Reseller Certificate: Steps, Renewal and MORE

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The Reseller Certificate, It is a document that varies depending on the reason for the requirement is for the purchase, sale or resale of a tax to be paid. These are usually exonerated and it all depends on the turnover of the products when marketing.

This certificate is processed by a buyer, and must be communicated to the respective body as it is The Spanish Tax Agency. Upon approval, the certificate will be issued, authorizing the person to market and resell said product, be it small, medium or large.

Steps to Obtain the Reseller Certificate

To request a Resellers Certificate is very simple, as long as the company that sells it agrees with what you want market your products.

Since, it can contribute to the eradication of illegal trade, usury and tax evasion, while allowing a detailed reseller registration.

To do this, you must have all the personal documentation in order, as well as the documents of the company, user and patents up to date.

In a way, with the circulation of this certificate, it has contributed to the strengthening of the economy of Spain.

But to request the certificate, the previous steps must be carried out before the body that is governed in the matter. All the steps must be fulfilled to carry it out in a practical way and they are:

  • Enter the official website of the Tax Agency to make in the application for the Reseller certificate through this link
  • Select the button «Solitude« to start the process.
  • Place the data as a tax operator and validate yourself on the platform to continue the application process
  • You must fill in the necessary data in the application form, there you must select the items depending on the conduct of the reseller, just at the bottom in the option of «Only for Resellers»
  • Confirm the data provided there by pressing the option «To accept»
  • And, as a final step since you have the option to print or save as a PDF of the Reseller certificate, which can be saved on a pendrive and printed later.

It should be noted that currently 90% of these documents are issued by the public body and do not have a wet stamp

This replacement of the same has been placed in QR or serial codes verification that can be verified online through the website of the issuing body.

Once the certificate is obtained, you can proceed to carry out the sale of products according to the normative and authorized by the entity governmental.

This, without forgetting the normal or conditions that are stipulated by the distributor, these occasions usually grant and guarantee for a specified time in other aspects of consideration.

Reseller Certificate Renewal

This certificate is a document that is required to carry out the resale of a specific article.

Regulations are followed that must be complied with on the matter, allowing the government to take a control of those who do it.

Verify the statistics, ceasing to be a informal sector and becoming a formality sector without paying certain fees. As a result of this, one more question arises and those who possess the certificate do so constantly.

Ester certified, has an expiration date, but no maximum time is established for use and presentation to the respective agencies.

In effect, it must be established a minimum update time of the information contained therein and in certain forms the most recent document must always be presented

This way of renewing is called «Data update» and the method to carry out would be like when the procedure is carried out for the first time.

The steps mentioned in the «Application for Reseller Certificate» mentioned in the previous point.

Through this update, the person is given the opportunity to own and present before the competent bodies in a recent and updated document.

Since, if the due updates are always required and are understood to improve the database of the responsible body.

  • Type of item or items to resell
  • Maximum quantity or units to be resold
  • Heading
  • Taxes or duties that you usually pay
  • Others requested in the certificate application form.

It should be noted that the application methods for this certificate are only online, through the platform Tax Agency of Spain.

What is the Reseller Certificate for?

The function of this resale certificate is that it allows you to buy products through your businesses without having to pay local sales tax. By doing this, it is the responsibility of the customer to collect taxes when the item is sold.

The wholesalers from whom these products are purchased, are requested to see their resale certificate, as proof that the property is being acquired for resale. The resale certificate normally show name and address of the buyer.

This number is allowed to resell, the property description being purchased and a statement that the property is being acquired for resale.

Reseller Status

These conditions are established in the Reseller Certificate, mentioned above is about updates of the registration information, processing and requesting of the document by the reseller.

Since in certain ways it is a matter of establishing all that information and clearly expressing it for the correct performance of the work.

To do this, the references must be taken in addition to the applicant’s personal information, the following is highlighted:

  • Product Type or Class, you want to resell or market, as may be true food, appliances, clothesau others in greater detail.
  • Maximum or minimum quantities to market, this request from certain distributors.
  • The guarantee of the products, are established under normal and normal conditions, where they must be placed as clearly as possible and thus avoid future penalties.
  • Those items that are canceled before the corresponding body are identified in any type of tax or exemption of the same, if applicable.

Tips for Reselling

From the point of purchase and sale operation, they must be governed by several parameters that are within the secondlegality system.

You must mention the people who are interested in carrying out the process of requesting the Reseller Certificate, they are correct.

Personal satisfaction as a citizen, contributes to the strengthening of economic, allowing control and compliance with ordinances. This goes beyond meeting those standards that are established in the law.

It is important to note that, if you want to process if it is necessary and it is required to resell a certain item, since later it may not be necessary due to the update.

The buyer of one or more items must request, and it is based on what has been purchased and It must be done in the certificate request.

It is important to use the platform, since, through the website of the issuing body of this certificate can be processed.

You can also go to the offices of the Tax agency, although, it is no longer necessary because it can be obtained from the comfort of home, just by downloading and printing it.

And finally, it is not very important to indicate that the information of the Tax Agency through new requests for the Reseller Certificate

The seller usually be various in products It offers, hence the expansion as a reseller, since this work affects profit.

What is the Reseller Certificate?

It must be taken into account as the main one, which is a legal document that certifies a certain person that can re-sell a product purchased to a certain company / seller.

The Certificate is processed by a buyer, and in which it is communicated to the respective body as it is in The Spanish Tax Agency.

Taxes must be paid on various occasions by concept, of purchase, sale or resale. It all depends on the volume of product sales.

The document varies depending on the reason for the request, it is requested to an item or resell.

Just as there are some distribution companies that yield to these items or products to Resell with limited time guarantee.


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