Requirements to work at Rappi: Tips, Services it offers and MORE

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Are you looking for a job? This article will explain what they are Requirements to work at Rappi where the step-by-step below will be highlighted. Keep reading!

The world is evolving more and more, which is why today the applications for telephones have become innovation, which are sources of work and growth. Behind these applications a number of people are involved so that the public feels affection of it.

In this case we refer to what started as an application for phones as it is Rappi. This company began in 2015 where it offers a series of services to deliver to the public that wants it.

If you are one of the people who wants to work in the Rappi company, the following will be highlighted requirements to work at Rappi.

Requirements to work at Rappi

To work in this important company that has evolved over time, the requirements to work at Rappi are as follows:

  1. The person who has been admitted to Rappi must have their own vehicle as a means of transportation (be it bicycle, motorcycle, etc).
  2. They must have their smartphone whatever operating system (Android, IOS)
  3. In order to have your vehicle, you must have your driver’s license.
  4. You must have on top your documentation regarding your means of transport and that it is renewed.
  5. And most importantly the person when obtaining the job You must have total availability to fulfill your responsibility.

Steps to Work at Rappi

By being clear about the requirements to work at Rappi, You will have to get the job by following these procedures:

  1. The person who is looking for a vacancy to work at Rappi must register through their Web page or download the application on any mobile device.
  2. Search the form where you will have to fill it out with your respective personal data and wait for the company to contact you.
  3. In this form you can see what job vacancies there are and you will receive notifications on your cell phone.
  4. By being a contact, the company offers people a training program, where it will teach them everything related to Rappi, in this case the rules they must comply with.
  5. If the person does not attend the training, they will not be able to start working at Rappi. .
  6. At the beginning, the person must have all the energy possible to carry out his responsibility.
  7. While you have more occupation you will have more profit, because each one is his own boss.
  8. Bear in mind that there are all kinds of clients that you will have to understand and be patient.

What services does the company offer?

Rappi is dedicated to having a variety of services where the public feels comfortable that meet their needs without having to travel.

  1. Supermarket: through their website or through the application they can make their complete purchases for their home address. In Rappi Colombia you can choose the supermarket of your preference and you make your catalog with the things you need. A quick way where you will have a 10 $ discount.
  2. Restaurant: Through its location, the person can access to order in the restaurants of their choice from their comfort. The company will take the order to you in approximately 30 minutes or less.
  3. Pharmacy: This company cares about the well-being of its customers, that is why the person can buy medicines, personal hygiene products, perfumery, beauty products, etc.
  4. RappiCash: This service offers its customers to ask for money at home, where the charge goes directly to their card. This service can be performed by entering the page or in the application in the ATM session, where you will select the amount you want and voila, you can take your money to your home.
  5. Technology: You can buy any brand-name electronic product you want and take it home with you.
  6. Pets: You can also buy all kinds of products for your pets.
  7. Drinks: Through its page or application you can choose the drinks of your choice.
  8. Home: highlights the presence of acquiring all products related to your home.

Among other options, the presence of a toy store, a flower shop, baby products, there is a solidarity menu, people can donate, sports, you can request that your car be washed; books, fashion, among many more options that you can find in your Web page or your application.

Advantages of working at Rappi

If you want to work at Rappi, you should know what the advantages of this company are.

  • The person who goes to work in this company can enjoy being his own boss. In other words, the person manages their time as they wish but fulfilling their responsibility.
  • They give you the freedom to select to work in the area of ​​your preference and above all to choose those places where there is good demand.
  • You can earn income when you need it. That is, you make the decision of how many hours to perform your function. And they can have the option of tips.
  • Get economic profit from your asset. In other words, you are making an investment using your means of transport and your smartphone.
  • The person does not have a schedule that is why they can perform several tasks if they can be organized.
  • You can rest if you need to.

Tips for Working at Rappi

It is good to follow the advice that people who work in the same place give you. You should take advantage of the presence and comply with those tips that help you work at Rappi.

  1. It is very important that the person who will start working in this company must have a good attitude because they will work through customer service, where you must win over that person to get a good image and reputation so that they trust his person.
  2. You must be persistent in what you are going to achieve having income and number of satisfied customers.
  3. Get the job done with enthusiasm and fulfill each order as quickly as possible so customers feel important.
  4. It is very important to be patient because there are days you will have to deal with difficult audiences, but never give up.
  5. Take advantage of the weekends, which are the days when there is more demand.

What is Rappi?

Rappi is a Colombian company that was founded in 2015, where it stands out in delivering home deliveries to customers. This company is managed through an application or through its website where customers can purchase what they want.

The wonderful thing about this app is that it offers and provides the client with a catalog of options of different headings and it is transferred to the places designated by the consumer at any time of the day.

You can make your purchases in a supermarket, or place an order in restaurants, also medicines from the comfort of where you are. This service generates connection and feedback with consumers.

People who wish to contact this service will have to do so by downloading the application through any electronic equipment they have or through their Web page. Rappi makes life thanks to the delivery men who travel great kilometers to satisfy the needs of the client.

These people who deliver at their work deliver the orders to consumers in record time to any address or places they request.

This company began making its deliveries throughout the Colombian territory and today they have routes through different parts of countries in Latin America such as: Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Uruguay, Peru, Ecuador and Costa Rica. These countries can enjoy great services from the smallest to the largest.

Don’t you want to leave your house? contact Rappi who will take your purchases wherever you want. If you want to work in this company you should first consult the Requirements to work at Rappi.


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