Requirements to Work at Bancomer: Jobs, Salaries and MORE

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Are you looking for a job? Bancomer It is an excellent option if you are looking to develop all your work potential. In addition, it is the leading financial institution in the country and a company that gives you the opportunity to undertake and improve yourself for a good financial return. So what are you waiting for? gathers the requirements to work at Bancomer and start your way to work in this institution.

Waiting, Not sure what these requirements are? In this article we have the answer. In addition, you will also be able to find out what the employee selection process is like, so that you can familiarize yourself; and, above all, we have the salary that you can receive if you start working in Bancomer. Although if you are looking for the benefits that you are going to have, you will also be able to find them in this article.

Therefore, if you are interested in working for Bancomer, we invite you to continue reading this article and be aware of the initial information on this procedure.

What are the Requirements to Work at Bancomer?

Regarding the requirements to work at Bancomer, it is a broad and general topic, since these surely depend on the job to which you apply and the area to which the job offer belongs; so when you apply you will have to inquire about what you will need to get the job.

However, there is a series of profiles or qualities that Bancomer searches among its workers, so applicants are also going to have to meet these traits.

Among the main values ​​that an applicant must have to work in Bancomer, we can find the responsibility and the commitment that a person may have to fulfill their assigned tasks.

Similarly, a person who wants to work in this financial institution must have the values ​​of integrity and empathy, so that it can unfold correctly before the public.

In addition, this renowned institution is always open to diversity of social profiles and type of training that a person can have, that is, the possibility of working for Bancomer it can be open to anyone.

Job Offers to Work at Bancomer

«Creating opportunities» It is the new motto of Bancomer and with good reason. This financial company has a wide range of job offers to which you can apply. You have the option of «Jobs in Mexico» and «International Jobs».

In the same way, you can find offers in any of the company’s areas, so you can choose to work in an area that suits your qualities. Some of the options that you have at your disposal are:

  • Human Resources.
  • Finance.
  • Marketing.
  • Brokerage house.
  • Security.
  • Risks
  • Among other.

In turn, there are also several job positions that you can find in these areas, so, surely, you will find a function that fits your profile. Among the positions you can find are the following:

National Offers
  • Digital advisor.
  • Business lawyer.
  • Commercial executive.
  • Cashiers staff.
  • Technical Validator.
  • Credit advisor.
  • Promotions advisor.
  • Risk analyst.
  • Credit risk advisor.
  • Associate banker.

International Offers
  • Advanced Analytics Manager.
  • Wholesale Risk Analyst.
  • Personal Banker.
  • Comprehensive Service Advisor.
  • Retail Relationship Manager.

Employee Selection Process

Since we have talked about the requirements to work at Bancomer and the job offers that are available for you to apply, we come to the moment to explain how the employee selection process is, so that you can prepare in a better way.

The large number of job offers encourages a greater number of professional recruitments, but it also generates a large number of applicants; so, by means of a selection method that allows discovering the capabilities of each participant, these are divided and selected. The method is the following:

  1. Curriculum assessment: The applicant’s curricular document is studied to decide whether or not it meets the profile sought by the company. If this complies, it goes to the next selection phase.
  2. Competency assessment: The knowledge and skills of the participants are put to the test. They include interviews, knowledge tests, online assessments or face-to-face exercises.
  3. Selection of applicants: The best applicants are selected and advance to the next phase of the process.
  4. Final evaluation: Each applicant is interviewed again, first by the leaders of the area to which they applied and, later, by the Human Resources area.
  5. The selection: Finally, the best applicants are chosen and notified of their new job.

In the same way, it is also worth noting that there is a process with which you will have to process your application for a job in Bancomer.

How to apply for a Job at Bancomer?

The application to one of the job offers of Bancomer It is a process that you can do online or in person. In this article you will find the steps you must follow to do it.

To begin, we will explain how to apply online.

Submit application online
  1. Access the website of Bancomer job offers.
  2. Find the job offer that best suits what you like.
  3. Once you’ve chosen, click «Register».
  4. Review the job title specifications.
  5. If you agree with the information presented, click on the tab «Apply now».
  6. Review the pop-up information on the use of your personal data.
  7. Accept these conditions, if you agree.
  8. Fill out the application form with your data.

Congratulations, you have sent your application to Bancomer!

Important! There is the option of leave your information and your CV, for future job offers. To do this, you must enter the section of «Send CV».

Submit face-to-face application
  1. Design and print your CV.
  2. Come to the branch of Bancomer closest to your location.
  3. Be careful, you can accompany your CV with a cover letter, an academic record or a reference. (Optional)
  4. Give your CV to the person responsible for the area or to a worker from Human Resources.

Congratulations, you have submitted your application to Bancomer!


How much can I receive financially if I work for Bancomer? It is a totally logical question. When looking for a job, the economic part is a fundamental factor to accept or not a job.

For that reason, below we are going to show you a list of approximate monthly salary of some jobs of Bancomer.

* The reflected salary is only an estimate. The amounts are expressed in Mexican pesos. *

  • Cashier: $ 8,491 pesos.
  • Branch Director: $ 22,417 pesos.
  • Customer Service Executive: $ 7,022 pesos.
  • Telemarketing: $ 7,577 pesos.
  • Administrative boss: $ 16,323 pesos.
  • Telemarketing: $ 7,577 pesos.
  • Commercial executive: $ 10,987 pesos.
  • Sales executive: $ 8,810 pesos.
  • Seller: $ 6,639 pesos.
  • Credit promoter: $ 4,970 pesos.
  • Bank cashier: $ 7,967 pesos.
  • Banking advisor: $ 9,011 pesos.
  • Account Analyst: $ 8,926 pesos.
  • Financial Services Executive: $ 8,419 pesos.
  • Bank executive: $ 11,611 pesos.
  • Cashier: $ 8,491 pesos.
  • Branch Director: $ 22,417 pesos.
  • Store manager: $ 16,034 pesos.
  • Branch seller: $ 6,108 pesos.
  • Customer Service Executive: $ 7,022 pesos.
  • Telephone executive: $ 7,191 pesos.
  • Telephone Agent: $ 5,957 pesos.
  • Services Executive: $ 9,118 pesos.
  • Customer service: $ 5,272 pesos.
  • SME Executive: $ 17,414 pesos.
  • Data entry: $ 5,605 pesos.
  • Administrative Assistant: $ 10,125 pesos.
  • Notifier: $ 7,000 pesos.
  • Business executive: $ 19,097 pesos.

Benefits of Working at Bancomer

Once we have passed the financial part of working in Bancomer It is time to touch on the subject of the benefits that are obtained when you have a job in the most recognized financial institution in the country.

Among the benefits that can be highlighted, you will find the following aspects:

  • Scholarship programs for young university students who want to get a little work experience.
  • Trainer programs for outstanding graduates.
  • Constant opportunities and activities to increase your work, professional and leadership skills.
  • A competitive financial reward, which can be increased according to your achievements.
  • Travel discounts.
  • Health insurance.
  • Purchase facilities for different products.
  • Technologically innovative and open spaces.
  • Social responsibility action plans.

In addition to these aforementioned advantages of working in Bancomer, There are other benefits that the company has for its workers; so it is a correct institution to start your work adventure.

What is it?

Bancomer or BBVA Mexico (as it is also known) is one of the most recognized financial institutions in the country and, also, around the world. It was founded in 1932 under the name of Bank of Commerce, but It passed to the BBVA group in 2000.

At the same time, it is a company with a great sense of commitment to and for its workers; as it is also a financial institution with transparent and fair activities with its clients.

In the financial field, Bancomer is the leading company in Mexico in attracting and client portfolio. In the same way, it has millions of agencies around the world, since it is a company of international prestige.

Finally, it is also an ideal company to search for work, since it has good benefits for its workers and is an excellent reference within a CV. So, if you are interested in working in this institution it is better that you start to find out the requirements to work at Bancomer and start the process to apply.

«Make available to all the opportunities of this new era»


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