RUT Form: Steps, Format and MORE

If you are going to carry out the Ruth process, you must start with the request for the RUT form, this is essential for management.

The form is provided by the DIAN, which is a unit in charge of the administration of all the RUT in Colombia, so it is through this institution that the RUT can be managed.

To learn more about the form, keep reading the article, and learn more about the steps to obtain it and what it is for. Read on, you will find very valuable and useful information.

Steps to Follow to Obtain the RUT Form

If you are interested in obtaining the RUT for the first time, you must follow the procedure indicated in this section. It is essential to enter the portal of the National Tax and Customs Directorate (DIAN).

You must make sure that it is the official portal, this can be verified by the presence of the padlock in the search bar. If this lock is not there, then it is not the official portal and it is recommended to close the link.

Steps to obtain the RUT Form:

  • You must enter for free to the official page of DIAN.
  • You must click on the section «New User», which appears in the «Transactional Portal», along with other pop-up pages.
  • Then, you must click on the option «Other services», it is a gray bar.
  • Then they appear four different options. You must press the one that says «RUT» and then another portal opens to continue with the process.
  • Additionally, you must indicate the option that corresponds to you: «Natural Person», «Legal Person», «Chamber of Commerce», «Simplified Regime», Non-merchant, not responsible for VAT, as the case may be.
  • Likewise, after the selection the system indicates what type of RUT It will be assigned to you and what are the requirements that you must present.

  • Also, you must provide identification with some document, it can be the identity card, passport, identity card, passport, nit, email address, type of taxpayer, date of issue, among others.
  • Immediately, the Form to be duly filled out with the requested data.
  • After completing the form the system generates a special code to obtain the RUT.
  • Additionally, it is recommended to read the entire form and then proceed to fill it out, then you can save it on the computer for later use.
  • Also, remember the form you are going to request the ISIC code that corresponds to their economic activity. You can consult the code through the web portal of the city’s Chamber of Commerce.
  • Fill in the form with the location, identification and classification information.
  • Do not forget that once you have filled out the RUT Form, you can send it to the email address indicated there. You must attach a scanned identity card.
  • All the information you provide is verified and the final document is sent to you to print, sign and scan. The document you are going to receive is the original version of the RUT.
  • After completing all the information, save the form and hit the send option as indicated.
  • Now it is up to you attach the required documents.
  • Finally, you are reminded that this is a procedure that does not generate any cost. If you want more details, go to the DIAN web portal in the Citizen Service section.

RUT types

When you have already obtained the RUT through the National Tax and Customs Directorate, you are assigned a Tax Identification Number or NIT, in order to identify the person or company. Thus, you have better control over economic activity and comply with tax obligations.

The RUT classifies entities and people, according to the commercial and economic function, as shown below:

  • Taxpayers declaring income tax.
  • Non-taxpayers declaring income and assets,
  • Those responsible for the Common Regime.
  • People belonging to the Simplified Regime.
  • The withholding agents or retainers.
  • Exporters, importers and customs users.
  • People who are subject to administrative obligations by the National Tax and Customs Directorate or DIAN.

There are some specifications when opening the RUT process and they adjust to different legal conditions or special requirements, with specific procedures for each person.

On the DIAN web portal are the four types of record for natural persons, for legal persons and for those who need the RUT for registration in the Chamber of Commerce or also for those who are not required to carry out this registration. These are the existing records:

  • The Natural person not responsible for VAT, not required to register with the Chamber of Commerce. Non-merchants belong to this category, who do not sell products taxed with VAT, nor do they provide services taxed with VAT.
  • Natural or assimilated person, here is the category of natural persons excluded from sales tax.
  • The legal or similar personIt is a legal category that does not require having a commercial register or certificate from the chamber of commerce.
  • The legal or natural person that requires registration Before the Chamber of Commerce, it is a figure for people who require RUT and do not have NIT but are in need of a commercial register or a certificate from the chamber of commerce.

Format of the RUT Form

The format of the RUT form is an instrument that allows or facilitates obtaining the document of the Single Tax Registry (RUT) which is the one that identifies and classifies people or companies according to economic activity.

It is a document sometimes required by companies, it is also used to pay the collection accounts of people who provide services independently.

What is the RUT Form for?

The RUT Form is the tool or instrument through which the application for the Single Tax Registry RUT is made.

Once you have filled out the form and with all the necessary documentation to make the application for the RUT, then you can obtain the unique registration. The request can be made online and the scanned documentation can be sent via email.

You can do the same in person, take the documents and the printed RUT form to the headquarters of the National Tax and Customs Directorate (DIAN) that best suits your comfort.

Carrying out the process online makes it easier for you not to have to leave your home. Additionally, you can receive the response via email. If the process is done in person, then they will immediately tell you what document you are missing and if you have a chance to fix it

Then, to obtain the RUT, you must follow the instructions of the DIAN, if non-compliance occurs, the RUT can be suspended.

Being a holder of a RUT allows you to certify and identify the economic activity before third parties with whom you have a labor, economic or commercial relationship. Being a holder of the RUT allows you to know the tax, exchange and customs obligations that correspond to the Colombian State.

Who delivers it?

The RUT form is provided by the National Tax and Customs Directorate (DIAN). The RUT is administered by the DIAN and this is the only mechanism that exists to classify and locate people and entities that have or do not have the status of taxpayers and filers of income tax.

What is the RUT Form?

The RUT Form is an instrument requested by the DIAN that is mandatory for those who want to register for the first time in the Single Tax Registry or RUT.

The form must provide data that are necessary and mandatory, and must also be true, because after delivery it will go through a process where they do the verification.

It is important to note that the DIAN is the only entity that is authorized to supply the RUT Form, and it is on the official website of the institution where it can be accessed to fill out and later download.


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