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The government and, in general, all Peruvian state agencies, in search of greater transparency, created the famous Seace. Also known as the Electronic System of State Procurement, which seeks to disseminate, share and transmit information related to State procurement. To meet these goals, the Saece Certificate.

The information shared is very complete, due to the fact that it offers data on each of the State’s contracting processes. This allows people to know about the hiring and encourages the State to make more efficient hiring.

The transparency of a State promotes and encourages its efficiency.

Requirements for the Seace Certificate

The first thing you should know about the certificate is that it cannot be acquired by anyone. Although the information provided in the system is public, only certain officials who have the certificate can enter and modify or add information.

The officials who can obtain the certificate are those who work in the following institutions: those of the general comptroller’s office, institutional control bodies and those of the supervisory body of State contracting.

If you are an official of any of these institutions, you must complete the following requirements or forms to acquire the Seace Certificate.

  • If you are from a public contracting entity, the head of administration must completely fill out «Form B»
  • For audit entities that exercise control, supervision and monitoring. The heads of administration must completely fill out «Form B»
  • If it is an arbitrator, the request must be made by the head of the tribunal using «Form C»
  • In case of being a provider, or a public entity. The head or owner of the entity must submit completed «Form D»
  • If it is the case of a conjugal partnership, the respective representative must make the request through «Form E»

As you could see, providers also have access to the system, because they also provide information in the process. You may also notice that, depending on the requesting institution, the required form changes.

The State Procurement Supervisory Agency, better known by its acronym as the «OSCE» is the entity in charge of evaluating each application. Therefore, it is the entity in charge of granting the Seace Certificate.

Because it is a single requirement and it varies depending on the official. The applicant must make sure to present the corresponding form and also to fill it out perfectly. Otherwise the request may be denied or take much longer than necessary.

Procedure to Obtain

The processes to obtain certificates or documents issued by state entities or agencies are usually a bit long. However, we inform you that to obtain the Seace Certificate you must complete a process of three business days. Yes! it is a very process Quick.

You should keep in mind that there are two different ways to request it, but only one means to obtain it. That is, you can request it virtually or in person. But by either means you will obtain the certificate electronically, via email.

Both ways to request the certificate are described below. Given the above information, it is very important that you have an email.

Steps for the face-to-face application

  • The first thing you should do is fill out your corresponding application form according to the requirements, you can search for them in the following link.
  • Then you must submit it to the offices of the state contracting supervisory body.
  • Finally, you must wait three business days while your documents are reviewed and you Seace Certificate is sent to your email

Steps for the virtual application

  • In the same way, you must fill out your corresponding form.
  • In this case, you must send the documents to the state procurement supervisory body. Through the following email:
  • You must also wait three business days for the Seace Certificate.
Attention! In the event of having filled out a form or any requirement incorrectly, the process may be delayed. It is important to carefully fill out each of the forms and forms.

Electronic State Procurement System (Seace)

After a government is elected to carry out the functions of the State, it must carry out a series of steps and projects in the country. For this, the government of the day must make alliances and contracts with companies, which are in charge of carrying out or materializing State projects.

However, the region has witnessed acts of corruption on many occasions, at the time of hiring. The Peruvian government, to solve these problems, created the Electronic Contracting System. Better known by its acronym as the «Seace«

The purpose of it is to provide detailed information about the hiring in its different processes. That is, it allows observing the applications or preparatory processes, then it allows observing the selection process and finally the execution of the contract.

This in order to comply with the principles of transparency, on which public contracts are based. This not only works as an act of good faith, but since this information is public, it is promoted that the contractions are the best possible.

In other words, the simple fact that the information is public guarantees to a certain extent an efficiency in the use of resources by the State. Because, if bad hires or suspicious hires are made, this will be public knowledge. And the person responsible could face the consequences.

The information available in this system is very complete, in the Seace you will be able to have detailed information about the Annual Contracting Plan. Such as: the selection between the possible contracts, purchase orders, the different service orders, possible agreements and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Seace Certificate

Regarding the state contracting system, there are a large number of unknowns that we will help answer. This section is exclusively dedicated to answering the most common questions that are generated regarding this topic.

The main question is what is certified and what is it for? It is an identification document that will allow officials to access the system. Similarly, the next section is dedicated to explaining the certificate in detail, don’t miss it!

Also, people often wonder how the system promotes transparency? The answer is very clear, since there is detailed information on all the transactions of a state contracting. It makes it easy for auditors, the public, and investigators to observe hires and determine if there are any suspicious actions.

As of June of the year, this system came into operation, which aims to protect Peruvian citizens from the mismanagement of their resources. Another very common question is, what part of the hiring process does it cover and what information does the system provide?

The answer is very simple, you can see everything related to a state contract, from the application to the execution and the terms of the contract. In general, you will be able to observe the execution of the famous «Annual Contracting Plan», therefore, you will have information about offers, orders, payment amounts, negotiations and more.

Each and every one of these actions are audited by the respective arbitrators, who record awards and other data or resolutions that are of a very important nature for the public.

What is the Seace Certificate?

After having learned about these new methods, to maintain the transparency of the State. We came to define what the certificate is as such and its implications. You should already be aware that through the contracting system or Seace, I know share all the information related to hiring.

In that sense, despite being public information, not everyone can access the system and add or modify the information uploaded. Only certain people who are public officials of certain state institutions can access, they can add information about new hires or modify information about previous ones.

In order to access the system, officials or suppliers must have the Seace Certificate, which is issued by the State Procurement Supervisory Agency. Said certificate is sent to email after approval.

The issuance of the certificate contains an identification number and a password for each official who is affiliated with the system. With this information you can enter the system, through the option «Registered Users Access»

The relevance of this information is very high, therefore, the OSCE evaluates in a very detailed way and maintains a due control of the people who have the certificate and therefore have access to the system. Progress in the matter of transparency of public management is very great, it is important to continue improving efficiency and the use of resources.

Transparency is a key factor for a government to be obliged to carry out good management.


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