Requirements to Work at Cinépolis: Jobs, Salaries and MORE

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Working at Cinépolis is a great option, it is necessary to supply and comply with a series of requirements to work at Cinépolis.

This article explains all the steps and requirements to apply to any of the vacancies offered by this entity, Cinépolis, has a wide variety of positions and jobs that adapt to different tastes, personalities and professions.

Stay and read the following content and answer all your questions.

What are the Requirements to Work at Cinépolis?

In each job opportunity, it is necessary to supply certain requirements, which consist of a series of documents and conditions with which the applicant must comply.

Cinépolis, It has a large number of vacancies in all its branches in almost the whole year, and to apply for this job is very easy since the vacancies offered are aimed at a wide audience with different possibilities, knowledge and experience.

If you are interested in work at CinépolisBased on the position to which you apply, you must meet more or less requirements. However, the following section presents the requirements requested by this entity.

Direct Attention in the Cinepolis Rooms

To apply to this position, where you must work serving the public, in the cinema bars. Therefore, you must comply with the requirements presented below:

  • Possess at least the baccalaureate and also applies to those who have a truncated career.
  • Have some minimal experience in the customer service area.
  • The interested party must be at least 18 years of age, that is, they must be of legal age and generally up to 25 years of age are accepted.
  • You must be available to work from Monday to Sunday, with a day off, which rotates during the week.

Corporate Area

In the event that you wish to belong to the Cinépolis corporate area, you must comply with the requirements presented in the following list:

  • Based on the position to apply, the job applicant must have a degree in the career related to the vacant position, that is, a degree in accounting, business administration, engineering, among others.
  • Must speak English, at least basic.
  • Know how to master intermediate excel.
  • Possess some experience in the area to apply, the minimum required by Cinépolis.

Required documentation

When contacted by Cinépolis To apply for a job within this entity, and access an interview, you must supply the following documents:

  • Identification Document, which can be the identity card or passport, or some other similar document.
  • Curriculum synthesis, which must be updated, and have all personal data, academic training, and work experience.
  • Titles and certificates obtained.
  • Among others.

Remember that it is important to comply with each of these documents in order to be able to belong to the world of work within Cinépolis.

Types of Jobs at Cinépolis

As mentioned in the previous sections, there are many job opportunities, offered by Cinépolis, in which different types of people who have different levels of preparation and ability can apply.

In this sense, the types of jobs at Cinépolis, They are divided into two categories, aimed at different tastes and personalities. Each of the types of jobs at Cinépolis are described below:

Corporate Jobs

Corporate jobs are offered at the following Cinépolis locations: Morelia, Texas, California and other areas, where you can apply for the following vacancies:

  • Legal practitioner.
  • Accounts Receivable Supervisor.
  • Manager in the construction area.
  • Head of the labor litigation area.
  • Coordinator in the technological solutions development section.
  • Scholar.
  • Administrative assistant of shopping center.

As you can see in the following list, Cinépolis has many job opportunities for people with different situations and conditions.

Attention in Cinepolis Rooms

In the Cinepolis Rooms, You can work in different areas or sections of the room, which are located in: Tampico, CDMX, Querétaro, Toluca, Monterrey, Tuxtla, Acapulco and Nezahualcóyotl.

The vacancies offered are as a general employee, where customer service must be provided, performing in the following areas:

  • Candy store.
  • Arquilla.
  • Box office.
  • Selling area.
  • Cleaning.
  • Rooms.
  • Customer Support.
  • Among others.

Remember that to apply to any of the vacancies offered, you must comply with the Requirements to Work at Cinépolis.


The Salary It is an amount of money that an employee receives, from the company or the employer that hired him. This amount is received periodically, generally on a monthly or biweekly basis.

Now in Cinépolis, a very attractive salary is offered in each of the vacancies offered. This entity knows how to recognize the work of its employees, and offers each a salary that can cover and satisfy their needs.

Benefits of working at Cinépolis

The power to work within Cinépolis, brings many advantages and benefits, among which are the benefits established by the law, such as the respective salary, and also attractive, benefits superior to those of the law, preparation and training, which helps to develop new skills.

Cinépolis has a program in charge of training corporate personnel called the “Comprehensive Training Program”, which allows employees to develop leadership, technical and business skills.

Below are the following programs:

  • High Potential Program.
  • ATC Development and Learning.
  • ACT Harvard Business Publishing.
  • Scholarships for master’s degrees, languages ​​and programs abroad.
  • Among others.

Schedule to Work at Cinépolis

The working hours at Cinépolis, it is from Monday to Sunday. Employees have a weekday off day, which is rotating.

In addition, on average, or generally they work from 6 to 7 hours a day at most and in the case of being a student, arrangements can be made, so that the person can study and work at the same time.

What is Cinépolis?

Cinépolis It is a Mexican entity, which is dedicated to showing films, that is, it works as it is commonly known, like a cinema. This company was founded in 1971 in Morelia by the Ramírez Organization.

This entity has many headquarters and rooms in different countries, among which are: the United States, Chile, Peru, Costa Rica, Brazil, among others.

Currently, Cinépolis is considered the most recognized and largest film exhibition company in Mexico and also in America. This entity is positioned as the third largest film exhibition company in the world, due to the number of rooms you have.

In the last 14 years, Cinépolis has stood out as a socially responsible company, and is a leading entity in the film industry.

It is characterized by its constant innovation, the service and attention model it offers and the quality of its products.


The Cinépolis mission, is based on working day by day offering the best attention and service to each client who goes to the rooms, to enjoy all the benefits that this entity offers.

It focuses on making the client enjoy a great experience and allows each person to enjoy the most sought-after movies.


The vision of Cinépolis, is based on its own philosophy, which expresses “Illuminate the movie of your life with smiles and unforgettable moments.”

In this sense, this entity is in charge of providing the public with efficiency, excellence and quality in each of the products and services offered.

Cinépolis App

The App Cinépolis, is a mobile application, which allows you to purchase any product or service provided by this entity. With this app you can enter and carry out operations at Cinépolis 24 hours a day.

This application provides a large number of benefits, by not having to go directly to any of the venues or rooms to purchase tickets, or request any information.

You also have the opportunity to make payments, through this route, as well as to set aside tickets.

In order to download the application, you can do it through Google play. To do so and obtain more information, you can click here.

Follow the steps and tips presented in this article and work at Cinépolis.


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