ReTHUS Certificate: Requirements, Steps and MORE

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If you want to know how to get the ReTHUS Certificate, This is your day! Today we will be explaining not only how you can process it, but also what are the requirements that you must meet in order to obtain it as soon as possible.

Likewise, we will talk to you about registering for ReTHUS, the functions of this system, the services it offers, and how to register in a on-line and much more. So do not go away! Today you will know everything about the Single National Registry of Human Talent in Health.

Requirements for the ReTHUS Certificate

Let’s start with the Requirements for the ReTHUS Certificate, which are of vital importance to be able to consign this document. You must follow it as it is and as appropriate, depending on whether you are a graduate of a higher education program or one of professional training and human development.

All of these can be found in the Law 1164 (2007), which intuits, respectively:

Graduated from a Higher Education Program

  • First, you will need the academic title awarded by a legally constituted institution of higher education. This title can be technician, technologist, doctorate, master, professional or a specialization. Of course, in the area of ​​health and intended for personnel in this area.
  • Validation of the title or certificate If it was acquired abroad, it must be endorsed by the Ministry of Education. If there are international conventions, it will be necessary to adhere to these in terms of validation.
  • Document that certifies the completion of Social service. Remember that this is mandatory to obtain different degrees, including dentistry, medicine, nursing and bacteriology.
  • To finish, you must present the Identification document (CC, CE, TI, Passport), both the original and the 150% copy, of the certificate holder.

Graduated from a Professional Training and Human Development Program

  • To get started, academic title issued by the Institute of Labor Education and Human Development for auxiliary personnel in the health area (medical assistants or work technicians).
  • Validation of the title or certificate If it was acquired abroad, it must be endorsed by the Ministry of Education. If there are international conventions, it will be necessary to adhere to these in terms of validation.
  • By last, identification document, both original and 150% copy, of the certificate holder.

With these documents you will obtain the Unique National Identification Card for Human Talent in Health, subsequent application for registration in the ReTHUS. But we will analyze that in greater depth in the next section.

Steps to Follow to Obtain the ReTHUS Certificate

The Steps to Follow to Obtain the ReTHUS Certificate they are very important to know them. This must be the reason why you are here in the first place and we will help you get to know them.

First of all, you must do the registration in the ReTHUS. This is done in the Departmental Secretaries of Health or in the District Health Secretariat in conjunction with the Ministry of Health if you have a degree in dentistry or gerontology.

The same is the case with those who have certificates of professional technician, auxiliary or labor technicians, and technologists. For the rest of the careers, you must go to the corresponding College, which are:

RaceRegistration in the ReTHUS
BacterologyNational College of Bacterology
NursingCollegiate Nursing Organization
PhysiotherapyColombian College of Physiotherapists
MedicineColombian Medical College
Pharmaceutical ChemistryNational College of Pharmaceutical Chemists of Colombia
odontologyColombian College of Dentists
Speech therapyColombian College of Speech Therapists
OptometryColombian Federation of Optometrists College
Surgical instrumentationColombian College of Surgical Instrumentation
Nutrition and dietColombian College of Dietitian Nutritionists
Occupational therapyColombian College of Occupational Therapy
Respiratory TherapyColombian College of Respiratory Therapy

On the other hand, the professions that do not appear in this table should also approach the Departmental Health Secretaries or do the procedure at the District Health Secretariat.

However, in general, you should contact any of these institutions with the documents mentioned in the previous section to request the registration in the ReTHUS.

The certification is done by registering in this registry, as indicated in Art. 18 of Law 1164. That is, you must register and that’s when you will get the ReTHUS Certificate.


The certification can be done up to three years after having obtained authorization to practice in the health area. The same for those people who do not have a degree but work as health personnel.

In addition, foreigners who enter the country to provide health services for a certain time will have to process a permit valid for up to six (06) months.

Finally, you should know that in the same place where you are going to register, you will be given the Identification Card. You must pay the amount they indicate and, if other documents are required, you must also consign them.

Do I have to register?

If you are on the list below, the answer is yes. You must carry out the registration process for ReTHUS.

Online registration at ReTHUS

On the other hand, you have the alternative of doing the Online registration in ReTHUS in order to enter this system and make use of its services as a medical graduate. But what exactly should you do? What is the procedure? Pay attention because we will tell you!

  • First, you must enter the registration page of the Colombian Medical College. For this, you just have to click on the link that we have left you.
  • Once there, it is your responsibility to press Create an account.
  • Enter all the information they ask for. These correspond to basic data, academic, social service (if applicable), employment, and so on.
  • Upload the documents that they ask for on the screen. These must be digitized, although as for the payment receipt, it could already come in PDF format.
  • To finish, confirm that all the information is correct and voila!

Also, you have the option of check if you are already registered in ReTHUS, because sometimes the registration is done automatically. For this you must enter this link, which corresponds to an application of this SISPRO system. You can register with him if you wish.

ReTHUS Features

Almost to finish, let’s talk about the ReTHUS functions. It is very important that you know what the competencies of this system are, so that, by complementing it with the information that we will give you in the next section, you will not miss anything.

To begin with, and in accordance with the provisions of the Art. 01 of Law 1164, the vital function of this registry is to help the Ministry of Health in its main objective, which is nothing more than to ensure the correct management of issues related to the control, surveillance, training processes, management, ethics and performance of the Human Talent that participate in health areas.

Likewise, it is understood by Human talent to all those who work in prevention, education, promotion, health information, rehabilitation, treatment and palliation of the disease of all the inhabitants of Colombia.

The ReTHUS It is the system by which all these people are registered. In consecuense, Its role is to ensure that all persons They are registered and meet the necessary requirements to practice the profession linked to the health area for which they have been prepared.

These people have a series of knowledge, meet certain requirements, which make them suitable to provide these services and therefore can register. In reality, people shouldn’t be able to see someone they don’t know certified through this registry.

Thus, it is in charge of managing, studying, endorsing and sanctioning the people who are registered in the system.

Services They Offer

There are different Services offered by ReTHUS that could serve you as a citizen. First, you can access from the SISPRO System to verify that health professionals are registered and trained.

This is the main service offered to the one who must register and who wishes to consult the registration.

In addition, it allows the professional to prove that it has been approved by the Ministry of Health and the Professional Associations. That is, he is qualified to exercise his position. This can be of vital importance for all those clients who want to check it out.

And how is the check done? By means of the Unique Identification Card, which indicates the profession, the basic data of the person, date of issuance of the diploma and which university he graduated from.

What is the ReTHUS Certificate?

The Unique National Registry of Human Talent in Health (ReTHUS) It contains all the data of the people who can exercise a profession or occupation in the Colombian Health System, subsequent fulfillment of certain requirements that allow them to register in the system.

Consequently, the ReTHUS Certificate It allows to prove that this registration has been done successfully, that the holder can work in the health area and that he knows the consequences of not complying with the health protocol that they have already been previously indicated.

We hope we have helped you learn more about how to process the ReTHUS Certificate and about this information system.

Until next time!


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