Setena Form D1: Format, Declaration and MORE

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The Setena Form D1, is an important document when starting a project that influences the development of Costa Rica.

It is important to find out about this form issued by SETENA, since it is essential to determine the level of incidence of the project in nature. All the information on this Form D1 you can find it in this article.

Setena Form D1 Format

This Form complies certain characteristics that must be taken into account, it can be done via the web in the paperwork portal SETENA or can be downloaded and filled in the application Excel

This way you can make a better visualization and save it directly from the computer and use it anytime it is necessary.

To deliver this document type, these recommendations should be taken into account:

  • It is necessary to deliver the form before the DEA. It is carried out by the Development of the Project, in conjunction with its evaluation.
  • At the DEA, you can receive the forms along with the corresponding evaluationThese documents are distributed to the officials that make up the department.

This form should be taken very carefully. caution, and verify all the data, since this is evaluated to determine if the document complies with what is established by the SETENA

  • When conducting the inspection it may be necessary present an extra document
  • Having the form, its evaluation, the inspection instructions and the extra documentation, the file is assembled and analyzed by the DEA technicians.
  • These technicians proceed to carry out a report where the recommendations are raised that are made in the project, and then it is passed to the plenary committee.
  • If the Plenary Commission determines that the project has inconsistency, it is in the power to request clarifications for half of a resolution.
  • The resolution is made in the notification of the result to the project developer.

Then you must bring the legal documents that will be attached to the form:

In the event that it is Legal person

  • Notarial certification of legal status
  • Copy of the valid legal identity card

In the event that it is developed by a Physical person

  • Copy of the identity card, passport or other identity document of the legal representative

Other documents presented

  • Copy of the identity card, passport or other identity document.
  • Notarial or registry certification of the property
  • Certified copy of the cadastral plan
  • If the developer does not own the property, he must present the authorization of the owner with the signature authenticated by a lawyer
  • Basic matrix for the identification of cumulative environmental impacts.

Affidavit on Form D1 of Setena

The signatories, it is declared under the oath, that all the information provided and that the form is verified, current and that it provides according to the technical knowledge available.

The law establishes for the crime of perjury and false testimony the dissenting clause of Environmental responsibility:

The environmental consultant and the developer who sign the document are directly responsible for the technical scientific information they provide in it.

By virtue of SETENA, as an environmental authority, supervises the document that is presented.

Complying with all technical guidelines set by filling guide and if it is fulfilled, the information presented as true and truthful will be accepted, as a sworn statement.

In the document, the following signatures should be found:

  • Name of the developer, or the legal representative or attorney-in-fact
  • Responsible environmental consultant
  • Setena Environmental Consultant Number
  • ID number
  • Respective Professional College Card Number

Complementary technical documents:

  • Site design of the activity, work or project
  • Cartographic sheet with location of the AP
  • Basic engineering study of the AP terrain, according to the protocol indicated in the EIA manual
  • Basic geology study of the PA terrain, according to the protocol indicated in the EA manual
  • Rapid archaeological report of the PA terrain, according to the protocol

And other documents that are presented in the Excel file where these technical documents are specified in more detail.

How to fill out the Setena D1 Form?

The procedure for filling out form D1 includes a series of aspects in order to establish in a more clear and reliable way, as much as possible in impacts on the environmental elements of the stage since construction and after the project.

Also, risks are evaluated, projections on different extreme mortgage situations.

In general, the impact of the project must be evaluated conscientiously because it is based on an environmental situation, which determines the area of ​​influence, site climate data, level of water consumption, degree of affection of the underground aquifers and surface water reserves, such as: lagoons, wetlands, rivers, etc.

It is important to take into account that the impact on elements such as the soil, air, human beings, flora, and fauna, etc.

In addition, the treatment that will be given to other elements such as wastewater, gas emissions, noise, potentially dangerous materials, impact due to earth movement, impact on employment and migrations, landscapes, and damage to cultural heritage.

One of the most influential factors in carrying out a procedure is following the instructions to deliver documents correctly.

In this case, it will be detailed how you must submit the D1 forms, before the National Environmental Technical Secretary known as SETENA.

Also, it should be noted that the form meets a series of characteristics imposed by said body:

  • The first thing that stands out, is that the form must be ordered or labeled as follows: Name of the project, name of the person, followed by the location of the project.
  • The ubication it is ordered as follows: Province, Canton and District.
  • This same must be validated and accepted with your signature by an attorney. In addition, they must include the stamps of the law
  • Do not forget the moment of submitting the form, you must attach the receipt of payment. It must correspond to the amount that is established for the type of form.

What is it for?

The function of this form is simple and basic, is the sole purpose of determining the level of impact that a construction site has on the environment or on the earth.

The end that you perform studies and make decisions regarding the different influencing levels in nature.

We must remember that nature is vital for the existence of living beings, therefore, we must take care and preserve, although urban development is important for the growth of a country, caring for the environment is too.

For this reason, SETENA has created a form to help measure the impact that these projects have on the environment and thus take care of it.

In addition, these documents form a major part of the licensing requirements for companies. construction.

What is the Setena?

The Setena or the National Specialized Natural Secretariat is an administrative substance responsible for captivating and offer support to be part of ecological needs deciding the type of company and the level of effect.

Any tasks that are added to Costa Rica’s advance plan, for example, urban development and organization, extension of mechanical exercises, you must complete the structures of form D1 required by SETENA to acquire your natural feasibility.

What is it?

For the construction of any project in development that implies moderate or high environmental impact, as stipulated in the executive decree 31849 and the reform requires a special process for approval by SETENA. This procedure is carried out using form D1

The form classifies the projects through the point system, in which the greater impact on the environment implies at the same time a higher score, the requirements to obtain environmental viability, this varies depending on the amount of points awarded by what is written in the form.

These projects have a great impact and require a Environment Effect investigation completed, made by registered environmental consultants such as SETENA, who are in charge of filling out the Form D1 and process it at SETENA.

In projects with an impact of less than three hundred points, they require the Affidavit of Environmental Commitment, while medium impact projects are between three hundred and one thousand points, SETENAS requests a Forecast Plan of Environmental management.

The main objective of the D1 form is to determine the degree of any development project and may have on the environment, in order to guarantee the commitment of the development with the legality and good environmental practices


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