Saber Pro Certificate of Attendance: Application, Steps and MORE

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The Saber Attendance Certificate Pro It consists of a document that reflects your registration and result after the moment you take this exam. Likewise, it is one of the alternatives implemented by the Colombian Institute for the Evaluation of Education (Icfes). With which, it is applied to university students at the end of their educational term.

In the same way, it is essential to mention that it has as its initial objective to measure the level of skill development of each professional. Therefore, this proceeds to the demonstration of comparisons between various educational institutions. If you are a university student and you are interested in applying for this exam, here we will give you the appropriate information.

Application for the Saber Pro Certificate of Attendance

First of all, to correctly request the Certificate of Attendance Saber Pro You must comply with the instructions that we will give you below:

  • Enter the Icfes Interactivo web system, since this is the platform that works for registration issues and requests
  • When accessing the «Icfes user» window, two series of warnings will be reflected on the screen. With which, they consist of the due registration of your institution within the Ministry of Education and the validity of its period of functionality.
  • If you meet both requests, you must click «continue»
  • Enter your code, which is a unique piece of information that will proceed to identify the educational center where you belong
  • Press the «continue» alternative
  • Select the day headquarters or educational institution in which you study registered within the system of the Ministry of National Education
  • Then, when accessing the «continue» option, a tab with more information about this headquarters will be displayed.
  • Next, you must enter your personal data suggested by the system platform and reflect, in the same way, the headquarters of the previous day
  • On your screen you will find the question «Is your day office linked to this establishment?» With which you will have the answer options «Yes» and «No»
  • You must verify that all the personal data that you previously provided is correct and up-to-date
  • Click on the blue «register application» box located in the lower central part of the screen
  • Create the username of your day headquarters and the specific password
  • In the same way, you must have an email address for this step.
  • In that sense, you will be sent a notification to continue with the registration process.
  • Finally, you must access the link provided in this email and your application registration will be complete

Steps to Request the Certificate of Attendance Saber Pro

Also, you should know that the petition process Certificate of Attendance Saber Pro It is very simple and practical. Therefore, the way to download it that we recommend is:

  • Access the official website of the Colombian Institute for the Evaluation of Education
  • Enter the option «Icfes Interactivo» in which a form will be displayed for you
  • Complete the fields suggested by the entity with your personal data
  • Click on the «Yes I confirm» window and then on the «send request» option
  • Immediately, when performing the previous step, a box with the summary of your data will be reflected on your screen
  • With which you must click on the «PDF» window located at the bottom of it
  • In this way, the process of downloading your application document that guarantees that you presented the proof will be starting.
  • Finally, in this certificate you will also have the provision to view the results obtained in your exam

Results Certification Worksheet

On the other hand, in addition to knowing the requirements that you must meet to request the Certificate of Attendance Saber Pro, it is necessary to highlight the following. Within the respective petition process, you must complete a form worksheet. Thus, in this format, a series of suggested data about you will be reflected.

Next we will show you which are these specific fields that you must fill out:

  • Within your data as an applicant you must have your full name and identity document number
  • At the same time, for the previous step, it will be necessary to specify the type of document in case of being a foreigner

  • In turn, in the data of the evaluated you must place the type of identification document and the date of birth
  • As well as the registration and document number respectively, and the type of request you want to make
  • As a last requirement, you must proceed to click the option «Yes I confirm» and then the box «Send Request»

Likewise, within the process of completing this form, some notes or warnings will be reflected on the screen. With which, it is specified that the body responsible for the legalization of the Saber Pro Certificate of Assistance is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. That is why if you want to emigrate, this document will be fully validated.

To conclude, as a second dimension provided by the system, the corresponding alternative is specified in the event of complications. Only if these inconveniences are based on inconsistencies with some of your personal data provided. Therefore, you must notify the wrong information and attach (1) a copy of the identification document.

Who Issues the Saber Pro Certificate of Attendance?

In the same way, the organism that grants the Certificate of Attendance Saber Pro is the Colombian Institute for the Evaluation of Education. Likewise, this is an institution with a social focus that is maintained in alliance with the Ministry of National Education. Therefore, it offers benefits inclined towards educational evaluation at all levels.

It also provides statistical data about the standards that are developed within the preparation and education system in the country. That is why it specifies how the percentage of academic quality that Colombian students receive is found. In turn, it conducts examinations and evaluations for more specific purposes.

In addition, it must be said that it maintains supervision in the educational field as an essential objective and to provide evaluative methodologies. With which, these methods support a better quality after releasing valuable content to achieve it. Therefore, it generates adequate research processes under the use of technological alternatives.

On the other hand, it is important that you know some of the functions of the body:

  • Maintain links inclined towards the personal and academic preparation of the students who take these evaluations
  • Guarantee the promotion of leadership qualities, responsibility and independence
  • Comply with the educational parameters set out in Law 1,324 presented in 2009
  • Provide strategies that guide students for the internal and external evaluation of the level of educational quality
  • Have a constant update in its database in order to cover the registry of all study houses
  • Design each of the questions and topics that will be found in the application sheet

Electronic Attention System

To start, it is essential that you are aware of the ways of contact provided by the Icfes entity. In the same way, this organization is the one who sends the documents in this area and much more for educational purposes. That is why we will explain this area and the communication process in detail below:


  • The area contact points through the national toll-free line: 01 8000 519535, and the local line available: (57 – 1) 484 14 60
  • The hours of operation correspond to the succession of days from Monday to Friday 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
  • You can make this query through the alternative of autoresponder, customer service with agents and virtual call
  • Finally, the calls you make will be recorded for security measures. Therefore you must provide your name and identification document number

Web way

  • You can carry out this query action entering the Icfes web portal
  • The answers provided by the entity will be immediately
  • You are willing to ask questions, concerns, complaints or suggestions
  • Thus, the means of attention are the virtual chat and the electronic service system
  • Finally, the consultation hours are from Monday to Friday 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.


  • In this case, the sector the institution of contact is the Element Building. Likewise, it is located at Calle 26 N ° 69 – 76. Torre 2, Piso 15
  • Their customer service hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • In addition, the response time will depend solely on the terms stipulated in the Law
  • As a last point, it is necessary that you know that the place of attention is through the service window in the building


  • The building in which this query will be carried out is the Element. Likewise, it is located at Calle 26 N ° 69 – 76. Torre 2, Piso 15
  • Similarly, its customer service hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • The response time corresponds to the order of arrival of each client
  • Therefore, we suggest you go with a considerable period of time
  • The means of consultation for this instance consists of the entity’s customer service windows
  • Finally, we suggest that you avoid the use of cell phones and that you maintain a state of lucidity when visiting

What is the Saber Pro Certificate of Attendance?

The Saber Pro Certificate of Attendance is a document that reflects your personal data and results of this educational evaluation. Thus, this exam complies with the purpose of verifying your knowledge and the academic level that you perform. With which, this informative format is issued by the Colombian Institute for the Evaluation of Education (Icfes).

Similarly, the aforementioned entity maintains control alliances with the Ministry of National Education of Colombia. Therefore, it complies with the study and establishment of standards regarding the educational quality of the nation. Subsequently, it provides valuable content to students and teachers to improve deficient aspects.

To conclude, it is necessary to reflect some suggestions for the preparation of this test:

  • Strive in academic areas that are most difficult for you
  • Do a comprehensive review of the subjects
  • Investigate general culture questions
  • Strengthen your reading comprehension and mathematical logic skills

Get ready and get your Saber Pro Certificate of Attendance!


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