Retirement Requirements: Pension, Benefits and MORE

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This article will explain the Requirements for Retirement. Peru has two social protection systems. The first is of a public nature through the SNP and the other private, which is the SPP, granting both through the matter of pensions.

Retirement is important for people who have reached the specified age to obtain this benefit. Likewise, these people who fulfilled their work functions for long years, go into inactivity with retirement.

If you are interested in this topic, we invite you to continue reading this article that will highlight everything related to Requirements for Retirement in Peru.

What are the Requirements for Retirement in Peru?

It is important to note that people who work both dependent and independent can choose between the two systems mentioned at the beginning, when the cessation of said activities is carried out.

The pension SNP It can be aspired by people who are at least 65 years old at the end of their working life and pension SPP Workers who are at least 65 years old can access, without the requirement of periods minimum contributions.

National Pension System

The purpose of the pension system is to guarantee a monthly income to all those citizens who are no longer of working age and protect adults who no longer receive a monthly salary and can cover at least their basic needs.

The Private system is managed through private organizations and is known as Private Pension Fund Administrators. (AFP).

To carry out the procedures for retirement, you must have the original ID, if in your case there are no registered contributions you must present a certification of services, (pay stubs), check your affiliation to social work and a Affidavit certifying the services.


In Peru the Pension System is defined as contributory where the contribution guarantees you access to a pension and allows you to choose one of the 2 current systems, which are; Public System (National Pension System) and private (Private Pension System).

If you are affiliated with the Private Pension System (SPP), your accumulated fund should be approximately 170,000 soles, to qualify for a pension of 1,000 soles per month, according to the Association of Pension Fund Administrators.

Retirement Pension in Peru

People who wish to request the pension in general conditions, to request it must present it at any of the Attention establishments of the ONP distributed nationwide with the following documentation:

  1. Sworn declaration.
  2. Documents proving the employment relationship and a statement stating the employment relationship. You can attach: work document, salary payment slips, settlement, proof of contributions of ORCINEA.
  3. Simple copy of the regular payment certificates.

Retirement is presented in different modalities, General Regime, Early Retirement, Special. Different Retirement figures are contemplated:

  1. Retirement (You begin to enjoy the benefit from the age of 65, after having met the established requirements).
  2. Due to disability (that worker who has a physical or mental disability).
  3. By widowhood (They have the right to receive the benefit).
  4. Orphanhood (When the pensioner dies, it is received by children under 18 years of age, over 21, if they are studying or disabled over 28 years of age).
  5. Ancestry (The parents of the deceased pensioner).

Benefits offered by Retirement in Peru

A minimum monthly amount of 415 pesos and a maximum of 857.36 pesos, once you start enjoying the retirement pension benefit. The amount of the pension will depend on the years you made the contributions to the system.

The monthly amount of the average pensions of the Private Pension System (SPP) are higher than the pensions of the National Pension System (SNP) in charge of the ONP. As well as the retirement, disability and survival pensions of the SPP are 51%, 179% and 27% higher than those of the SNP, respectively.

Yes, by the time it corresponds to you to enjoy the retirement benefit, you do not meet the minimum amount of contributions contemplated, you can complete it as a self-employed person, if you exceed the required age, contributions can be compensated with years, it is recognized 1 year of work for every 2 years of age exceeded.

As an example, it is calculated as follows: if a woman retires at 62 years of age, which is 2 years more than what is contemplated by law, she will be able to enjoy her retirement with 29 years of contributions.


It is important to explain that there is a Convention through the Peruvian Government with the Argentine Government where they provide benefits to Peruvian workers who are resident in Argentina or, in that case, Argentines living in Peru.

The purpose of the pact is that the people who work can receive the same treatment.

You can check your contributions online on the page My ANSES website and verify that your personal data is correct.

Before requesting your retirement, you must take into account where you made the most contributions, since these contributions can be made in ANSES, in a municipal or provisional box.

Once the citizen has met the requirements, he must apply through the ANSES website Quote.

Likewise, you have to prepare a folder with all the work history, which you will present the day you are assigned the appointment. If you have doubts you can call the telephone line 130 (free) from 8 am to 8 pm.

This procedure has no cost, if your pension is the minimum (415 soles per month) will conform to 500 soles and for the rest of the pensioners, adjustments will be made proportionally until reaching the maximum (857 soles per month).


The (ONP) is a Technical and Specialized Public Organization of the Economy and Finance Sector, which is in charge of the administration of the National Pension System (SNP) referred to in Decree Law No. 19990, as well as the Security Regime Social for Workers.

Retirement Age in Peru

As contemplated in the Decree of Law 1990, which benefits workers who have complied with 20 minimum years of contributions (13% of your monthly income) to the SNP and They are 65 years old.

There is also the modality of the marital pension, as long as the two add a minimum of 20 years of contributions.

To opt for retirement you must have at least 65 years old, but you can also request an early retirement from 50 years for women and 55 for men. All the contribution you make during the years of work goes to a solidarity and intangible common fund.


On April 16, 2019, a Law was enacted establishing a Special Retirement Scheme for the unemployed in the Private Pension System, for affiliates who meet certain conditions:

You can apply for the benefit, as long as the men have as minimum 55 years and women 50 years fulfilled, who have been unemployed for at least 1 year or more, proving through a document when they stopped working. As long as you have not received an income greater than 7 tax units.

According to what is indicated in article 33 of the Income Tax Law, approved by Supreme Decree 179-2004-EF, having to present a document from the Superintendency and Tax Administration (SUNAT) that certifies it.

Likewise, it establishes a recognition bonus 2 years after they are welcomed or when they turn 65, whichever comes first.

On April 28, 2020, Congressman Alexander Lozano of the Union for Peru bench, made a proposal to lower the age to qualify for retirement, women at age 55 and men at age 60, through Bill 5088/2020-CR.

What is it?

Retirement is an administrative procedure where the active worker does it on his own, public or private account, passes into a passive or inactive labor situation and has met the requirements established to opt for a monthly pension according to the contributions made during his stage labor.

That is why, if you want to enjoy these benefits, you must first comply with the Requirements for Retirement.


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