Residence Certificate: Requirements, Steps and MORE

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The Domicile certificate It is a fundamental document to register your current address or location in the country in the national system. In addition, this type of certificate will allow you to support your address and thus, be able to request credits, resort to opening accounts and / or renew your ID.

Therefore, you need to inform yourself about all mandatory requirements and requirements to request this certificate. Likewise, you will have the opportunity to know in this article all the details of the issuance process. You want to know more? We are here for you!

Requirements for the Certificate of Residence

In the first place, it is a procedure that is carried out in order to validate the address or location in which you currently live, that is, to verify your address. Similarly, the place registered in the Domicile certificate it can be an apartment, house, hotel, student residence, among others.

Now, this process is carried out to register the address of each Argentine citizen and the detailed information of the place where they reside. As well as, it is essential to register in police, banking, emergency contacts, judicial or others. In other words, the Domicile certificate it works in Argentina as an identification procedure with respect to the applicant.

According to the Law, the Domicile certificate You must have the same address as indicated on the Personal Identification (DNI).

Upon opening the request for the Domicile certificate, the body in charge was the National Government. However, in order to decentralize the country’s identification obligations, the latter appointed the Argentine Federal Police force to be in charge of the process.

According to the above, after a police officer certifies your address and validates it in person, you can withdraw the Domicile certificate. However, the whole process will be detailed in the next section. As well as all the benefits of requesting this document.

Also, in order to request this certificate, you must provide a series of mandatory requirements and collections. Still don’t know what they are? That’s what we are for, keep reading!

  • Personal Identification or DNI.
  • In the case of being a foreigner, the passport, immigration support and provisional ID must be presented.
  • Proof of payment of basic services, where the address of your home is reflected (Valid for no more than (3) months).
  • Others pertinent to the process.

Presentation of documents

  • Each of the documents must be current, otherwise, they will not be accepted at the police stations.
  • In addition, make sure that they do not have errors or omissions that affect the reading of it.
  • The presentation of these documents must be organized and neat.

Procedures that need the Certificate of Residence

If you have all these Requirements for the Domicile certificate, you can proceed to follow all the steps to obtain it. However, if you still have doubts about what type of procedures this type of document is requested for, Stay here with us!

  • Issuance or renewal of the DNI.
  • Purchase of homes and / or cars.
  • Accounts opening.
  • Credit application.
  • Registration of basic services such as: telephone, gas, water, electricity, among others.
  • Registration of colleges and universities.
  • Validation of permanent or temporary residence in the Ministry of Migration.
  • Also, for labor reasons.
  • Other types of procedures.

Steps to Follow to Obtain the Residence Certificate

Now, in order to request the Domicile certificate A number of crucial steps will need to be taken to ensure there are no hassles during the process. Keep reading this section!

Similarly, there are various channels to issue this document. For this reason, we want to give you details of each of them. It will be simple and fast !:


  • Write down the exact address of your home or place where you currently reside.
  • Locate the closest police station to your home.
  • Check the opening hours so you can attend.
  • Provides all the requirements to obtain the Domicile certificate (DNI, passport, vouchers, among others).
  • Request «Customer Service» and expect to be attended by a police officer in charge.
  • Answer all the questions regarding your address.
  • Then, wait the established time (3 days) to remove the Domicile certificate.
  • Go to the police station where you completed the procedure for the first time, to collect this document.
  • !Enjoy your Certificate of Residence!

On the other hand, the National Government in the province of Buenos Aires, has established a plan to register the judicial declaration of domicile of Argentine citizens. The latter, to guarantee the right of identification of each one of them and avoid registration conflicts.

  • Attention! This process is only established for those citizens of the Province of Buenos Aires who want to declare their domicile.

Judicial Declaration of Residence (Province of Buenos Aires)

Next, we will tell you all the instructions that you must follow on the website of this government body:

  • Get a good internet connection and use trusted browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari or others.
  • Enter the Web page of the «Argentine Government».
  • Click on the option «Start online procedure».
  • Next, write the identification number with the ANSES or AFIP code.

Important! If this is the first time you access the system with the AFIP password, you must follow these steps:

  • Access the AFIP page.
  • Enter your home address and declare the latter.
  • Subsequently, enter which is the institution to which you want to declare your current location.
  • Cancel the declaration amount (60 Argentine pesos approximately).
  • Make the amount corresponding to the declaration in one of the following associated banks: Provincia Net, Red Link, Visa Credit Card or others.
  • Finally, when you carry out the last steps indicated by the system, obtain your «Residence Certificate» through the download option.

The declarations cannot be managed by third parties. As well as, all those statements by a minor, a citizen with a complicated socio-economic situation or another extraordinary case, must be made in person.

Can it be processed online?

Many specialists who carry out this procedure constantly, declare that it is better to obtain it in person. So one (1) of the options to own the Domicile certificate is to attend the police stations closest to your home.

However, in the case of being an Argentine citizen who currently resides in Buenos Aires, you will be able to carry out the Judicial Declaration of Residence online. Still don’t know how? Then, We invite you to read our previous section again!

Likewise, we want that at the time of carrying out this process, you have total successes and above all, there are no difficulties along the way. Therefore, we will tell you several tips to undertake the request of the Domicile certificate:

  • Check several times that your home address is correct and matches your Personal Identification Document (DNI).
  • Be sure to locate the nearest police station available at the time you wish to attend.
  • Confirm again the opening hours to the public to avoid waiting so long.
  • Also, check if all your documents are complete and current at the time of the appointment.
  • Wait exactly the days established by the Argentine Federal Police office (Approximately 2 or 3 days).

What is the Certificate of Residence for?

As mentioned above, the Domicile certificate It is important to verify the location where you reside until today. As well as, it is a document that allows the National Government to be aware of all the information of Argentine citizens.

Next, we will tell you other details that this document has:

  • The certificate is accepted throughout the national territory.
  • It is issued by the police stations of the country, to guarantee the information of Argentine citizens.
  • The request and issuance of this certificate is totally free and fast.
  • In addition to corroborating the location in which you reside, you can present it in other types of public or banking service procedures.
  • The validity will depend on the type of person requesting the Domicile certificate.
  • Also, it is considered to be one of the procedures that least needs documentation, that is, only the DNI.

Who Issues the Certificate of Residence?

As of 2015, the National Government of Argentina designated this procedure, that is, the issuance of the Domicile certificate, to the police authorities of the country. In addition, this government body dedicated all its work and funds to guarantee that the National Police will carry out this procedure effectively.

For this reason, every year the Ministry of Justice and Security encourages police stations to collect information about the domicile address of all citizens of the country. So, if you want to consult more about the body in charge of the process, click here.

What is it?

The Domicile certificate It is a document that allows to register the location or residence of the citizens of the country. As well as, it is recognized for being one of the most important certificates and that it is accepted throughout the national territory.

However, in order to obtain this document, you must comply with a series of precautions and unique requirements for this process. Similarly, it is important to note that currently the body in charge of issuing this certificate is the National Police. Keep informing yourself!

Another point to consider are the different channels offered by the country to obtain the Domicile certificate. However, when taking all the necessary steps to have this document with you, several concerns or doubts usually arise. For this reason, we want you to read all the answers for each of them:

Frequent questions

Police Stations

Finally, we want to tell you the main police agencies or offices in the country:

Communal Police Station 1

Telephone: 4393 = 0076/3333

Location: Suipacha 1156

Communal Location 2

Phone: 4801-1698 / 3333

Location: Av Las Heras 1861

Communal Police Station 3

Phone: 4953-2273 / 3323

Location: Lavalle 1958

Communal Location 4

Phone: 5091-6100

Location: Av. Velez Sarfield 170

Communal Police Station 5

Phone: 4861-5507 / 4862-3333

Location: Billinghurst 471

Communal Location 6

Phone: 4632-9051 / 9129

Location: Av Avellaneda 1548

Communal Police Station 7

Phone: 4631-3333 / 7827

Location: Av. Cnel. Esteban Bonorino 258

Communal Location 8

Phone: 4605-2031 / 2090

Location: Av. Ana Díaz and Cafayate

Communal Police Station 9

Phone: 4687-3333 / 6478

Location: Lisandro de la Torre 2343

Communal Location 10

Phone: 4671-2209 / 4444

Location: Av. Chivilcoy 453

Communal Location 11

Phone: 4581-3155 / 4582-3333 / 4585-5458

Address: Alfredo R. Bufano 1800

Communal Police Station 12

Phone: 011 4546-5600

Address: Ramallo 4398, C1430CQD CABA

Don’t wait any longer, request your Certificate of Residence!

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