Retirement Requirements: No Contributions, What it is and MORE

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This article will explain what they are Requirements to retire where the step-by-step below will be highlighted. Keep reading!

When the person has worked throughout his life and upon reaching a certain stipulated age, he can take advantage of and benefit from retirement. That is why, if you are in Argentina and need to know about retirement, the necessary requirements to do so will be explained.

Requirements to retire

It is important to note that there are several types of retirement depending on the people who have to follow a series of Requirements to retire:

Requirements for the Retirement of disabled workers

Men and women who are 45 years of age for dependent workers and 50 for the self-employed with having completed 20 years of contribution. You must also enter the ANSES page, request an appointment and it will appear when the place and day of the appointment will be.

On the day of your shift you will have to bring all the documents that they request to the office that you have. The ANSES entity will give the approval of the procedure in which it will give you the date for the hearing at the Superintendency of Labor Risks – SRT.

Finally, when the citizen has attended the hearing, a verdict will be issued that will be transferred to ANSES where they will report.

Requirements for ordinary retirement

  1. Enter the official website of the Argentine government, where it will appear what type of procedure you need.
  2. In the case of requesting the beginning of the retirement process, the person must be 60 years old (women) and 65 (men) with 30 years of contribution.
  3. Citizens must process their retirement where they have made the most contribution, that is, they can do so at the National Social Security Administration (ANSES) and at a provisional or municipal fund.
  4. You must have your ID updated.
  5. If the citizen does not contain the registered contributions, they must make a certification of services.
  6. The citizen must have a resolution issued by ANSES that proves his retirement contribution registered in the national environment.

Requirements for advanced retirement

  1. The person must be 70 years old.
  2. You must have approximately 10 years of contribution of which 5 must have been working through the time of the previous 8 years.
  3. Not justifying tasks through the quality of domestic services.
  4. The citizen cannot obtain another retirement, pension or civil retirement.

Requirements for retirement of old age due to disability

  1. Be 65 years old.
  2. The person must have some type of disability for the position.
  3. Satisfy with the condition of regular or irregular contribution.
  4. Not justifying tasks through the quality of domestic services.
  5. The citizen cannot obtain another retirement, pension or civil retirement.

There are also many others that you can consult on the page of government of Argentina.

Necessary documents

Already with being aware of the requirements for retirement, the citizen must have some documents that will be explained below:

Documents for ordinary retirement

  1. The main document is that the citizen must have his valid and updated ID.
  2. The citizen must carry out with the years of participation.
  3. Certification of services, salary receipts, proof of affiliation to social work, Document that proves the services.

To obtain the service certification, the citizen will need:

  1. Of a document referring to the employment relationship that must be registered in the Register of registrations and cancellations in Social Security Matters.
  2. The citizen must have declared at least one time in June 1994.
  3. The respective affidavits of the time determined to the month of June 1994 must be shown.
  4. By having these documents, the citizen must enter ANSES with their respective CUIT and social code.
  5. Then you will have to establish the respective account number to the company referring to the National Directorate of Automotive Registration and Pledge Credits (DNRP) using in the Sworn declarations (DDJJ) made in advance of July 1994 or with respect to the registration digit in the former boxes if your organization started its work before 1975.
  6. When you have found the option of certifications as an employer you will need to determine your CUIL number of the person and process the application.
  7. To then finish reviewing all requests through their statuses.

Once you have obtained your respective social code, you can enter the ANSES portal and you can verify if all the information provided is correct. You must also review your contributions added in the ANSES system, and then request a shift regarding the place and the day that it touches you. And in the end the citizen will have to deliver all the documents in the office that was indicated.

Document for the Retirement of disabled workers

In the case of disabled workers, you must have the letter of disabled retirement .

Document for advanced retirement

People who want to apply for this retirement will have to have the old age benefit letter.

Document for elderly retirement due to disability

People who request this type of retirement must have the old age benefit letter regarding disability.

Requirements to Retire without Contributions

Through the provisional moratorium, it was highlighted that people who have not been able to prove 30 years will be able to finish the years required by law. The citizens who are in this case must comply with a series of requirements for retirement without contribution which are the following:

  1. Those who can benefit from this are citizens who are 60 years old (women) and 65 (men).
  2. People who have not been able to prove 30 years of contribution.
  3. The citizen must appear at the Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP) with their respective updated ID, with a photocopy of it and request their tax code.
  4. The ANSES entity shall develop a socioeconomic review of the person requesting, regarding an exchange of information with the AFIP through agency sources.

It is important to note that retirement without contributions contains discounts that are:

  1. It will have the corresponding payment of the social work that is made to all retirements.
  2. The moratorium will have a discount for a period of 60 months, reducing the value of the monthly installment of the moratorium from their respective retirement through the transaction of necessary contributions that ends those required by law.
It is necessary to emphasize that if the person is going to request this type of retirement, they will not be able to collect any social plan or pension, whether national or provincial, if the citizen begins to collect these benefits, they will have to renounce this type of retirement.

In the case of people who have a widow’s pension, to obtain retirement you must demonstrate the moratorium.

How do I know if I can retire?

People must comply with that the woman must be 60 years old and the men 65 years old in which you have done 30 blank years. In the case of people who will reach the stipulated age, the process can be carried out at the beginning of retirement with 90 days (3 months) followed in advance with the respective date on which they reach the age.

In the case of people who want to obtain retirement and are over the stipulated age, the citizen can reward contributions over years. That is to say, counting 1 year working for every 2 years of surplus.

Argentine citizens can retire with having accumulated 30 years participating, where the number of the accounting account in this case, the credit increases by 1% for each year, up to the margin of 45 years of contribution.

People who are 70 years old may request retirement due to advanced age, which must have a minimum of 10 years working. In addition, people should not present a record regarding domestic service tasks, or have another retirement, etc.

It is important to note that citizens who have not collected the necessary amount regarding dependency will have to opt for autonomous or monotax contributions.

Advantages of Retire

Upon reaching retirement you can obtain a series of advantages and benefits that will be explained below:

  1. You can have the freedom to plan your time.
  2. You can dress as you wish.
  3. The person can go on trips or do activities when they please.
  4. You can look for other things to do.
  5. You aspire to economic bonuses.
  6. You must retire at the stipulated age to qualify for benefits.

What is retirement?

Retirement is to exempt from exercise the person who holds or has held any position or job. It can also be considered as retirement when people complete the cycle of being inactive at work depending on various reasons such as their own account, problems with their health, they reached the maximum age that can be worked, etc.

People who comply with the requirements for retirement you will be able to enjoy the best moment of obtaining many benefits, so do not stop and go collecting the documentation.

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