Residence Visa Form: Format, Utility and MORE

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Did you know that Ecuador is a country with beautiful natural beauties, it also allows entry to citizens who want to live and work in construction for the development of the country. Therefore, you must fill out the Residence Visa Form, which allows the stay of any person legally.

The Residence Visa FormIt is an essential requirement to remain in the nation, you only have to comply with the requirements that are requested and present them to the authorized entity. Do not stay illegal in the country!

Don’t wait any longer and keep reading!

Format of the Form for Residence Visa

The Residence Visa Form It is very easy and simple to fill out, you just have to be careful to fill in each required field, but it is important before carrying out the process to be aware of the following:

  • You must study what type of visa requires or which is the most appropriate according to the activity to be carried out, it can be in two ways.
    • Temporary Resident Visas
    • Or also, Permanent Resident Visas.
    • Keep in mind the time you will be in the Ecuadorian country.
    • Fill out the Form legibly, without amendments or erasures
    • Do the procedure in person or via the Internet, for this you must have an electronic device.
    • Be attentive to the hours and days established to record the collections.

Keep in mind that, you have 90 days of short stay allowed by the Ecuadorian state to foreigners from the nations of the Special Regime who visit Ecuador with the expectation of carrying out tourist activities, when the 90 days of fun days end.

They are denied the performance of work activities. It is taught through the Conciliation Missions or Consular Work Centers of Ecuador abroad and in the Zonal Coordinations in Ecuador.

It is important that the Special Regime Countries such as: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Somalia, Senegal, Cuba and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, know that they have restrictions for entering the country.

How to Fill Out the Residence Visa Form?

Next, you will know how you should fill the Residence Visa Form and the precautions that you must record in order to successfully achieve the process:

Mandatory Requirements

  • You can fill it out manually or in person
  • Legible and printed handwriting, without erasures or smudges.
  • Present a color photograph in JPG format maximum of one mb, 5 x 5 cms (2 x 2 inches), updated, with a white background, the facial expression must be neutral (preferably), or have a natural smile, with both eyes open.

  • Consign the valid and current Passport in original and copy.
  • Regular stay in force in the country from where the visa applies.
  • Present the original Certificate of criminal records of the country of origin or in which they had resided for the last five years, translated, apostilled or legalized.
    • One hundred and eighty (180) days of validity will be taken into account, counted from the date of issuance of the certificate until the last entry of the interested party to the country.
    • The certificates issued by federal governments will be valid as long as they understand the criminal records at the national level. Document required only for people over 18 years of age.
  • Demonstrate the legal means of life that allow the subsistence of the applicant in the Ecuadorian country.
  • Payment of the fixed fee (Consular and Diplomatic Fee). Consult the official page.
  • Other documents that the authority requires in the cases that merit.

For minors, record the following:

  • Representatives of the minor must attend the appointment.
  • In the case of minor applicants, the birth certificate of the minor, apostilled or legalized, and translated if applicable, will be attached.

Special Requirements:

  • The Zonal Coordinations or Consulates of Ecuador may summon the applicant for the migratory category and / or their legal representatives, to an interview in order to verify the information presented.

Via Internet

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ecuador, so that citizens can carry out the process without delay and more quickly, enabled the virtual platform to issue this visa, aimed at foreigners who are eligible for regularization.

The visa process

  1. Enter the online registry, through the Portal of the Ministry of Government.
  2. Press the New User option and select Other Nationality.
  3. Be attentive because you will receive an email with an electronic key to log in for the first time. Then the system will ask you to enter a new and permanent password.
  4. Proceed to fill in the form system with your personal data and answer the security questions that are requested.
  5. Once inside the platform, click on the section Consular procedures and then request your consular procedures.
  6. Fill in the information about the country, consulate and the service you need. The subsequent information about the visa will arrive at the mail that is placed in the form.
  7. If it is in immigration status, place temporary residence and in the Group option, select Agreement.
  8. Data on address and passport will follow. Place where you currently live.
  9. Then you must attach the documents that the page will request (Photograph, digital copy of the passport, marriage certificate duly apostilled, criminal record certificate from the country of origin legalized or apostilled.
  10. Then click on the Send request option.
  11. Finally, you will receive an email with the application number.

Data correction

If there is an error in the data or documents sent, the person will receive a notification. You must enter the virtual consulate, Notices from the consulate for me, and select the procedure. You will see the observations or aspects that you must modify and then you must click on Send reply.

How to make the payment?

  • If the documents once analyzed are ready and without errors, the applicant will receive a payment approval notification.
  • In the option of Notices from the consulate for me, you must select the procedure to proceed to pay. You will have three options:
    • Deposit.
    • Wire transfer.
    • Credit card.
    • Finally, you must attach the payment in PDF format.


The last requirement is the personal interview that the citizen performs in the offices of the Migration Support Service of that State Portfolio. Once the payment is verified, the user will receive a notification in Notices from the consulate for me.

You must select Appointment scheduling and then Generate appointment, choose date and time and click the Save appointment button. This date and time cannot be changed later. If the document is approved, it will arrive in the form of an email. It will include a QR code to verify data.

In the cases of minors, the parents will be the ones who must make the request for an exception temporary residence visa. You can print the document to have it whenever you need it.

Usefulness of the Residence Visa Form

The Residence Visa Form It is an instrument that allows you to obtain permanence and develop professionally in Ecuador. Therefore, you must fully comply with all the demands of this nation to live and develop professionally.

It is very likely that foreign residents who wish to live in Ecuador have recently been approved to do so. When this approval is obtained, the corresponding visa that allows entry into Ecuador must be acquired.

Visa Category

Now, when it comes to having to fill the Residence Visa Form, The first thing you should take into account is the category of visa you want to acquire, among them we have:

  • Temporary Residence Visa.
  • Permanent Residence Visa.
  • Temporary Visitor.
  • Diplomatic.

Who should process it?

It is important that all those foreigners who need to be welcomed by the Ecuadorian nation and that, in turn, the country feel comfortable with them must Present and consign all the required documents and demonstrate the legal activities that they will carry out in the country.

To do this, they must have a condition regular immigration. All citizens who wish to work and improve their quality of life will be welcome in the Ecuadorian country. Note that it can be established as a temporary or long-term occupant.

Who Issues It?

The Ministry of Foreign Relations and Human Mobility of Ecuador is the one who authorizes temporary or permanent residence to foreign citizens who intend to settle in the country to carry out legal activities.

It is issued through the Diplomatic Missions or Consular Offices of Ecuador abroad and in the Zonal Coordinations in Ecuador. Therefore, it must be presented in person in case you require additional information.

What is the Residence Visa Form?

The Residence Visa Form It is a document issued by an Ecuadorian consular officer that allows you to travel nationally or internationally. A Customs and Border Protection immigration inspector is in charge of making the final decision to admit you or not.

Generally, once you have the document, you will have the right to live and work in the Ecuadorian country, permanently or temporarily. The Citizenship and Immigration Service will send you the certificate within approximately three months of entering the country.

Thanks for reading, we hope the information has been helpful!


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