Residence Certificate: Documents, Online and MORE

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Are you interested in managing the Residence certificate? Continue reading this article, which will be very useful. All the information required to obtain it is detailed here.

You will find details about the requirements to acquire the Certificate, manage it online, where it can be purchased. Also, about who can request it, what it is for, what is its cost. In addition to the Certificate for foreign citizens, the steps to follow and other information of interest.

Documents Needed for the Certificate of Residence

The documentation necessary to obtain the Residence certificate, It goes according to the locality where it is going to be requested. Generally, the one named below must be presented:

  1. The identity card of the applicant, this must not be expired, as it is necessary to properly identify yourself.
  2. Go with 2 witnesses, who must be of legal age (18 years), each providing their identity document.
  3. Any document that proves the domicile address such as: Gas, telephone, electricity or water.
  4. In the event that the home is rented, present a copy of the lease, or the receipt of the last payment. Similarly, a written communication from the owner can be recorded, proving that the applicant lives at that address.

NOTE: It should be noted that this Certificate is not processed online, since it is a private and particular documentation. This is useful to prove the address of residence in important steps.

Online procedure

The Certificate of Residence, can only be managed in person, since it is a requirement that the person who acquires it is the one who is requesting it.

However, in special cases of emergencies in the country, it is possible to request the Certificate online and it can be done individually, through this link.

The steps to follow are the following:

  • Choose the nearest notary’s office depending on the location in which the applicant is located. If you are in Santiago, choose the option «Only in Santiago». Also for regions.
  • Then you must select the day and specific time to pick it up personally.
  • Finally, the required spaces must be completed: The email address, full name and the Unique Tax Role (The RUT must be in force to be able to carry out this diligence).

Where can you get the Certificate of Residence?

This Certificate can only be acquired in person, in the places named below:

  • Through the Neighborhood Board belonging to your place of residence.
  • In a notary’s office, where the sworn declaration of address must be made.
  • Through the Community Unit of neighborhood councils (if it is the case).
  • Occasionally, you are asked to the building administration where the applicant lives.

Who Needs the Certificate of Residence?

The Residence certificateIt is a documentation that is sometimes requested to do other procedures. Among these are the following:

  • When a person wants apply for a scholarship, or to apply for a higher education student credit.
  • To acquire a driver’s license.

What is the Usefulness of the Certificate of Residence?

  1. Issued to prove home address in front of a private company or public services.
  2. It is used to carry out different procedures, such as: Signing up with banking institutions to open accounts, or request credits. Also to apply for some student credit, apply for a scholarship for higher studies, to manage the driver’s license. It is also used to request basic services: electricity, water, telephone or gas.
  3. On some occasions, to the person who transports personal property (removals) This Certificate is requested. Which must first show the corresponding authorities on the roads, this for safety regulations.

Certificate for Foreigners

This Certificate gives foreign citizens the opportunity to have documentation to certify against any administrative or consular authority, your situation as a resident, or having notified the change of address.

Specifications of the Procedure for Foreigners in Chile

In reference to the times to consign the missing documentation, which are in the condition of requesting residence or permanent residence visas, Exempt Resolution No. 2,993 of June 12, 2020, of the Ministry of the Interior and Public Security, extend in 120 continuous days in Article 31 of Law No. 19,880.

Which begins to run as of June 1, 2020, to amend the faults or attach documentation regarding some permanent and temporary residence requests, which do not meet the legal requirements, as applicable.

The steps to follow are those:

  • Attend the Office of the National Headquarters of Migration and International Police, to the Department or Immigration Area of ​​the Chilean Investigative Police (PDI) .o
  • Inform the employee which Certificate you wish to request.
  • Consign the identity document and cancel management value, according to the form of payment that is available.
  • Upon completing the previous steps, the request is processed.
  • Then the employee will proceed instantly to deliver the Certificate.
  • In the event that this Certificate is to be presented in front of Consular authorities, it must be corroborated by the Investigations Division. In addition, the delivery period will be extended for a period of 15 business days.

What are the Documents Needed for the Foreigners Certificate?

  1. Photo of the DNI (National Identity Document), the passport or the identity card.
  2. A photo of the residence visa reflected in the passport, or the photo of the Definitive Permanence Certificate (digital cardboard or light blue color, as appropriate).
  3. Receipt of the bank transfer or deposit for the cost of the management (if the previous ones are not presented, you can carry out the processing).
To Take into Account:
In the case of a request for minors, the attorney-in-fact must submit via email that is for a minor, the documentation that certifies the connection with the minor. If it is not done, the procedure cannot be carried out. A third party that does the management must attach a power of attorney, if it does not consign it, the management is not done either.

Cost of Performing the Procedure

The amount that a foreign citizen must pay for the Certificate It is $ 800 pesos. Payment can be made through a transfer or a deposit, which must be made by the person requesting it. In the case that a third person does it, this must indicate the name of the person who is requesting it.

It is recommended to previously verify that the correct management is being carried out. It is a procedure only for the Residence certificate, which is not enabled for the residence visa registration.

What is the Certificate of Residence?

This Certificate is a documentation that accredits the residence of a person, at a domicile address within Chilean territory. It has the nature of a sworn declaration of domicile, therefore, legally the information indicated by the applicant is taken into consideration as real information.

It must be issued by the relevant authorities and appointed by the State through legal provisions. Its issuance has nothing to do with nationality, nor with the marital status of the people who request it.

In summary, it can be said that the Certificate corroborates that an individual lives at a specific address. It is not required to specify if it is a rented or own residence, which is available to the issuing authority to point out this situation.

It fits clarify that said Certificate is not delivered to the Carabineros, or to any public or private institution other than those mentioned above. The validity time of the Certificate is 90 days, counted from its issue.

What happens if you lie on the Affidavit?

Both the issuance of the Certificate and the information provided is taken as a statement under oath.

If misleading information is provided, it is subject to be penalized, with legal sanctions which they go from going to jail, up to a monetary fine between 1 and 4 tax units with the current amount.

Here you have everything you need to get the Residence certificate. It is a simple and fast procedure, which must be done in person with your current official identity document.

Upon verification of all the information provided, said Certificate is granted by an official in a maximum time of ten (10) minutes. Ready, you can already consign this document in the organization that requests it or for the management that is required.


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