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Would you like to get the SENA certificate? This is a documentation that certifies the completion and consolidation of a career or training courses. It must be obtained in the SENA, since obtaining it is one of the rights that Colombian apprentices have.

In this article, you will be able to find the necessary information to know what are the steps to follow to obtain your SENA Certificate. Also, the types of certificates, how to download them, among other things. Keep reading!

Steps to Obtain the SENA Certificate

Requesting any type of procedure requires the fulfillment of some steps, and this does not escape from that. Next, we will mention the following steps so that you can get your SENA certificate in a safe way:

  1. You must enter the following web portal.
  2. Next, make your request for the format that the Learning Service Center must provide you.
  3. If necessary, you have to confirm both the validity that must be assigned by the bank, and the account granted by the previously mentioned center.
  4. You must go to a gazette to validate your processing. There, they should review the data of the place where you carried out your career or course.
  5. Finally, you have to collect your SENA Certificate at the education center.
It should be noted that it is not mandatory that you come personally to validate your processing, since a third party can do it on your behalf, as long as it has a prior authorization signed by you.

Types of SENA Certificate

There are three (3) types of SENA certificate, which you must keep in mind so that you can request the one that best suits you, depending on your case:

  • There is the «Certificate with Registration», it is the easiest and shortest procedure, since it can be done in 1 minute.
  • Also, there is the «Certificate without Registration».
  • In addition, the certificate for Colombians who did their degree or course before 2010.

What is Needed to Download the SENA Certificate?

When you want to download some type of SENA certificates, you must bear in mind the following steps:

Certificate with Registration

  1. You have to enter the web portal (previously mentioned). There, you can find the form that you will have to fill out, then download it and obtain your certificate.
  2. You must select the option «Consult by document» and click.
  1. Next, you have to enter your identification document number. Then, click on «Consult».
  2. You should see a list with the career or courses approved by the National Learning Service (SENA) program, where you can see several columns.
  3. In the certificate you need to obtain, you have to click on the «Download» option.
  4. You must verify the information on your certificate. Make sure that your names and surnames, schedule of the degree or course, mention of the SENA institution and the Title that has been awarded, to prove that you completed said study.

Certificate without Registration

In case you have done the step-by-step of the previous certificate and you still do not appear in the list of «Certificate with Registration», do not worry.

On certain occasions there is usually this drawback. Although, the National Apprenticeship System (SENA) lasted a period of time working with «Certificate without Registration», but these were accepted.

Next, we will mention the steps to follow to find your certificate in Sofia plus:

  1. You have to enter the following link.
  2. Look in the main menu for «Certificates». Next, a sub-menu should appear.
  3. You have to click on «Sofia Plus Certificate».
  4. Select your type of identification document and enter the number.
  5. Next, you have to click on «Download Sofía Plus certificate».
  6. The system should give you a list with all the certificates available for the date you made the request.
  7. You have to select your certificate and click on the «Download» option.
  8. You can print the PDF document of your certificate so that you have it on hand when you need it.

Certificate of study before the year 2010

  1. You must enter the web portal and verify your certificate.
  2. You have to go to the center where you previously completed your degree or course.
  3. Next, you have to request and process the format, which must be indicated by the training center. You can do the processing personally or through a third party, you can do it on your behalf, as long as you have a prior authorization signed by you.
  4. You have to deposit the corresponding amount in the bank of your choice. Tell the person who attends you that this payment is for the training center.
  5. Next, you must deliver the form and the consignment to the Academic Registration and Certification office of the institution where you completed your degree or course.
  6. You must collect the requested certificate from the same institution.

What is the SENA Certificate for?

The SENA certificate It is a documentation that certifies the validation of a career or course, granting Colombian citizens the possibility of obtaining their degree internationally and expanding the curriculum vitae.

In the event that the citizen decides to emigrate from Colombia, the certificate will be valid in the destination country. In addition, it will help you in the field of work so that you can do internships in a company and choose a job.


It is important to mention that by obtaining your SENA Certificate, you will obtain the following benefits:

  • You can be recognized in society.
  • You will be in constant progress.
  • You can have priority when you want to get a job, because the Ministry of Labor requires that each of the Colombian companies have employees who have graduated from SENA.
  • You will have priority when assigning the positions in a company.
  • You will be trained for the job of your choice.
  • You will be able to develop certain skills and abilities to carry out any job position.
  • You will have the necessary bases to start your own business and implement new knowledge in your company.
The capacities and abilities that you develop will have certain recognition both in the workplace and personally, since you will obtain your certificate through a State body.

How to Consult an Apprentice?

If you want to consult a certificate of the apprentice, you just have to follow the following steps so that you do it correctly:

  1. You must click on the «Apprentice» line.
  2. You have to expand the certification package.
  3. In the «Certification» menu, you must click on «Check the trainee’s records».
  1. Next, the system should show you the user’s information, along with the list of «Training Programs» and the status of each one.
  2. You have to look for the column «Check Evidence». Then, click on «Generated certificates».
  3. The system should take you to a new window, where you have to enter the number of your identification document.
  4. Finally, you must click on «Search» so that you can obtain your Training Program Certificate.

What is it?

The National Learning Service (SENA), is an entity that develops in the educational field. Thanks to its mission, it receives a large number of Colombian citizens every year, since they offer various careers and short or long-term courses to instruct future professionals.

In addition, it offers various teaching modalities, of which are suitable to adapt to any condition that the applicant presents.

Also, it has a large group of professionals so that they can teach the students of the entity, so that they finish their educational program.

The National Apprenticeship Service, has 117 educational centers throughout Colombia And, it is attached to the Ministry of Labor, carrying out work since 1957.

It is an entity capable of the social and economic growth of Colombian citizens. In addition, they form professionals both in the technical and technological part, for the workplace.

Virtues of the National Apprenticeship System (SENA)

If you want to have your SENA Certificate, you should know that all the courses they teach are totally free! So that Colombian applicants have the ease of training without worrying about payments. In addition, you can take careers or short courses.

Next, we will mention what are the educational modalities that SENA offers:

  • You will be able to see races virtually.
  • They have short courses so that you can see them in person.
  • You will be able to see short courses virtually.
  • They teach English courses, in case you want to know another language or emigrate from the country.

SENA contact

In case you want to consult your SENA certificate or have doubts about it, you can contact the following telephone numbers or email:

  • Citizens who are in Bogota, you can call 5925555.
  • They have a free telephone line for the entire Colombian territory, this is: 018000910270.
  • Email:


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