Requirements to Work at Uber Colombia: the Driver, Advantages and MORE

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The Requirements to work at Uber ColombiaYou can find them in this article, so we invite you to continue reading.

Uber is a private platform that guarantees a safe transport service with those who drive. The services they offer are:

  • Delivery services.
  • Transfers to any place.

The service is requested through digital platform, for which you can use the application to request a transfer or an order service.

Uber is always available, is a transportation company that has expanded reaching hundreds of cities in the world.

This company was created to be managed through an application that can be download on mobile phones or tablets, which allows to be in contact with passengers and drivers.

Every day more people join driving with Uber and transporting people in various parts of Colombia.

Have you ever wondered if Do you want to belong to the Uber Colombia platform ? Do you want to be an Uber Colombia?

Learn about the requirements you must meet to be part of the Uber Colombia team.

What are the requirements to work at Uber Colombia?

The first thing to do is register in the web platform application and follow the steps mentioned there.

Next, you must look for the requirements to work at Uber Colombia, on the web portal.

Then you must know the different services that Uber offers, to be able to apply to work for any of them.

The services may require different requirementsChoose the one that best suits your vehicle and with which you can meet the conditions required by the company.

Here are the three options available to choose from:

  1. Uber Black service, option planned for luxury services. The vehicle model must be at least 2011 onwards, with air conditioning and with four doors.
  2. The other service is Uber BAN, it was conceived solely for executive travel, for companies and meetings. The vehicle model must be at least 2009 onwards, with a minimum capacity of nine people.
  3. Uber Pool service, created to move up to three passengers.

After reviewing the alternatives on the website, the interested party must choose the best option for him and his vehicle, he must download some forms and the requirements that he must send from the website.

Requirements to Work at Uber Colombia. Driver Requirements

When you receive the notification that you can start working, you must download the management application of the chosen service, as mentioned above.

You must first download Uber Partner and then Uber Drive, which is the application only for Uber partner drivers.

The review of each application and all requirements To work at Uber Colombia, it may take a few days for the company.

You can also check the approximate time it may take for the review, at the nearest Uber offices, depending on your address.

The documentation requested must be sent through the page Uber website, at the time of registration you must have the following requirements:

  • Identity card, the applicant must be over 21 years of age.
  • Possess vehicle ownership card.
  • Photographs of the car with visible license plate.
  • Current driver’s license.
  • Smartphone.
  • Having insurance for the vehicle is mandatory.
  • Criminal record certificate, it should be noted that Uber can take two to four days to verify the background.

The driver must also have a photo to place in the app, which will become a means of identification for the client.

The photo must be from the front with the face illuminated and visible. Cartoon photos are not allowed.

Requirements to Work at Uber Colombia. Car Requirements

For Uber, not only the driver must meet the requirements and required regulations, the registered car must also conform to specifications requested by the company.

In this sense, the following are the requirements for a vehicle to be part of the Uber service fleet:

  • Model of the car, it must be from the year 2006 onwards, depending on the service to which it is affiliated.
  • Excellent mechanical and aesthetic conditions.
  • With air conditioning, it is a mandatory requirement.
  • Cars or trucks 4 doors.
  • The vehicle must not have a record.

It is important to know that Uber Colombia prefers exclude vehicles: Chery QQ, Zotye Xs, Chery Yoya, Chery Van, Chavrole Alto, Hyunda Atos and 2-door vehicles.

Moreover, Uber is available in different cities of Colombia, has been providing services for more than five years.

Therefore, the interested party can know what Uber services are provided in their locality and in other cities in Colombia.

This too allows to evaluate to the interested party in which service he can work, according to the conditions of his vehicle. Below are the cities where Uber is present:

  1. Bogota, this city has the services of: UberBlack, UberPool, UberVan, UberX and UberAngel.
  2. Cartagena, in this city we have the services of: UberBlack and UberX.
  3. Barranquilla, this city has the services of: UberX, UberBlack.
  4. Cucuta, this city only has the service of UberX.
  5. Bucaramanga, this city only has the service of UberX.
  6. Medellin, in this city you have the services of: UberX and UberBlack.
  7. Cali, in this city we have the services of: UberX and UberBlack.
  8. Popayan, this city only has the service of UberX.
  9. Pereira, this city only has the service of UberX.
  10. Ibagué, this city only has the service of UberX.

The driver decides when and where he can work, likewise allows to choose places and times where you would receive more profit per trip, being an Uber Colombia driver.

Requirements to Work at Uber Colombia How to Join Uber Colombia?

The entire process for registration or affiliation is carried out by the Uber platform, on its web portal. Registration only takes a few minutes.

Here is the step-by-step registration:

  1. You must first have a tablet or device with Android,
  2. You must download the application on your devices Android or tablet.
  3. Indicate the mode of payment, it can be by credit card.
  4. Then enter the destination, the application will automatically search for the driver so as not to make you wait more than 10 minutes.
  5. Finally, you must relax and live the experience that Uber offers to arrive with ease at the destination, indicated by the client.

Advantages of being Uber in Colombia

Since Uber started in Colombia many drivers have been benefited, since it is an alternative for those looking to earn extra money in their spare time.

Uber is also a good option For people exploring new alternatives in the city, it is also a solution for many users of this service.

Uber partners allows you to generate Profits independently in your spare time, as well as, control your own time, since the application gives you the option to decide when to connect to the service.

On the other hand, Uber offers an expansion of insurance coverage while you are driving connected to the application through a trip, which covers for:

  • Accidents, includes disability, expenses medical, accidental death.
  • Civil liability to users and third parties.

The cprofit control It is the main advantage, because in Uber the partners can generate additional earnings and obtain a little more in the weekly goals.

So by joining Uber you can access a program of partners, from where you can refer other people and through that referral you also get profits.

When these people register and begin to make transfers or services and complete an established amount, you will receive reward for having referred them.

Another advantage is that Uber services work 24 hours, in order to provide a better service and options to those who require it through the application.

You must bear in mind that the more hours you work, the greater the profit.

Requirements to Work at Uber Colombia What type of Vehicles do you accept?

Uber in order to offer an excellent quality service, requires certain conditions on the vehicles, which also allows it to adjust according to the service required by customers.

Here are the makes and models of cars that Uber accepts, so that those interested can join the company’s services team:


Acura’s accepted models are the ILX and MDX


Accepted models from Audi are: A1, A2, A3, A4, A6, A8, Q3, Q5, Q7 and A4 Avant.


From Chevrolet Uber accepts the models listed below:

Camaro, Aveo, Aveo 5, Beat, Blazer, Caprice, Captiva, Chevi, Classic, Colorado, Cruze, Grand vitara, Orlando, Epica, Sonic, Optra, Orlando Prisma, Lova, lumia, Silverado, Sedan Spark, life Spark, Spark Gt, tacuma, tahoe, Corsa and Astra.


From Chery the accepted models are: A1, A13, A19, Fulwin, Grand Tiggo, Cross, YoYo and Van Pass.


From Daewo the accepted models are: Nubira, Rezzo, Cielo, Karlos, Tacuma and Tosca.


From Citroen the accepted models are: C1, C4, X Sara Picasso, Jumper, Saxo and Xantia.


From Fiat the accepted models are: Fiorino, Gran Siena, Palio, Palio weeken and Aventure.


From Daihatsu the accepted models are: Terios and Sirion.


Ford’s accepted models are: Activa, Ecosport, Explore, Fiesta, Focus, Fusion, Laser, Maverik, Mustang, S-Max, Taurus and Expedition.


Honda’s accepted models are: Domani, Pilot, Accord Crosstour, Inspire, XR-V, HR-V and Civic.


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