Seniority Certificate: Documents, Steps and MORE

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The Certificate of seniorityIt is an important document for whatever happens in a place where you work, but first you must know how to acquire it.

This certificate, can only be done by the employer, but still, it is not a reason not to do it. This process is simple and does not take any time, it can be done from the labor inspection office or online. Keep reading and find out about the processes you must do.

Documents Needed for the Certificate of Labor Seniority

The documents that are needed to obtain the certificate of employment seniority are the following:

  • The Form F-30, can be obtained by here
  • Unique Tax Role, it would not matter if it is a natural or legal person
  • Have power in the event that the employer cannot carry out the procedure the same.
  • Proof of payment made by BancoEstado under the number 9021574

Steps to Follow for the Certificate of Seniority

As mentioned above, to process the certificate of employment seniority, It can be done in two ways, by which they are adapted to the needs of the people who are going to carry out the paperwork.


Doing the procedure in this way prevents users from acquiring the certificates for payment of rights, in addition to not going anywhere necessary to carry out this process. Very easy it can be done from home.

These steps that can be carried out are:

  • Enter the page to perform the procedures and services. Place the number of Unique Roll Tributary, in this case that it is not registered, it can be done in the registry of companies and employers.
  • In the new screen, the option of background certificates is selected labor and provisional
  • Complete the form that will appear after selecting the option mentioned in step 3
  • After filling in the form, press generate certificate.
  • At the end of the process of paperwork and services system generating the certificate and that, the document can now be printed.

In office

For these people they cannot access on the Internet, You can do the process in person, just by following this step:

  • It is important to get all the documents that are mentioned above
  • Go to the office of the Labor inspection which is closer to the area where you live
  • When it has been found at the labor inspection office, where the agents will be told that a certificate of employment seniority.
  • Once you indicate the reason for your visit, you must endrive the documents that is required to complete the procedure.
  • When the procedure has been paid and deliver the necessary documents, the office agent will indicate when the certificate is ready and when it should be removed.

Data included in the Certificate of Labor Seniority

Before that, information is mentioned that must appear on the certificate of employment seniority, which is all employment information of a person who has been providing a service for several years to the companies.

The exact information that can be found in this document is many, we have collected some key points:

  • The name of the company where you work
  • Document issue date
  • The activated ones that are made by the worker
  • Full name of the worker.
  • Employee identification card number
  • Company area where the employee returns.

As just mentioned the sample documents nothing of the intimate life of an employee, it has only been mentioned in the information about how a person has lived in a company.

What is the Certificate of Seniority for?

The usefulness of this certificate of work seniority, It is to show how much work has been done in a company and what position has been held.

In the same way, it serves to know the desire to work, if it is requested a bank loan, this document is very useful to know if there is an availability to pay the credit.

Apart from this requirement for a loan, it is also of some use when the person applies for a school tuition and for rent.

In short, the seniority certificate serves to validate the entry of a person who works in a company and needs to show that he has the money, to pay what is needed and paid in parts.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are some unknowns that can be of great help to understand a little about how to obtain the certificate of seniority. We have selected the best questions that can leave any doubt.

What is the validity of the document?

This certificate of employment seniority is valid for 90 days after the date the document is issued. Then, when this time elapses and if it cannot be used in the next 3 months, must be processed.

If the procedure is carried out in the office, how long does the care last?

The people who process the document have a duration of 10 minutes.

Is it important to have an identity card to be able to carry out procedures?

If the certificate is requested in the labor inspection office Yes, the office agents need a document where there is a type of error with the employee’s name at the time of making the document.

In case of carrying out an online process, if there is no doubt with the employee data, it is not necessary to have the identity card of the physical worker, you only need to have the number of «RUT»

Does the Critique of Labor Seniority send it by mail?

No, this certificate contains a lot of personal data and can hack on the net and this does not benefit any user.

Can I request the certificate at any inspection office?

Yes, as long as it is close to an address where the employee resides in the company where the employee works. There are also express notary office dwhere the process can be carried out at any of its branches

To find out where these nearest offices can be found, you can consult it in this link

In the event that you want to visit the notary express office, you should consult by here

Is there something that validates the data that is placed in the certificate?

Not really, just that there is one sworn declaration where it is stated that the data is placed in the certificate that may be valid. If the data is false, the person responsible can be punished by the same law.

Can a person other than the employer withdraw the certificate?

If you can, only that the person who carried out the procedure must have a power of attorney that represents the employer, otherwise the employer is the only one to do so.

Is it necessary for the employee to be present to process the certificate?

No, because only the employer is enough to carry out the procedure, since it is necessary to sign the documents so that validate the certificate.

Is the Passport used to obtain the certificate of employment seniority?

Yes, with this passport you can process this certificate, since it contains the identification data A person.

Certificate cost

For people who want to process the certificate of seniority in the office, it has a cost of 2500 Chilean pesos.

IF the user wants a simpler and more practical process, he can do it from theto web page, It has no value, since when requesting it, the process is carried out without the help of a special agent.

What is it?

All workers have the right to request the certificate of labor Old. It should be noted that the voucher may make the request for the interested party while his employment relationship is current.

This certificate of seniority is a document that verifies the following information:

  • Where does a person work
  • How long does he work
  • Date of joining the company
  • Position held
  • Contract signed when starting work activities.

It is time to gather all the necessary documents and obtain this certificate that tries to help many Chileans in the country. In this way, you can know all the data that has been obtained in your field of work and reach to a result.

Every citizen must have a result on what he has obtained in his long working career, therefore, it is necessary to carry out this type of paperwork in order to keep a count of what has been done for years. Remember that this can be of great importance when it comes to of any emergency.


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