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If you are interested in knowing how you can obtain the RUNT certificate, stay with us! Today we will be explaining not only how you can do it, but also what are the requirements to carry out the process, what types of certificates exist and what they are for, and we will also answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding this topic.

Registration to Unique National Transit Registry (RUNT) without a doubt it constitutes a very important step that must be taken when purchasing a vehicle. That’s why you can’t leave! Today we will be explaining everything you need to know to process the RUNT Certificate in Colombia.

Procedure to Obtain the RUNT Certificate

Let’s start with the Procedure to Obtain the RUNT Certificate that you should follow when you want to obtain this document. Remember that this is valuable for multitasking, so issuing it is essential.

Let’s see!

  • First of all, you must define what type of document you want. We will talk to you in the next section about the types of certificates that exist, but you must choose whether you are going to process the Legal Representative or the Company Membership.
  • Once you are clear about which one you need, you must provide the necessary documentation.
  • Next, you will have to cancel the cost of the certificate. You do this at any EFECTY agency, through Bancolombia or BBVA.
  • Login to this link to make the request. This will be approved and the document will be issued in a maximum of twenty-four (24) hours, with the period of validity that you have selected.
  • Finally, pay attention to your email, so that the rest of the instructions to obtain the certificate can reach you right there.

As you can see, in an extremely simple task that should not take you long. You can do it from the comfort of your home, office or from wherever you are, without any problem.


Provide an email that you have in use, as it will be there where you will receive the specific instructions on how to complete the process and download the certificate!

RUNT Certificate Types

The Certificate Type It will depend on whether it is for a legal representative or for belonging to a company, in which case the documents that you must present will vary. The most common are Token Certificates, but it will be up to you to see which one you need.

  • Legal representative:
    • Identity Card of the Legal Representative. This must be digitized and has to be enlarged to 150%.
    • RUT of the promoting entity (copy).
    • Document that proves the representation and existence, issued in the last three (03) months.
  • Company Membership:
    • Identity Card of the Legal Representative. This must be digitized and has to be enlarged to 150%.
    • RUT of the company (copy).
    • Updated labor certificate, issued in the last 30 days.

Also, the Digital certificate It is mandatory for all users registered in the RUNT. You must know what your particular case is.

It can also be both. For example, a territorial address or baseline transit agency needs to present: Certificate of appointment, citizenship card, employment letter and copy of the entity’s RUT.

RUNT Certificate Costs

Speaking of Costs, several of these arise. In general, the registration for the first time costs approximately $ 13,700 pesos, while a renewal in the registry can cost you up to $ 1,900 pesos.

Regarding the cost of the processing fee and the certificate itself, we have that this will depend on the validity that you buy the document and the type of certificate you want to process. Thus, we have that the most processed is the Token Certificate, which we talked about previously.

For this certificate, the costs go like this:

  • New client:
    • Six (06) months of validity: $ 115,000 pesos.
    • One year of validity: $ 178,500 pesos.
    • Two (02) years of validity: $ 261,800 pesos.
  • Upgrade:
    • Six (06) months of validity: There is no such option.
    • One year of validity: $ 136,850 pesos.
    • Two (02) years of validity: $ 218,000 pesos.

This allows various legal procedures to be carried out, which is why it is the most processed. Likewise, the validity time is decided by your needs and purposes regarding the use that you are going to give the certificate.

How paid?

The amounts corresponding to the procedure can be canceled in different ways, depending on your preference. These are:

  • Anyone EFECTY Agency across the country. This must be in the name of Andes Digital Certification Services.
  • Bancolombia, I collect, CTA SAVINGS 834012569. Convention: 57981.
  • BBVA, I collect, CTA CURRENT 834015877. This option is only valid for those who are outside of Bogotá.

At these amounts you have to consider the 195 VAT that they entail.

What is it for?

You need the RUNT Digital Certificate to be able to register information in the RUNT, to carry out legal procedures as it serves as proof of your registration in the system.

Now, what is the use of being enrolled in the RUNT is another very frequently asked question. Essentially, you must register to be able to do any procedure in any of the country’s transit agencies. Thus, some of these procedures that you can do are related to:

  • Ensure optimal security in your traffic procedures.
  • Your driver’s license, vehicles, traffic accidents, insurance, etc.
  • The control and administration of registered transactions.

Undoubtedly register in the single National Traffic Registry It is very important when it comes to acquiring a car, creating a transport company and carrying out procedures related to the instruments that allow you to carry out your business or transport in the country.

Registration in the RUNT

The Registration in the RUNT It is done in a very fast and simple way, in order to create a bearable experience for all users who must register daily. In this way, if what you are looking for is to register, what you should do is:

  • Firstly, contact a Transit Agency. It can be anyone, better if it is the closest to your home.
  • Once there, you must go to the box enabled for said procedure and show your identification document, which can be:
    • Citizenship card, for adults.
    • Identity card, in the case of minors.
    • Passport or Foreigner ID, of being a foreigner.
  • Next, the person in charge of assisting you will tell you to put your index on the fingerprint reader and to establish your digital signature. In addition, they will take a photo of you and ask you a series of basic questions.
  • Finally, you will get a Registration Number what can you verify here.

You can do the registration process whenever you want and need to, as there is no deadline. In addition, you can register at any Territorial Directorate.


You must process a certificate from the National Registry of Civil Status in the following cases where there is no recognition of the fingerprint: it is not legible, absence of phalanx or finger itself.

If you do not have a Cédula, you can use the Password.

Frequently Asked Questions about RUNT

Is it mandatory to register in the RUNT?

Yes. Even if you are not going to carry out any paperwork, if you have a vehicle and / or driver’s license, you must register.

Does the legal representative have to register in the RUNT?

The legal representative must register as a natural person, which includes the registration of their fingerprint. Once you do this, you will be able to carry out procedures that are related to the property of a vehicle of the company it represents. It may be that you are going to request the delivery of a license or to record information.

What do I need to enter the system?

To register information in the RUNT, you must have a username, a password and the digital certificate, so that the official can use the HQ-RUNT application.

My Digital Certificate shows an error, what do I have to do?

In this case it will proceed depending on whether where you acquired the document.

  • If you got it from the RUNT KIT, then you need to use Remedy (tool) and get a ticket to get the necessary help.
  • If you acquired it by an entity, then you should contact the supplier to help you.
What can I do on the RUT page?

Multiple things. Some of these are:

  • Data update.
  • Consultation of infractions, vehicles, gross weight, and you can do it with your identity document.
  • Access to the mobilization guide.
  • Background of the driver and the vehicle.
  • Vehicle registration, including cargo.
  • Make requests, either for CREIC or Runistac.
  • Make applications.
How do I register if I am in another country?

Any Colombian who resides abroad can register in the RUT by delivering a Mandate Contract to a third party to do the diligence for him. For more information you can review Resolution 12379 (12/28/2012).

Do I have to carry out the procedures personally?

If you can’t do them yourself, then you can give a special power of attorney to a third party. However, it must be registered in the RUNT and undergo what is necessary to verify the documents.

The only exception is the procedure to obtain the Driving license, which can only be done by a third party if it is a duplicate.

What is the RUNT?

The Unique National Transit Registry (RUNT) It was born in 2009 when the Ministry of Transportation realized that it needed a system that would allow it to administer in a more orderly way everything that had to do with procedures in the Colombian transportation transit sector.

It is a large database that allows not only to register new users, but also to keep their information up to date.

For this counts eleven (11) Records, which are for: traffic accidents, drivers, insurance, companies, automobiles, machinery, people who provide services to this sector, licenses, infractions, etc.

Undoubtedly, it is a tool not only for the administration of the transport sector, but for all users who now benefit from being able to carry out procedures, solve doubts and consult and modify their data in the national registry.

We hope we have helped you, until next time!


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