Requirements to Update the RUT: online, Recommendations and MORE

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You have reached the indicated website, where you will find the necessary information about the Requirements to update the RUT, which is an easy and simple process.

You also have step-by-step information on how to update the RUT from the comfort of your home or office. With the guarantee that it is a safe and effective modality.

Construction License Requirements

Within the Construction License Requirements, there are those mentioned below:

Few precautions such as the certification of freedom and the tradition of the property must be completed, a month before making the request at the most. Present the unique national format to request the construction license. The certification of the property tax for the last year.

The connection between adjoining owners to the property, as an element of request and approval if for any reason there is an attorney-in-fact.

Appoint a person with skills for this type of management. Since on some occasions the diligence can be a cause of confusion, so it can be taken into account.

Requirements for Legal Person

In addition to the above-mentioned requirements, another of the Construction License Requirements for legal person it is:

  • Present the identification document or the certification issued by the Chamber of Commerce.

How to process the Requirements to Update the RUT online?

It is essential to update the RUT (Single Tax Registry), both natural and legal persons and also foreign persons. This applies to all companies that carry out economic operations in Colombia.

There are two ways to update. One is in person at the agency closest to your home and the other through the website.

The process of RUT update online, gives you the possibility of doing it from your work or home. You need to prepare before starting the process:

  • You must have the PDF program available on your laptop or PC.
  • It is advisable to use as a browser Mozilla Firefox.
  • To have the opportunity to make the web page visible, it is advisable to have Flash installed.
  • A good internet connection is essential.

By having these resources available on your computer, you can start the process without difficulties. Now follow the instructions to update the RUT through the website:

Enter this linkThen you must create a user by completing basic information: The type of identification document, its number and the date of issuance of the identification document. By having your username, you can start the session by simply pressing the option to log in.

With the session started, you are already in the RUT page. On the left side of the screen is the option «Favorites», where you will find the option «Update RUT». Click there and a new screen will appear to start with the procedure you need.

If you have previously entered the page and have not completed the process, the portal was in charge of storing the last registered information. In this case, you must choose the «Continue» option.

Then you must choose the sheet that needs to be updated, this goes according to the type of management that requests the update. You can review all the information you exude from the RUT.

You should know that the Muisca portal produces a form number which is fixed for each management, this number makes it possible to update. If you do not have this number, it is impossible to finish the process.

When reviewing the number and selecting the sheet to update the RUT, choose the option to send, this ensures that the data provided will be sent to the DIAN (National Tax and Customs Directorate). This point is of great importance, because this is where the update is made official.

After the officialization must be corroborated, press the «Formalize» option and that’s it. At this point you will find the option to print the RUT update, and where you can acquire the PDF form with the data related to the status of the update.

Remember to leave the portal once you have done the whole process. Press the option «Exit» and that’s it. These instructions are very easy to enter the system and update the RUT. Keep in mind that all the data provided must be verifiable and real.

We leave you some suggestions to update the RUT through the website, these are:

  • Save the changes you make, each sheet to update the RUT has the option that gives you access to carry out this action.
  • The web portal offers you the option of sending confirmation of what you have done, through the email indicated in the information provided. It is important to consider this way of review.
  • Through the website, legal entities have to file Special Requests, such as Sales Tax, Cessation of Activities, and Cancellation of Registration in the RUT, using the electronic signature.
  • On the other hand, natural persons can file on Special Requests having an electronic signature.

Update the RUT in person

If you do not want to manage the RUT update online, you can visit the DIAN office in person. It is necessary that you comply with the Requirements to update the RUT, depending on whether you are a natural person or a legal person.

It is important that you bear in mind that to carry out this diligence, you must request an appointment through this Web address. You must choose the date, time, agency and mode of contact. Do not forget to properly place the management you want to carry out, if the data does not match, the appointment will be canceled and you will not be able to be attended.

You should be punctual on the day of the appointment and bring the corresponding documents, according to whether you are a natural or legal person according to the update of the RUT.

In the case of natural persons, the documents are:

Original of the identification document. If the person who is going to process the update of the RUT is not the owner, they must have a legal power of attorney and provide the following documents:

  1. The identification document of the attorney-in-fact.
  2. The original power of attorney, where the natural person’s attorney-in-fact is identified, must be current and issued by a notary. Do not forget that this documentation is valid for six months.
  3. Upon entering these requirements, the attorney-in-fact can carry out the diligence at the selected agency.

The Requirements to Update in RUT, legal entities such as Temporary Unions and Consortia, are the following:

  • The identification document of the legal representative in original and copy.
  • If you have a proxy, you must provide an original and a copy of the identification document of both the proxy and the principal. Present original and copy of the updated power of attorney.
  • The copy of the constitution document of the legal institution, indicating: Name of the Temporary Union or Consortium, the data (names, surnames, business name) of the members that form it. The address, email, the legal representative, purpose of the Temporary Union or Consortium and update of the company.
  • Copy of the bidding certificate.


As recommendations to carry out the face-to-face process of updating the RUT, we mention the following:

  • The submitted copies must be fully readable, it is suggested to deliver the documents organized as indicated, depending on the case.
  • All documentation must be properly legalized by the relevant body. You must present the documentation in good condition.
  • Any citizen who wants to carry out this procedure must have his identification document. It is very important to treat the authorized personnel in the offices with kindness, to be patient so that everything goes well.

Why must the Requirements to Update the RUT be met?

The Ruth is a very simple format, which has become an effective database tool that you have in your possession. the state. That is why it is important to know the Requirements to update the RUT.

Since through this, the information is paired and it can be found how Colombians manage income, with the aim of avoid tax evasion.

The format has the necessary boxes for natural and legal persons to provide the appropriate information that public entities and the DIAN require.

In this way, they can inspect the respective payments to social security, the location and classification of Colombian citizens. According to their economic activities, from the moment they declare their taxes or their commercial or import operations, etc.

DIAN recalled that according to what is stipulated in Decree 2460 of 2013, the RUT is always valid and that it should only be updated in situations that warrant changes in the format: As personal information (Location and identification) and commercial information (responsibility, and economic operations).

Likewise, he reiterated that a copy of the RUT can be produced through its website, with a valid date and it is not necessary to go to the relevant offices.

The copy is valid with the watermark «Free document certificate», and the signature of the person in charge of DIAN is not required. It is sufficient that you have the date and time when the document was produced, which is in the lower right area of ​​the format.

The Single Tax Registry is a tool to specify, locate and catalog the people and entities that have the quality of taxpayers who declare income tax.

Within this group are: those belonging to the simplified regime, withholding representatives, exporters, importers and other customs clients. As well as other people with responsibilities that are administered by DIAN.

Through the RUT, all Colombian taxpayers will be able to join a system, which allows them to control the registration of their tax activities. That is why it is important to keep this information up to date.

We hope that with these guidelines, you will begin to gather the Requirements to update the RUT, and carry out the corresponding procedure.


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