Rural Cadastral Update Certificate: Requirements, Steps and MORE

In 2010, the Municipality of Quito began the process of updating the land registry of the 423,000 hectares of the District. The Rural Cadastral Update Certificate It basically consists of registering a series of data that has to do with land, coordinate systems, among others.

If you are interested in obtaining the Rural Cadastral Update Certificate, We invite you to continue reading this article, as we will explain what the requirements are, how the process is carried out and where you can request it.

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Necessary Requirements for the Rural Cadastral Update Certificate

The cadastral update consists of registering in a database the plans of the 710,000 urban properties and around 60,000 rural properties. There, the information that refers to the spatial positioning of the land will also appear in a coordinate system. The cadastral reference allows the location of real estate in the cadastral cartography.

Thanks to the cadastral reference, it is known exactly what real estate is involved in legal business (purchase – sales, inheritance, donations, among others) and thus, in this way, one asset is not confused with the other. Through this cadastral reference, greater legal security is provided to people who make contracts related to real estate.

This constitutes a very effective tool in the fight against fraud in the real estate sector. Next, you will be indicated the necessary requirements to obtain the Rural Cadastral Update Certificate.

  1. Valued species of Rural Cadastral Update.
  2. Document that must be filled out first at the Notary, then at the Autonomous Decentralized Municipal Government of Tulcán, and the Municipal Property Registry.
  3. Plan of the property approved by the Planning Directorate of the Autonomous Decentralized Municipal Government of Tulcán.

Likewise, it is important to know that the Rural Cadastre is the physical, legal and economic inventory of all the rustic properties of a canton. The Rural Cadastre is of vital importance for the integral management of the cantonal geography because it allows planning, organizing and making crucial decisions about the territory.

If among your plans is to obtain the Rural Cadastral Update Certificate, In this article we will explain in a detailed and very simple way the steps you must follow to have this document in your hands. Attention, take note!

Steps to Follow to Obtain the Rural Cadastral Update Certificate

The cadastral description of the real estate will include its physical, economic and legal characteristics, among which will be the location and cadastral reference, the surface, the use or destination, the type of cultivation or exploitation, the quality of the constructions, the graphic representation, the market reference value, the cadastral value and the cadastral owner, with his tax identification number or, where appropriate, foreigner identity number.

When the properties are coordinated with the Property Registry, this circumstance will be incorporated along with its registration code. In order to guarantee that the data included in the cadastral description of the real estate are consistent with reality, the incorporation of the property in the Real Estate Cadastre as well as the alteration of its characteristics, is mandatory.

In this way, we will explain what are the steps to obtain the Rural Cadastral Update Certificate:

  1. You must go to the Collection window and purchase the Rural Cadastral Update Certificate.
  2. Then, you must go to the Notary Public and complete the data according to your competence.
  3. Finally, the Autonomous Decentralized Municipal Government of Tulcán must be directed, fill in the data according to its competence.

You see! In 3 easy steps you can get your Rural Cadastral Update Certificate, We must emphasize that this process is only in person. If you have any questions about the requirements, which you must purchase, do not hesitate to contact the citizen service center by dialing 0997811782.

In this way, the people who are in the area, will be able to solve and clarify any questions you may have. As we have already taken care of indicating the necessary requirements for you to obtain the certificate, we will immediately explain the cost and validity of this procedure. Keep reading! Here we have the information.

Cost and Validity of the Rural Cadastral Update Certificate

The original purpose of the cadastre is of a tax nature, providing the necessary information for the management, collection and control of various tax figures by the state, regional and local administrations.

For these purposes, the Cadastre facilitates the census of real estate, its ownership, as well as the cadastral value that is an administrative value that corresponds to each property and that allows determining the economic capacity of its owner.

It is important to bear in mind that, when requesting the Rural Cadastral Update Certificate An amount of 5 USD must be paid, this will have to be paid in order to obtain the form that must then be completed.

In addition, it is important to note that the Rural Cadastral Update Certificate It is valid for 30 days from the moment it is issued. Also, below we will indicate where you can go to carry out this procedure.

  1. The Appraisal and Cadastral Area is located on the first floor of the Autonomous Decentralized Municipal Government of Tulcán, on 10 de Agosto and Olmedo streets.
  2. The hours of operation are from 07:30 to 16:30 from Monday to Friday.

Also, it is necessary to emphasize that this certificate has a legal basis, this so that people know that it is endorsed by the Law of Ecuador. Here we will leave you the corresponding information:

Replacement Ordinance that Regulates the Collection of Fees for Technical and Administrative Services – Art (s). article 5 numeral 6.3

It establishes the monetary values ​​that both natural and legal persons must pay for technical and administrative services within the Autonomous Decentralized Municipal Government of Tulcán.

What is it for and who should process it?

We know that the Rural Cadastral Update Certificate It is a procedure whose objective is to issue general data of the rural properties that appear in the deed (Buyer, Seller, Boundaries, Area, Location). Here, we will explain in detail what this certificate is for.

  • Accuracy in the measurements and areas of the properties.
  • Precision in the location and shape of the properties: the boundaries of the property are updated and verified, guaranteeing the correct area of ​​the land.
  • Correction of qualification and built area of ​​the properties.
  • Tax equity is improved, since they include all the properties of the municipality, as well as new construction and housing improvements.
  • The cadastral appraisal is updated, the basis of the compensation made by the State in disaster situations.
  • It facilitates the user to carry out procedures inherent to the cadastral activity.

The cadastre also serves to let you know who has to pay taxes. East Rural Cadastral Update Certificate must be processed by certain groups of people, then we will tell you which ones.

  • Legal persons – private.
  • Legal person – public.
  • Minors with the presence of their legal representative or guardian.
  • People over 18 years of age.
  • Legal representatives of institutions.
  • Natural person – Ecuadorian.
  • Natural person – foreigner.

Also, we must emphasize that the people and citizens stipulated by the current Law will be taken into account. The Property Registry, on the other hand, is who determines (if the property is registered), who is its owner and what charges it has (mortgages, liens, among others). There are still many properties, both urban and rustic, that are not registered in this registry.

An updated cadastre allows improving the quality of investments, by allowing the municipality know precisely their public assets, schools, roads, health posts, parks, and their precise location based on the location of the population.

What is it?

Every year municipalities collect a tax on real estate in the city. That is, a piece of land and everything that is built on it. This is calculated based on the appraisal of the land and the construction of the property and from there a percentage established in an ordinance of the local government (municipalities) is applied.

The cadastral appraisal is the taxable base to calculate the value of the property tax. The property tax is a charge that must be paid by any owner of a property, regardless of the use that is given to it, be it commercial, residential or industrial premises.

The rural castastral update improves the formalization of property and the service to the citizen in the procedures associated with the public registry of property, among other aspects. In addition, it allows to improve the quality of investors.

The Rural Cadastral Update Certificate is a document that aims to issue general data on a rural property, this cadastral update includes an inventory of public and private assets, allows defining the urban area of ​​the city and updates the valuation of land and buildings

Let us remember that a public good, are goods in which the consumption of each person does not prevent other people from consuming as well. On the other hand, a private good, as the word says, deprives other people of this consumption.

What are you waiting to get the Rural Cadastral Update Certificatel?

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