Sanitary Permit Application Form: Requirements, What it is and MORE

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Obtain the Sanitary Permit Request Form

For all commercial establishments, whether food or not, it is necessary that they have a conditioned work area for their functions. That is why to be able to prove that you have that conditioned area you have to acquire a sanitary permit, this is essential to demonstrate that you comply with the hygiene regulations and with the guideline of the Sterile Code.

Another important necessary documentation is the welfare card that all workers of the establishment. There are two types of trade, food and non-food, but it is just as important that workers have one.

Food related to food handling each owner, manager, server or servant and cooks must have the mandatory card mentioned. Like non-food preparation establishments, every worker, associate, vendor, and merchant has to own it.

What is the Sanitary Permit Application Form for?

It is an indispensable collection for that a business can obtain authorization from the MPPS, it is In other words, by delivering this document along with other requirements, a business will be able to operate without any setback.

As we already mentioned, it is an essential requirement for the operation of commercial establishments where personal hygiene items, cosmetics, food handling and naturist houses are sold.

If you want to learn more about this, do not miss the advice that we bring to you in this publication, where we will not only tell you how you can download the health permit, but we will also give you other recommendations.

General Requirements for the Permit

Like all procedures, the Sanitary Permit Request Form also requires the requested requirements

To perform the sterile enlistment of a catering, food and cleaning item that your organization produces, imports or markets, you must follow the methodology and prerequisites mentioned by the specialists of the Welfare Service.

Past needs:

  • Work welfare license, which must be commended by the Welfare Service.
  • Consent with creation of the best you hope to enroll incorporated.
  • Article that meets all the corresponding requirements and the variety of need depending on the type of article.
  • Computerized signature.
  • Register by meeting all requirements, as well-being isolation processes are performed.
  • Set the stage where you complete your subtleties.
  • Approve a progression of information and must join the mentioned files.


In this sense, the online installation is performed. A document is opened for the filing cabinet for each enlistment they hope to complete. A validate will observe that conventional needs are met, and then a Wellness Service evaluator will review in detail whether the specialized prerequisites are met.

In the event that this stage passes, it goes to the base camp, which continues to favor or reject the request. Because of the drugs, before the authority, the methodology complies with a past phase of evaluation by an advisory group.

In this case that you make a mistake when making the request or do not agree with any prerequisite, you have a total time of 10 days to modify it, however, you must ensure that you agree precisely with what has been warned, in any case. in case the application is rejected and you must start over. again and pay one more time.

At the moment when the case merits it, increases can be mentioned to accept the imperfection that was shown. When the enlistment is affirmed, it has a term of five years and to maintain the equivalent clean registration number and stay away from any problems, it is prescribed to restore the license in any case three months before its expiration.

In case you have to demand a grant or space for welfare administrations, if you don’t mind, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Sanitary Permit Application Form

To make sure that our article has been very helpful to you, we will answer the most frequent questions and that you do not have any doubts to clarify.

What is a wellness registry?

It is when the Welfare Service approves the sterile library to be able to import, produce and commercialize products and merchandise for human beings.

Why enlist characteristic, high-quality or natural products?

It is essential to list the products to be able to easily differentiate if they are natural or not, since there has been confusion in which they affirm that it is normal and safe.

Doing this is important because many of the unnatural products have high levels of risk, and they have to have a record of it. Thus avoid confusion and show that they are worthy of being used in the workplace.

What items require a clean enlistment?

All those items and producers that are used by humans, some clear examples would be foods for nutritional consumption, drinks, whether alcoholic or not, hygiene and cleaning beauty products. Other very important examples would be those of clinical and pharmaceutical use, to preserve health and avoid diseases.

What fundamental needs must I meet to list an item?

Your brand or computerized identification which certifies its creation and all the data reporting.

The Work subsidy, which is a file issued by the welfare, which allows distributing what is necessary from a foundation or center.

How much do I have to pay for the registration of each article?

Since not all have the same procedure or are set up in the same way, their cost varies. For this reason, below we leave you the costs charged for the Wellness Service:

  • Food Items Wellness Library $ 100
  • Wellness Enlistment Items Food Supplement $ 100
  • Sterile Library Restoration Item $ 200
  • Sterile recruitment Synthetic risk item $ 0 (No fees)
  • Clean sterile library item $ 100
  • Well-being library of biomedical material and equipment (EMB) $ 10 class 1, $ 25 class 2, $ 50 class 3 and 4
  • The Common Items Wellness Library $ 500 or $ 250 (Tizanas)
  • Wellness Library Pharmaceutical items or drugs that require bioequivalence or are substance binding $ 500 and $ 200 (homeopathic)

What if I don’t have a clean vault?

You will not be allowed to deliver imports or commercialization of products and articles. In which case you continue to perform these functions without the permission granted, the welfare service may punish you with fines, censures, seizure, among other things. In addition to putting all consumers of the articles and products at risk.

What is the Sanitary Permit Request Form?

The Sanitary Permit Application form is a mandatory and essential procedure to acquire the sanitary permit. It shows all the information required for the Wellbeing library, which will make it possible for the business to expand and grow.

This permit will allow your business to have a good reputation as a totally healthy company both inside and outside the nation, which can market any product.

As stated in the Welfare Act and the General Guide for Sterile Approvals and Work Licenses Granted by the Welfare Service.

That is why one of the requirements is to completely fill out this form and obtain a clean work license from this Establishment. So meet each of the requirements requested to obtain the Sanitary Permit Request form and that your business fulfills its functions no problem.

We hope you liked this article and it has been very helpful. We also want you to put into practice all that has been said so that you have your business in order.


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