Sanitas Certificate: How to Apply, Steps and MORE

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If you are needing to get the Sanitas CertificateDon’t worry, look no further and keep reading the article so that you are aware of the valuable information that is provided to you in this way.

Currently, the Certificate of Affiliation has become a very important document, since it is a proof, a record of the contributions made as well as it allows you to take advantage of the affiliation with the services that the Sanitas company offers in the health area .

How to request the Sanitas Certificate?

Get the Sanitas Certificate, It is comfortable and easy, since it is not necessary to go to a member service office to make the request.

At present, requests for medical authorizations, appointments and certificates of affiliation to the EPS, can be done comfortably, efficiently and quickly in the Virtual Office. For which it requires being duly registered in the module.

Membership is made through the Transactional Membership System (SAT), where you can find out the status of membership, report news, include and exclude new beneficiaries, and update data.

To use the service, you must register on the portal of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection.

Steps to Follow to Request the Sanitas Certificate

Obtaining the Sanitas certificate is easy, you just have to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Should enter the web portal by Eps Sánitas.
  • Select in the upper right where it appears Virtual office Affiliates.
  • The screen displays a form requesting information.
  • Then, you must select the document whether it is the citizenship card, the identity card, the civil registry, the Special Permit of Permanence (PEP), immigration card, diplomatic card, nit or passport.
  • Indicate the document selected.
  • Enter the key code, which should have been obtained at the time of registration in the virtual office of the Eps.
  • Then, click on the login section.
  • Once, in the virtual office you can do the Application for the Certificate of Affiliation pressing the button that says Membership Certificates.
  • Then, the full name with the identification number will appear on the screen.
  • You must click on the blue button that has the word generate.
  • Later, in the lower left part of the screen, there is a button with the word Affiliate Certificate pdf, press this button.
  • Immediately, the corresponding Certificate with the following information is displayed in the form of a document:
  • The type and number of the identification.
  • The names and surnames.
  • The type of contributor or beneficiary affiliation.
  • Indicates the type of worker.
  • The date of membership.
  • The status of the membership.
  • Also, the status of the service.
  • Also, the regime to which it belongs.

The Certificate can be downloaded directly and then printed.

What is the Sanitas Certificate for?

The Sanitas Certificate of affiliation issued by a Health Promotion Company (EPS) such as Sanitas, allows to confirm or verify the affiliation corresponding avoiding duplication of affiliations.

Very useful in labor cases, When a person starts an employment relationship, the contracting company is in charge of verifying the affiliation and for this it is essential to have the Certificate of affiliation to Sanitas.

Likewise, the status of affiliation can be consulted in the Health Promoting Entity through the Sanitas portal or the portal of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection through the SAT System.

Having a certificate of affiliation to an EPS allows the corresponding authorities to confirm that you are a contributor not only in the health area, but also regarding pensions.

Sanitas Website

Sanitas count with one web portal adapted to new trends and to the modernity and current way of life.

Through its website you can make requests and inquiries. With the Virtual Office, Sanitas makes it easier for its members to access information, make inquiries and appointments. This virtual office service is not only for affiliates, but also for use by employers.

You can access the plans offered by the company, know the information, do the request for authorizations. Likewise, you can do the online consultation of results diagnostic imaging, laboratory results.

Likewise, schedule appointments For blood sampling, contact the outstanding services offered by Sanitas.

On the page you can access information about medications, medical appointments, the Premium plan, make requests for authorizations. Find information related to medical centers location, offices, medical directory and drug store locations.

Likewise, you can rcheck the Very Healthy blog and consult all the information related to health and wellness issues. It is a very friendly website that offers all the information and more, you will surely find what you want to know.

Also, there is the opportunity to consult with the specialist doctor from the portal or from the App

The website offers the Video Consultation service, in this way you can talk with the doctor from wherever you are. What you need is internet access and now, in this way you can request the attention of specialists.

The member has the possibility of having a video consultation with the specialists and the other way is an emergency video consultation, either for general medicine or for pediatrics. Thus, you can receive professional guidance and guidance from the best health advisers, with personalized health care and prevention programs.

Services offered by Sanitas

The services that Sanitas offers to its affiliates are extensive. It has a whole catalog of access, medical protection and health control options, in accordance with current regulations. Likewise, it offers prevention programs and complex basic treatments.

The services offered to Sanitas affiliates are as follows:

  • Direct access to General practice consultations with appointment scheduling.
  • The neonatal pediatric consultations up to six years of age.
  • Also, days of health promotion and prevention.
  • Facilitates access to consultations for the specialties of internal medicine and gynecology.
  • Likewise, family medicine specialists are easy to access.
  • Sanitas provides support with nutrition services, psychology, social work, Nursing.
  • Likewise, the services of clinical laboratory, pharmacy, electrocardiogram and radiology.
  • Likewise, they offer administrative services for the assignment of appointments and collection.
  • Facilitates electronic issuance of the membership certificate.

Extending the benefits of Mandatory Health Plan, offers the coverage of the complementary care plan, called Premium Plan.

The Premium plan gives way to other specialties that are the following:

  • Service internal Medicine.
  • Gynecology and obstetrics.
  • Pediatrics.
  • Homeopathy.
  • Too, orthopedics and traumatology.
  • Urology service.
  • Also, dermatology.
  • Otorhinolaryngology.
  • Optometry and Ophthalmology.
  • And of course General Surgery.

It is important to know that Sanitas offers medical care at home with hospitalization in individual rooms with a lot of privacy.

The coverage is designated to the cities of Bogotá, Bucaramanga, Barranquilla, Cali.

Likewise, it offers free of charge the following services:

  • Conference vaccination.
  • The days of oral health and dentistry.
  • Likewise, the days of family planning.
  • Days of growth and development.
  • Also, days of prenatal controll.
  • The health days for sight.
  • They include days of early detection of cervical and breast cancer.
  • Likewise, days of detection of alterations in young people and adults.

What is the Sanitas Certificate?

The Sanitas Certificate is an essential requirement for Colombian citizens.

This certificate reliably guarantees that the applicant complies with the contributions established by law. To request it, you must be registered or affiliated with Sanitas, this affiliation is made through the Transactional Affiliation System.

The certification granted by Sanitas, as with any of the health promotion companies, is of the utmost importance since it is a document requested at the time of making certain types of procedures.

For example, if you are starting a new work stage, the hiring company asks for proof of the EPS, since it needs it to carry out the legal verification in terms of pensions and health.


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