to the United States?

    Travel to the united states It is the dream of many, whether to study, work, or simply to know each of the wonders that this country offers.

    Next, this section describes some of the reasons why you should travel to the United States:


    If you are one of the people who needs to be inspired, you are some kind of passionate artist, musician, painter, writer, or a person who loves natural art, without a doubt the United States can provide you with the inspiration you need.

    Each of its landscapes, its territory and beautiful places fill all people with inspiration and dreams, so you should dare to this great experience.

    Enjoy to the fullest

    The United States has the most partying cities, and the places that provide fun for every type of person. New York for example, is known for being the city that never sleeps, the best bars, places and fun to the fullest.

    In Chicago, there is a very well known and fun festival called Blues, in which you can have a great experience. It is a lively and colorful party with good music, where you can meet people and make friends.

    If your taste leans more to bands, and jazz music, New Orleans, without a doubt, is the right place. You can enjoy jazz concert nights.

    As well as all these places, that we have just mentioned, there are many more that are just as wonderful. In this sense, it is a good reason to go to the United States.

    Diverse cultures

    In the United States you can find different cultures, you have the possibility to get to know different cultures, try different, traditional foods from other countries. There are many thematic places that will make you know more about other customs and traditions.

    You can find Chinatowns, Mexican neighborhoods, others inspired by European cultures.


    This territory is quite wide and has numerous sites with abundant nature, where you can unleash your adventurous spirit. You can isolate yourself from the noise of the city and find peace in these types of places, just by taking what you need to camp and enjoy something different.

    One of these places is Yosemite, where you can do great tours, hiking, excursion plans, which will make you live a great experience.

    Also in the United States, road trips are famous and great, visiting beautiful places and you can apply to many routes that will undoubtedly make your trip the best.

    American dream

    If you consider yourself a dreamer, you aspire to great things, and you want to fulfill that American dream within yourself, you must take a risk and travel to the United States.

    In this country there are many opportunities for study and work, of all kinds, and the pain in this place does not exist, if you dare to take advantage of your talent, if you are an artist to your art, it is certain that you will succeed.

    Tips for Traveling to the United States

    So that everything goes well on your trip, this section presents 10 tips that you should take into account when traveling to the United States.

    1. The first tip is to comply with each of the Requirements to travel to the United States.
    2. Make sure you opt for the safest and most beneficial flight line.
    3. Reserve accommodation in advance.
    4. Organize your trip and implement a plan or itinerary.
    5. It takes a little more than a minimum budget.
    6. Comply with customs regulations.
    7. Practice the language.
    8. Meet people from the United States who can advise you.
    9. Change your money to dollars $.
    10. Wear clothes that suit the weather.

    If you follow these tips, you are sure to have a great trip to the United States. Always keep a positive mind and want to experience and learn more about their culture.

    Meet the Requirements to Travel to the United States and enjoy.

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