Residence Certificate: How to Get It, Where and MORE

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Do you need the Residence certificate? This document allows you to carry out various procedures, since with it you can prove your address, which makes it so important to acquire. But do not worry! Getting it is not as difficult as you think.

Today we will be explaining not only how you can get it, but what it is for, where you can process it, what are the requirements that they ask of you and many other things that will help you when you buy it. So do not go away! Today you will know everything about him Residence certificate and you will clarify your doubts once and for all.

Requirements to obtain the Residence Certificate

Let’s start with the Requirements to Obtain the Residence certificate, which you must have on hand to carry out the procedure. We have decided to divide this section in two, so that you can find out which documents are required depending on your place of residence.

Let’s see!

I’m in colombia

If you are currently residing in Colombia, then you must provide a series of documents that, depending on whether you will do the procedure online or in person, you may need in digital or physical format, as is in this order.

These have been specially arranged by the Government of Bogotá for anyone who needs it, so below we explain them one by one.

Colombian Citizens

  • Identification document. You can use different papers to fill this requirement. These are:
    • Citizenship card or the password to process the identity card, although only if you are Colombian.
    • In the event that there is a minor, then you must present Identity Card or Civil Registry.
  • If the person processing the certificate is a minor (<18 years), then you must attach the identity document of the mother, father or legal representative.
  • Proof of payment / invoice of some public service. The address you are seeking to prove must be reflected in this, and it must be in your name. It must be from the last two months. It may be the payment of Gas, EAAB or ENEL CODENSA.

Foreign Citizens

  • Identification document. You can use the following documents:
    • Foreigner ID. Either for those older than 8 years but minors or for foreigners of legal age.
    • In the event that there is a minor (0-7 years), then you must record the VISA.
  • Proof of payment / invoice of some public service. The address you are seeking to prove must be reflected in this, and it must be in your name. It must be from the last two months. It may be the payment of Gas, EAAB or ENEL CODENSA.

Persons Deprived of Liberty

  • Identification document From applicant.
  • Proof of payment / invoice of some public service. The address you are seeking to prove must be reflected in this, and it must be in your name. It must be from the last two months. It may be the payment of Gas, EAAB or ENEL CODENSA.

These are basically all the documents that you will need to have to carry out the procedure if you are in the country. Remember to digitize them if you will do it in a on-line And, as you will see in the next section, keep in mind that the procedure may vary a bit.

I’m abroad

People who wish to acquire the certificate and have had their residence abroad for two continuous years in the last three years, must submit the following documents in order to carry out the process:

  • Colombian passport. This must be in force to be able to use it.
  • Original and photocopy of the Citizenship card.
  • Other documents that prove residence for the time requested by the corresponding State.
  • Register (historical) of the municipal register of the city council. It must be from the last month and only for those who reside in Andorra, Aragon or Catalonia.


All documents, whether you are in the country or not, must be in good condition and legible

How to obtain the Certificate of Residence?

Now let’s talk about the Steps you must follow for the Certificate of Residence. Now that you know what documents you need, you can get up to date with the procedure involved, which is the same for nationals, foreigners, people without freedom and those who have resided abroad for more than two years in a row.

As we told you before, you can do the procedure in two ways: online or in person. While the health emergency lasts, you can only do it using the first route, but we will explain both.

Online application

  • To use this route, the first thing you should do is digitize documents that you will have to load into the system.
  • Next, you must enter the web portal enabled for this procedure: Procedures and Services System.
  • Select the option that says: Residence Certificate Application > Generate your Certificate of Residence here.
  • If you are not registered, you must select Check in and fill out the form that will appear on the screen. In the end you must accept the Terms and Conditions.
  • Proceed to enter the System, which you can enter with your identification number and password, and select Create Request.
  • Fill in the requested information, upload the documents to the system and accept the terms of service. In the end, you just have to click on Request.

And that’s it! You will have already made the Application for the Certificate of Residence. In a maximum of one business day (24 hours), you will get your answer. You can see if it has been rejected or accepted by going to Consult Request there on the same page.

  • Approved: you can simply download it.
  • Rejected: You have one business month to make the corresponding changes. Otherwise, you will have to carry out the procedure again.


For procedures before the Foreign Ministry, all registration and management are done completely online. However, the certificate will have a freehand signature and must be collected by the citizen at the local mayor’s office corresponding to their address.

Before making the request, you should know if it is directed to a particular location or to a dependency of the Secretary of Government.

Finally, you can enter the Infographics in this link if you have any questions regarding the online process.


  • To complete the procedure in person, the first thing you should do is gather all the documents, preferably in a folder for convenience.
  • Next, you must approach the Local Mayor’s Office corresponding to your address with all the necessary documentation in original and photocopy. There are also other service channels, but we will talk about the rest in the corresponding section.
  • Indicate what you want process the Certificate of Residence.
  • Provide the necessary data and the corresponding requirements.

That is basically all you have to do to obtain your certificate, which will be delivered to you immediately if all the information is in order.


  • The Residence Certificate is only valid for one (01) month
  • It has no cost
  • Persons Deprived of Liberty can only do the procedure in person
  • If you are located in Medellín, You can do it from PQRS Service or by entering the link that we leave you in the Service Channels section.

What is the Residence Certificate for?

The Residence certificate It serves to certify or prove your address. This can be requested for different procedures, such as to register with an entity, request certain services from the State, and so on.

In the case of people who have resided abroad for two consecutive years, in the last three years prior to arrival in Colombia, this is necessary to prove precisely that there was a stay of this time in another country.

Likewise, it is used to move and enter the country, whether it is a domestic move or to enter capital goods, professionals, used for the trade, etc. (household items).

And you? What do you need it for? Let us know about it!

Where can you get the Certificate of Residence?

Where can you get the Certificate of Residence? You can only do it on the government page, through the online procedure, or at your local mayor’s office. However, there are other Care channels that you should know when carrying out this procedure.

Let’s look at all of these:

  • Telephone: Line 195
  • Virtual: Procedures and Services System
  • CADE Network:
    • Bosa
    • Go up
    • Engativate.
    • CAD
  • Mayors:
    • Antonio nariño
    • Antonio nariño.
    • United Neighborhoods
    • Bosa
    • Chapinero
    • Bolivar City
    • Lure
    • Fontibon
    • Kennedy
    • La Candelaria
    • The Martyrs
    • Aranda Bridge
    • Rafael Uribe Uribe
    • San Cristobal
    • Santa Fe
    • Go up
    • Sumapaz
    • Teusaquillo
    • Tunjuelito
    • Usaquen
    • Usme

Go to the one that corresponds to you and complete the procedure. If you have questions, call the telephone channel.

These are, at least, the service channels of Bogota. If you live in another place, do it directly at the corresponding mayor’s office or go to the page and investigate more about it. For example, the processing of your Certificate of Residence in Medellín You can do it by entering this link.

What is it?

The Residence certificate It is a document issued by the municipalities that allows the applicant to prove their address. It is requested as a requirement for a large number of procedures and you have the option of doing it online or in person.

Today we have explained how you can process it in Bogotá, but the information is the same for other places such as Medellín or any other department of the State. Of course, for this first you must process an application before and they will attend you at Mascerca Guayabal / Castilla / Belén / Poblado / La Floresta.

We hope we have provided you with sufficient resources to process your Certificate of Residence here in Colombia and we wish you the best of luck.


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