Scholarship Transfer Form: Steps, What It Is For, and MORE

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Apply for the student benefit that includes the Scholarship Transfer Form it’s pretty straightforward. All persons who are part of the «List of Persons Recognized as Victims» in the annex «List of Political Prisoners and Tortured Persons» have the right to access a scholarship or free program for their Higher Level studies.

Likewise, the holder of the benefit can assign his right to a direct relative. For this, the Grant Transfer Form. If you want to know all the details of this document, keep reading this article. We tell you what it is, what it is for and the procedure to obtain this benefit.

Get here a lot of useful information about the Scholarship Transfer Form!

Steps to Apply for Transfer

The application for the Valech Transfer Repair Grant can be done through the website shown in this link. It is very important that applications are made on the dates previously defined and announced by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Chile.

To proceed with your application, you must click on the «Start Session» button found on the page where the link directed you. Using your Unique Tax Role (RUT), the password and the random security code that is displayed on the screen.

If you are not registered in the system, you can do it! To do this, select the option «Create an account», and fill in the boxes that are shown in white with your user data.

Next, select the option to register for State benefits for Higher Education and press the «Go to application» button.

Once entered in this section, you must fill in the requested fields with the pertinent information, such as: academic background, background of your family group and your average income. Then to record these data, press the «Save and continue» button.

To finalize the application, respond to the consent clause by accepting the terms and conditions set forth and click on the «Finish application» button.

A copy of the application for the procedure you have completed will be sent to the email address you have registered. Keeping this information in a safe place is very important, as it can be very useful for later actions.

General requirements to apply for the Valech Report Scholarship Transfer

  • Birth certificate for family assignment of the applicant.
  • Photocopy of the front and back of the applicant’s national identity document.
  • Legalized copy of the applicant’s high school license.
  • Duplicate proof of registration document. Which must indicate the degree that the applicant is studying or wishes to study and the corresponding fee for the year 2021.
  • If the holder of the benefit is the grandfather or grandmother, then the applicant must present the birth certificate of the father or mother.
  • Benefit acceptance letter.

If you want to download the proposed format for the Scholarship Transfer acceptance letter, you can give it click here. You can update the issue date of the document at the time you are going to use it.

Grant Transfer Form When the Holder Lives

It may be the case that the holder of the benefit registered in the List of Persons Recognized as Victims by the Valech Commission, is alive, but wishes to transfer the scholarship to his / her son / daughter or grandchild.

Then, the applicant must present the following special requirements in conjunction with the above-mentioned general requirements:

  • Benefit transfer form, in the form of a notarial statement.
  • Photocopy of the back and the front of the holder’s national identity document.

If you wish to download the format of the Grant Transfer form of the living holder, you can do so by clicking on this link. By means of this letter, the holder expresses his will to transfer his educational right to his chosen family member. Remember to modify the date of the document at the time you issue it.

Grant Transfer Form When the Holder Died

When the holder of the benefit has died without using his educational benefit, the transfer of the scholarship can be immediately assigned to a descendant.

This applicant must provide the aforementioned documents (general requirements) and in addition to this, must have the following special requirements:

  • Form legalized before a notary of the transfer of the scholarship.
  • Death certificate of the holder of the benefit for family allowance.

What is the Grant Transfer Form for?

The Valech Transfer Repair Grant It allows people who meet the admission requirements, the total or partial financing of their Higher Level studies in private universities and institutes.

Through this benefit the student can access to receive education in a long or technical career with the support of the payment of their tuition or the annual fee. The limits established for a long career are 1,150,000 pesos per year and for technical careers, 600,000 pesos per year.

It should be noted that the tuition payment benefit does not apply to virtual (distance) or semi-face-to-face academic programs. And its validity only concerns undergraduate careers, therefore excluding postgraduate, master or doctorate studies.

What is it?

It is a document that certifies the right of the direct victims of the abuse, torture and deprivation of liberty that took place in the Republic of Chile during the military dictatorship of General Augusto Pinochet, in the period from 1973 to 1990.

As a result of these acts of arbitrariness and violation of human rights, a movement called the Valech Commission arises, whose objective is to compensate the families affected by the injustices experienced in the years of dictatorship. And it does so through health, education, housing and monetary benefits.

Among these compensations is the Scholarship Transfer Form, whose purpose is to provide financial aid to young people or adults who wish to continue their Higher Level studies. With the support and funding of this body during the academic period corresponding to the type of career.

Who is it for?

The scholarship transfer opportunity can be taken advantage of by students who have a predecessor (father, mother, grandparents) registered on the Valech Law phase I or II payroll, of the report presented by the National Commission on Political Prison and Torture. As long as they have not exhausted the education benefit.

For this, the ancestor of up to a second degree of consanguinity can transfer this scholarship to his / her son / daughter or granddaughter. However, it is important to take into account the following considerations regarding the transfer:

If the person who owns the benefit has died without making use of it, then the descendants and the spouse must decide to whom the scholarship will correspond.

Frequent questions:

Does applying for this benefit have an associated cost?

No, the Valech Scholarship Transfer is completely free for people who are registered in the payrolls delivered in the «Report of the National Commission on Political Prison and Torture» and their direct descendants or a descendant of the second generation.

What is the validity of this benefit?

The benefit of the student scholarship, once acquired, will be extended for the entire academic period. That is, all the years that the chosen career lasts, be it a long career or a technological one.

If the student had already started his studies without having the scholarship, and then obtains it, then the financing will be given from the moment the benefit is approved until the end of the academic period.

Important: The scholarship does not include the payment of fees that the student has already completed.

Can I change my academic or career institution without losing my right to a scholarship?

Yes. For this, the student must apply to the Ministry of Education for a change of career or institution (as the case may be), explaining the reasons that justify it. So that the competent authorities can then evaluate the case and decide whether the student will keep or lose their benefit.

It is important to point out that, to renew this process, the beneficiary must remain a regular student and cannot exceed the time that has been stipulated for the completion of the professional career.

So, if you are a relative of up to the second degree of consanguinity of a holder enrolled in the Valech Payroll, and this relative has not made use of their student rights, you have the opportunity to access scholarships and even the gratuity of your Higher Studies.

How is the format of the benefit acceptance form, when the holder decides to use it?

To obtain this benefit, the holder must consign, together with the general requirements mentioned in the previous paragraphs, a letter of acceptance.

In which the owner expresses his will to make effective the benefit that is contemplated by law. Get this format through this link. Do not forget to change the date of issue of the letter, updating it to the date you make use of it.

Follow the steps that we have mentioned and Request your Scholarship Transfer Form!


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