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This article will explain everything related to Savia Salud Form. To begin with, people must take into account that Savia Salud is a Health Promotion Entity (EPS), which appears as a result of aid from the public and private sectors.

Its main objective is the organization of health services in the Departments of Antioquia, so that Primary Health Care is founded. To provide the best care to citizens, promotion and prevention of a disease.

If you want to join this institution, you must fill out the form, which will be explained below.

Savia Salud Form Format

Having the Savia Salud form, to the users they offer a good service for the care and well-being. This is why this institution generated several mergers with different official institutions such as the government of Antioquia.

Currently, on the page of Savia Salud You can carry out your procedures in a simple way. It is essential that the citizen have at hand his copy of the identity card, you medical order, you clinic history or other documents that you consider important when managing your request.

This is why to obtain the format of the Savia Salud Form, users will be able to download it in PDF format, on the Savia Salud page, but since this is a Colombian institution, it may happen that they will not open the page, so they will be able to access it by downloading a VPN and there you can find all the information you need.

How to fill out the Savia Salud Form?

On the Savia Salud page you can download both the affiliation form and the employer form.

Independent Form

When the user has become interested in the services of this company, they must join and then they will deliver a certificate that shows that they are a member and are registered in the Preventive Health Regime.

To have this certificate the user must be registered in the Subsidiary Regime. In such a way that the employer is the one who makes the affiliation, of the Savia Salud form (affiliation).

Any Salvia Salud care center that people attend can find out information regarding the Savia Salud form (affiliation), as well as through its website.

Remember that to access the forms, you must be in Colombia so that the page can be opened, because being in another country you will not be able to access that website. Therefore, it is recommended in that case to install a VPN.

When you have this form, you will need to fill it by handIn most cases, the institutions demand it that way. This is why some of the information that it will ask you is the following:


  • You will need to place the Filing number and date.
  • Before answering, you should read the instructions that are attached to the form before filling it out.
  • You have to select the kind of Procedure, Yes it is affiliation or news report.
  • The kind of affiliation, if A, which is divided into contributor or head of family or beneficiary or additional affiliate. The B is collective, the Institutional C and Office D.
  • If the scheme is contributory or subsidized.
  • The affiliate type. You can be a contributor, head of the family or beneficiary.
  • Also the type of contributor, can be: dependent, independent or pensioner.
  • Your code to be registered by the EPS.

That is the first part of the form, then in the second part must fill out the affiliation. That is, the basic identification information (of the contributor or head of the family).

  • Put your first and last name.
  • Type and number of identity document.
  • Sex.
  • Date of birth.

In the third part it is additional information such as: ethnicity, if you have a disability or condition, Sisbén score, Special population group, Occupational risk manager; contribution base income- IBC and all the information of your residence.

In the fourth part are the data of identification of the members of the Family Nucleus:

  • Name and surname.
  • Type and number of document.
  • Sex.
  • Date of birth.

Then you can find, basic identification data of the beneficiaries and additional affiliates such as: name and surname, identity document, sex, date of birth, relationship, ethnicity, residence data, among others.

In Chapter V, you must complete the employer identification data.

News Report

In this part of the form Savia Salud (Membership) they will ask you the type of novelty. In part 6 put the data for the news report. The seven is the part of the declarations and authorizations. Finally the signatures.

In addition, in annexes You must have a copy of the identity document, a copy of the permanent disability opinion, sent by the competent authority, a copy of the civil marriage registry or the Public Deed, a copy of the public deed or judicial sentence declaring the divorce, among others.


In addition, in the form of Savia Salud attach an instruction manual of Filing. The information provided by the person is important to the General System of Social Security in Health (SGSSS). In this case, the person must use black ink and must print without erasures or amendments.

Form for Companies and Employees

These types of forms must be filled out by the employee who employs the staff and completed by each of the employees. In addition, you must attach the documents required by the company Savia Salud.

The form must be filled out by the citizen who wishes to be in Tax Regime and to apply you must meet the following requirements:

  • Fill out the form of employer registration.
  • Copy of the Chamber of Commerce.
  • Attach a copy of your company RUT.
  • And finally a copy of the ID of the legal representative.

The citizen must fill out some of the following information:

  • Put the date.
  • The type of affiliation.
  • Type of company.
  • Company sector.
  • Then you will have to put all the information regarding the company What; the type and number of the document, name, address, neighborhood, email, zone.
  • You will have to fill out the Responsible for affiliations to the EPS, with the name, position, telephone number and the person in charge of payment to the EPS, the same with the same information.
  • The documents that you will have to attach.
  • Signature and stamp.
  • People must be aware that in the same form, there is an instruction for filling out the Form. You will need to read carefully.

What is the Savia Salud Form for?

Those interested in registering to the Savia Salud must download the Savia Salud form. This form is important for users to get the benefits from the company.

This form works to process your request to have access to the health care offered by these care centers to Colombian society.

What is Savia Salud?

In the year 2013 is when Savia Salud EPS was founded, which was determined as a subsidiary regime, to provide solutions to the Municipality of Medellín as well as to the Government of Antioquia.

Actually in Antioquia, is the entity that contains a greater number of affiliates. The participation is at least 84.4%.

This institution helps clients so that they can enjoy the best health and wellness services.

Benefits of Joining Savia Salud

The services that your benefit plan covers are the following:

  • Have consultation medical and dental.
  • Outpatient medications.
  • Exams of outpatient laboratory diagnostics.
  • Home care.

It is important to note that the benefits offered to users who are affiliated with the subsidiary regime are:

  • They give women a excellent prenatal care. That is, they give you help in the delivery room or if complications happen.
  • Promotion and prevention services.
  • Control programs in maternal and child care.
  • Initial emergency care.

What is the Savia Salud Form?

The Savia Salud form is intended for users to fill it out so that they have access to the benefits offered as a company, for the well-being and care of people.

Affiliate rights

It is very important to note that both patients and members obtain a series of duties and rights that are the following:

  • They receive emergency services in health institutions, both public and private.
  • Know the network of institutions through them will receive the best Health services.
  • You can communicate with programs sexual and reproductive health, prenatal care and HIV control.
  • They help people with disabilities.
  • Participate in user corporations of the Social Enterprises of the State and EPS.
  • Prompt detection and assistance of cases such as violence, or sexual abuse.
  • Have an environment where they seek well-being and independence, for the development of their capacities in a correct and comprehensive way.

To conclude, citizens who wish to access the services that Savia Salud offers, must bear in mind that the forms are very important to include in its database so that they obtain the good benefits that this institution provides. In addition, this institution is a protagonist because it helps all the people who need it most before the eventualities of life.


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