Requirements to Work at Sodimac: Documents, Profiles and MORE

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Sodimac has remained over the years as one of the most important construction, hardware and home service chains in Chile. This has caused many people to want to work in such a branch of power. If you are one of those people, here in Manage it we will tell you the requirements to work at Sodimac and more.

Secondly, this Chilean company offers different types of service in which they stand out; painting, real estate, home tools and home structuring. It is a store that has implemented hundreds of stores in all the states of the Latin country. Although, this has caused the competition to also take a position on the matter.

Also, Sodimac is a branch that has implemented new reforms to the employee laws. This causing them to obtain new benefits and advantages in the face of the most experienced in the field, including those new to the world of hardware. However, to enter Sodimac experience is required.

Now, once we know all the introductory information about Sodimac and the importance of experience to work in said company, we will tell you the necessary documents to register or apply to work at Sodimac in the section that we will detail below. With nothing more to add, let’s continue with the article.

What are the necessary documents to work at Sodimac?

To work at Sodimac you will require specific roles. These will depend on your current occupation, that is, if you are a student your documentation will be different from that of a pensioner. However, in general, the documents to be processed are the same. Next the necessary documents to work at Sodimac:

  • Meet the minimum age established (18 years)
  • Have experience in the work environment, they mention painting, tools, doors, windows, electricity and masonry
  • Be responsible and have a growing learning mindset

These requirements are mandatory to work at Sodimac. Some vary based on your current occupational status. In this case, If you are over 50 years old, you must reconcile all the personal papers to the company manager, you must also collect information about your pension to study your income and liabilities, this to obtain benefits.

However, there are cases under the age of 18 who work at the home branch. This happens because, for the job application, the minors come to Sodimac with their parents and enter their job application with the represented person in charge. If you are a minor, will have to do this for your job application to be valid.

Masonry experience is essential to carry out a job

Before applying as an employee at Sodimac, you should bear in mind that experience is mandatory. Since in the first weeks of work all your knowledge in hardware will be put to the test. If you do not have knowledge in this field, you can take or take courses that help you have a better curriculum.

On the other hand, the Chilean company has established learning courses and workshops for anyone who wants to sign up. These are presented in the middle of the year in conjunction with the charity event carried out by Sodimac. Our recommendation is that you try to learn more about this medium, because working hours can be exhausting without previous experience.

Accessing the official website of Sodimac you can learn more about it.

Now, if you have already collected the necessary documents to apply. Your next step will be meet the job profile to obtain the desired job. The profile consists of having the knowledge demanded by Sodimac, experience also takes an important factor in the face of the desired profile.

What is the Profile that must be met to work at Sodimac?

To apply for or apply for a job within the home company, you must comply with the company’s job profile. However, these curricular requirements vary according to the individual’s learning ability. Your determination will be taken into account to obtain the job, below the requirements to find the profile:

  • To be responsible
  • Have an open mind
  • Be kind to any circumstance or client
  • Have tools to perform any role within the company
  • Fellowship with all employees
  • Determination and ambition to improve in any job within the company

Everybody these requirements are based in the personality of the postulate. However, they are necessary to fill a position within Sodimac. This point is mentioned because, lately, many people have been fired due to their lack of personal capacity to maintain a good relationship with the authorities and colleagues from the company.

Applying to Sodimac is more than a job

Those in charge of managing the employment procedures within Sodimac have created an initiative in order to encourage applicants. In other words, the company wants workers to feel identified with the company’s brand. This has generated that workers have a feeling of belonging with their employment.

However, belonging to the Sodimac working group is not entirely easy. The person who wants to choose a job must be able to occupy any position within the company, this in case any inconvenience occurs within it.

Already mentioned the necessary procedures and the profile to be able to apply as an employee in Sodimac, it is time to inform you about the advantages and benefits of being a worker within the company. We will inform you about this in the next section. However, it is necessary to complete the requirements to work at Sodimac.

Benefits of Working at Sodimac

The benefits are one of the most recurrent questions when it comes to obtaining a job without a doubt. It is normal to be interested in knowing the advantages acquired by opting for a job at Sodimac. Now, below we will detail all the benefits thatWhat the home company provides to its employees:

  • You will belong to one of the best companies in Chile
  • Development and growth facing your occupation
  • Be part of the Chilean Sodimac family
  • Access to a benefits program for all your family members
  • Constant training by the most experienced
  • Participation in the recognition program

We have already mentioned that Sodimac It is a large Chilean company. In addition, it has locations in other Latin countries and this gives you the opportunity to be transferred to another country. Just imagine being promoted and opting for a better job within the company in another country. A dream come true.

However, to be transferred you must complete all the requirements to work at Sodimac. It is a necessary step to opt for a change of location. Also, if you do not have the necessary papers to apply to the company, will have difficulties to obtain benefits and advantages within the company as an employee.

However, the benefits will be more depending on your disposition and performance within it. If you do a good job and have a good character in the face of difficulties, you are sure to have a good time at Sodimac. Although, if you want to learn more about it, you can do so by clicking here.


Income as an employee at Sodimac varies depending on your position within the company. Salary is $ 4850 monthly as cashier at $ 15000 monthly as manager. On the other hand, salary increases are common for employees of that company. The better your function, the better you will undoubtedly charge.

Nevertheless, there are benefits delivered in foreign currency for employees who have been working for the company for more than one year. There are even payments that are made through high-value assets, that is; Sodimac cars, houses, loans, tools. All these options are valid and you can make any decision.

You certainly have a broader smile as you watch the salary text, right? Well, many people say that money cannot buy happiness, but money can certainly show the way to happiness. The job will provide you with financial stability and security, which will make your life easier.

What’s more, there are many packages flexible work arrangements available within Sodimac to help you achieve an effective balance in the workplace. From working around the clock to meeting your weekly hours whenever you want, finding a mutually beneficial structure for you can be much more effective.

Branch offices

exist different branches worldwide. Chile was the beginning for this home business, however to carry out a general application for any job in Sodimac you must do it in your country of residence. Below we will give you a list of the countries that have at least one Sodimac branch:

  • Uruguay
  • Peru
  • chili
  • Paraguay
  • Brazil
  • Mexico
  • Colombia

What is Sodimac?

Sodimac is a Latin American chain of construction, hardware and home improvement stores, belonging to the Falabella affiliate group. They have been in charge over the years to improve the masonry services of the homes of any person, offering an impeccable service and great quality. It is a great company.


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