Sanitary Certificate: Requirements, Steps and MORE

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The health certificate It is a document that certifies the condition under which a product for human consumption is found, it is normally requested for food products and they comply with the sanitary regulations of the country.

In this case, we intend to inform you on how to obtain the health certificate in Peru. If you are Peruvian and you need this document, keep reading!, In this article we will mention what are the requirements and steps to follow to obtain it, you can not lose this!

Requirements for the Sanitary Certificate

While it is true, the requirements are known as a circumstance or necessary condition for something or a certain purpose. In this case, there are some requirements necessary to obtain the health document that the requesting company must take into account.

Some of the requirements to obtain the health certificate are:

  1. Request the treble clef through SUNAT.
  2. Information and data of the requesting company.
  3. Present the name and brand of the product in question.
  4. Record the results of the chemical, physical and microbiological analysis tests of the product. Duly issued by the corresponding laboratories.
  5. Mention the storage conditions of the product.
  6. Indicate what are the ingredients and additives that the product contains. For example, dose and SIN code.
  7. Lot identification system.
  8. Indicate the type, packaging material and presentation of the product.
  9. Reflect the information on the label.
  10. Establish a life time of the product, that is, expiration date.
  11. Finally, make the respective payment to the bank with the respective receipt issued by the Foreign Trade Single Window, also known by its acronym VUCE.

In case you don’t know how to get the treble clef, you can enter the Web page of the National Superintendency of Customs and Tax Administration. Through the SUNAT digital platform you will find the step by step of how to acquire the clef.

Steps to Follow to Obtain the Sanitary Certificate

Before mentioning what are the steps to follow to obtain the health certificateIt is important to take into account that said registration is granted by product groups. Also, this will depend on their composition.

In fact, it can be awarded for a single product. Regarding the aforementioned, the composition of the product can be observed by means of the basic ingredients that will be identified through food additives.

Next, we will mention the series of steps to follow for the effective obtaining of the health document:

  1. First of all, to get the health certificate Registration must be made through the Sanitary Registry of Foods for Human Consumption.
  2. Acquire the Unique Foreign Trade application (SUCE). To obtain the application, you must process it through your bank payment code.
  3. The request has the character of an affidavit.
  4. Free Marketing Certificate or Certificate of Use issued by the corresponding authorities in the manufacturing or exporting country in case the product is imported.

Likewise, the application as an affidavit must contain the following information.

  • Identification, domicile address and unique taxpayer registration number of the person requesting the registration. Either legal or natural person.
  • Product name and brand.
  • Reflect the nature of the product.
  • Present the corresponding analyzes of the product in question issued by the factory’s quality control laboratory.
  • Identify the additives of the product by their generic names and with their international numerical reference.
  • Product expiration date.
  • Methods of storage and preservation of the product.
  • Production batch identification system.
  • Finally, an affidavit of compliance with the content of the labeling as stipulated in article DS N ° 007-98-SA.

What is the Health Certificate for?

Each certificate fulfills a specific function and generally, in most cases, that is where its importance always lies. In this way, its function can also be considered to encompass its significance.

In this case, the health certificate It serves to prove that a product is fit for human consumption and that it also complies with the sanitary standards stipulated by government agencies and the competent authorities of Peru.

On the other hand, the certificate request must be made before the product export process. Likewise, the issuance time to obtain the healthy document is approximately seven business days. For this reason we recommend requesting the health certificate in advance.

What products need the health certificate?

When the commercialization process of a product is carried out, under the production of importing or exporting companies, they are obliged to have the sanitary document to guarantee that the products are suitable for human consumption.

This applies to Small and Medium Enterprises (PyMES), where the safe and sanitary production and distribution of products marketed in the national territory is guaranteed. In this way, the products that will need the sanitary registration are the following:

  1. Makeup.
  2. Alcoholic drinks.
  3. Personal care products.
  4. Medical equipment.
  5. Diagnostic reagents.
  6. Groceries.
  7. Cleaning goods.
  8. Dietary supplements.
  9. Anatomical components.
  10. Homeopathic medicines.
  11. Products for prevention and care of plants.

Who Issues It?

Clearly, certificates can be issued by different bodies. However, in Peru, the entities responsible for issuing the health certificate are the General Directorate of Environmental Health (DIGESA) and the General Directorate of Medicines, Drugs and Supplies (DIGEMID).

It is important to mention that both government agencies are regulated under the regulations of the Ministry of Health of Peru. Therefore, each of the standards established for the issuance of the health certificate.

General Directorate of Environmental Health

It is known as a technical body belonging to the Peruvian State that is responsible for protecting the health of the nation. All this, through the certification, prevention, inspection and control of the health risks that may exist in terms of environmental health and food safety.

In this way, it also offers different certificates that are applied for health registration, for example. The Sanitary Registration Division has the competence to evaluate compliance with the technical regulations and requirements for the consignment of the Certificate of Sanitary Registration of Industrialized Food and Beverages.

In effect, it is a legal and salubrious document that certifies that a product is fit for human consumption and thus, its commercialization is allowed regardless of whether the product is national or imported. In addition, the products will always be subject to health supervision and inspection controls that will guarantee compliance with the regulations established by the competent authorities.

The General Directorate of Environmental Health by nature it contributes to the development of the country through quality exercises that guarantee the health of the Peruvian population with quality and efficiency in occupational health.

Because it is a governmental entity, its foundations are effectively based on the fulfillment of certain values ​​such as:

  • Integrity.
  • Transparency.
  • Impartiality.
  • Innovation.
  • Commitment.
  • Service vocation.

How to Know the Sanitary Registration of Some Product?

Indeed, there are three different ways to identify the health registration of a product. The simplest and most direct option is through a cell phone by dialing the phone number (511) 6314430Later you will be attended by an operator and he will give you certain indications to help you with the request.

On the other hand, you can go freely to the headquarters of the General Directorate of Environmental Health (DIGESA) and check if the product you want to know about contains the health registration. You can also contact them by email at the following address:

Now, we will mention the third and last method and perhaps one of the most tedious for some users. In this way, we refer to consulting through the Web page of the General Directorate of Environmental Health.

What is the Sanitary Certificate?

In short, the health certificate It is nothing more than a document issued by government bodies suitable for health that certify that a product is safe for human consumption. On the other hand, it is important to mention that this health document does not apply to live plants or animals.

In this way, the certificate is also known by the name «Health Register» issued by the General Directorate of Environmental Health It has a validity of approximately five years from the date of its issuance.

In another vein, the sanitary registry is a permit granted to the industrialized food product that allows its commercialization in the Peruvian territory. In the same way, the sanitary registry accredits the holder for the production and importation of food and beverages.

Clearly, the process of the salubrious document has a certain cost, which will be evaluated in tax units corresponding to the Peruvian State. However, the cost may vary depending on your classification.

For instance:

  • In relation to the affidavit, it must be attached if the company is micro or small.
  • NO MYPE = S / .241.50 (07% UIT)
  • MYPE = S /. 69.00 (02% UIT)

If your business is part of the food industry or you simply want to incorporate a product in food marketing, we invite you to request the health certificate. It can be of great help when exporting or importing products.

We hope we have helped you, thanks for reading!


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