Santander Río Digital Certificate: Steps, Validation and MORE

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The Santander Río Digital Certificate It is a great opportunity for a company to revalidate all its operations and transactions carried out in recent months. In addition, thanks to the ingenious technologies of Banco Santander, you can obtain this document in various ways through various communication channels.

For this reason, in this article we want to tell you all the details related to this certificate. As well as, all the steps you must take to have a successful process. Keep reading with us!

Steps to Obtain the Santander Río Digital Certificate

Santander Río is one of the most responsible and transparent institutions in Latin America. Currently, it has branches in several cities in Argentina that aim to provide and guarantee financial products to the citizens of the country.

Likewise, every year they offer banking services for each of their affiliated clients. For this reason, one of the most prominent and requested products is the Santander Río Digital Certificate.

Said document is aimed at large and / or small companies that are affiliated with Banco Santander and wish to consult their bank transactions. Likewise, the Santander Río Digital Certificate guarantees the security of the online banking operations of each of the subscribed entities.

Now to get the Santander Río Digital Certificate A series of mandatory documents and precautions must be consigned. Still don’t know what they are? Quiet! We tell you what you need to know.


  • National Identification (DNI).
  • Personal Password.
  • Home address.
  • Associated account number.
  • Current cell phone.
  • Others.

After the collection of all the documents, you will have to perform a series of steps to obtain the Santander Río Digital Certificate Online. Comply with each one of them to have a simple and fast procedure!

  • Get a good internet connection.
  • Accede to «Online Banking Companies» from Santander with a trusted explorer (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari or other).
  • Place the identification document, password and personal user.
  • Click on the company you want to apply the operation.
  • Mark the option «Santander Río Digital Certificate».
  • Then click on the «Generation» button.
  • Make sure the certificate is correct and there is no omission of data.
  • Write your email address and wait for everything related to it to reach your inbox Santander Río Digital Certificate.
  • Also, you can select «Profile Alison».
  • Then select «Generate new Alison Profile.»
  • If you want, you can download and print the certificate.
  • Finally, you will have to go through the validation process. The latter will be explained in the next sections.


  • Check that the Santander Río Digital Certificate It has all the requested data and there are no omissions.
  • Click on the «Download» option.
  • Then create and save in a safe and easily accessible folder.
  • Enter a name related to the process in progress.

To print

  • After making sure that the certificate is correct, we suggest you check the «Print» option.
  • Next, select all the print details (destination, number and size of pages).
  • Finally, we suggest that you keep this physical document in a brown folder with other procedures related to Banco Santander.

Other channels

Now, if you do not have an internet connection or wish to carry out this procedure in other ways, Santander Río offers you other alternatives for issuing this certificate:


  • Contact by phone at (011) 4345-2400.
  • Request «Customer Service» by call.
  • Provide all the data related to your Santander Río account.
  • Finally, follow the steps indicated by the online operator to obtain the Santander Río Digital Certificate.


  • It locates the central offices of Santander Río.
  • Ask for «Customer Service» and ask for your certificate.
  • Check that all the data is correct.

Obtain the Santander Río Digital Certificate in a Cryptographic Device

Every year new technologies arrive on the market, especially those that offer a complete, integrated and functional service for financial institutions. As well as, currently there are other banking tools that are being used to increase the economy of citizens worldwide.

For this reason, one of the great innovations that Banco Santander has is the issuance of documents through the Cryptographic. Consequently, the Santander Río Digital Certificate It is one of the most requested products in this bank, therefore, it also includes this type of issue.

Next, we will tell you all the steps you must do to obtain your Santander Rí Digital Certificateor by Cryptographic Find out everything here !:

  • Access the Santander Río website.
  • Click on «Online Banking Companies».
  • Select the company name.
  • Put all the documents, password and personal user.
  • Check the «Digital Certificate» option.

  • Wait for the system to generate the document.
  • Check that all the data is complete and there are no errors in them.
  • Connect the Cryptographic device to your computer or mobile.
  • Click «OK» to read the device.
  • Write your e-mail address to obtain the keys related to the Digital Certificate.
  • Click on «Gemalto eToken».
  • Later, click to generate the certificate on this device.
  • Then, put the key associated with the Cryptographic device.
  • Remember! When you finish this process, you should start the validation process of the certificate.

Validation of the Santander Río Digital Certificate

On the other hand, one of the points that the applicant must take into consideration is the validation of the Santander Río Digital Certificate in front of the banking authorities. Santander Río is one of the banking institutions that asks to validate this certificate to control and manage all the operations and movements of the companies and / or citizens that are subscribed to this financial community.

Next, we will tell you all the steps you must do to obtain this document:

  • After getting the Santander Río Digital Certificate, you should start the validation process.
  • Select the certificate period you want to validate.
  • Enter your security code.
  • Verify that the operation has been carried out successfully.
Did you have trouble validating your new Santander Río Digital Certificate, then we suggest you contact «Customer Service» by phone at (011) 4345-2400.

Renewal of the Santander Río Digital Certificate

However, all the procedures required must be renewed from time to time. The latter, to ensure that there are no counterfeits or the Santander Río Digital Certificate not current.

Likewise, Banco Santander has two channels to make renewal possible: online and in person. The first of all, it must be done following a series of instructions. Get to know them here!


  • Access the «Online Banking Companies» platform.
  • Have all the documents close to you to enter the system.
  • Select the company of your preference.
  • Click on the «Renew» button.
  • Select the certificate period to renew.
  • Make sure all data is correct and there are no omissions.
  • Write the password security.
  • Click on the «Alison Profile» button and wait for the virtual operator to generate this document for you.
  • Create a new profile at Banco Santander and affiliate a new password.
  • Verify that the operation has been executed successfully.


  • Locate the Santander agencies closest to your home.
  • Request «Customer Service» at the operators’ windows.
  • Send all your data and documents affiliated with Banco Santander.
  • Provides the latest Santander Río Digital Certificate.
  • Review the movements and operations reflected in this document.
  • Also, check that all personal and bank details are correct.
  • If you wish, you can ask the shift operator to forward this document to your email address. Later, you can download the certificate at home.

When to Request the Revocation of the Certificate?

Banco Santander Río does not assign an exact date for the renewal of this certificate. However, like all procedures, we recommend revalidating and renewing this document annually. Keep reading!

This process is carried out in order to avoid fraud and of course, to preserve the good service offered by this financial institution. As well as, plan all the necessary measures to increase the security system of this bank.

What is it?

Before concluding, we want to mention how to import the Santander Río Digital Certificate in the computer. This process will allow you to have a better vision of how to use this document and, of course, always have it at your disposal.

So, read in detail about each of the steps:

  • Access Online Banking Companies.
  • Place all identification documents in the system.
  • Select the company affiliated with this banking community.
  • Click on the «Digital Certificate» option.
  • Afterwards, mark «import».
  • Press the Alison Profile button and generate this document.
  • Check the previous certificate and put the password.
  • Ready, enjoy your Santander Río Digital Certificate!

As mentioned, this certificate is an opportunity to learn about the movements and operations of the main companies in the country. In addition, this document allows you to view the income and expenses of these entities on a monthly basis.

Finally, this document reflects a series of interesting data and sections for its applicants. We invite you to read them!

  • Names and surnames.
  • Date of issue.
  • Date of Expiry.
  • Certified Authority.
  • Serial number.
  • Certificate store.

Don’t wait any longer, get your Certificate at Banco Santander Río!

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