Sex Crimes Certificate: How to Get It, Facts and MORE

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The Sex Offenses Certificate it corresponds, mainly, to a document that proves your background in the field. With which, it is requested in institutions of legal realization, new jobs, among others. As well as, in case you want to carry out work in areas with children and adolescents.

In the same way, this data will reflect the approval by the entity that provides it, according to your eligible conditions. Therefore, the activities you decide to carry out must be in force in the stipulated Argentine laws. Next, we will tell you what you must do to obtain it, what your objectives are and much more valuable information.

How to obtain the Certificate of Sexual Offenses?

First of all, it is necessary that you take into account the requirements to obtain the Sex Offenses Certificate:

  • Present (1) enlarged copy of your ID
  • Carry out the transaction for the remuneration rate of the Sex Offenses Certificate
  • Show your last proof of income as a public employee
  • Therefore, you must provide these data at the headquarters of the National Registry of Genetic Data related to Sexual Abuse Crimes. Therefore, said body will be the one who will grant the document

In the same way, we must mention some of the alternatives used within the legal system of the nation. Whose initial objective is to support the care in situations of abuse and control of these equally. Likewise, these laws are reflected within the Regulatory Decree and part of them correspond to the following:

  • Due to these instances, the National Registry of Genetic Data Linked to Crimes Against Sexual Integrity was created.
  • This ordinance will comply in order to study those events that are indications of judicial investigations with respect to sexual crimes respectively
  • Thus, these events will be penalized and searches will begin to capture the main parties involved.
  • On the other hand, we can highlight that thanks to technological advances, better measures have been created to prevent these actions.
  • With which, genetic individualization becomes the significant aspect of said methodology.
  • Also, in addition to convicting guilty persons, this modality can prove the innocence of many other accused in an unjust way

Finally, we can substantiate the fact that the Argentine presidency has decided to implement the National Commission of Genetic Footprints to this Registration process. With which, those operational activities in which the jurisdictional bodies must act will be addressed. Thus, this content will be constantly updated.

What is the Sexual Offenses Certificate for?

In the same way, among the reasons why you should possess the Sex Offenses Certificate we can highlight:

  • In case you decide to start activities within public services or state jobs, you must have this Certificate
  • At the same time, if you want to perform private school transportation tasks or any responsibility in which minors are properly involved
  • Also, if you have in mind to join educational institutions of any level and in whatever profession, you must choose to present this important document

On the other hand, in general, the Sex Offenses Certificate serves to explicitly demonstrate whether or not you have belonged in abusive situations within the context. Therefore, the vast majority of companies and labor companies request this information as a requirement to enter their work facilities. With which, you must necessarily possess it.

To conclude, you must also bear in mind the cost of this procedure. Thus, it ranges between $ 100 and $ 120. Likewise, the venues where you can carry out this cancellation are Bando de Córdoba, RapiPago and Pago Fac. However, you would be exempt from this payment as long as it is a certification according to your job work.

Where is the Certificate of Crimes requested

The Sex Offenses Certificate is granted by the Genetic Data Records under the order of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights of the Nation. Thus, you can request it if you are of legal age. At the same time, if they are a minor, they must be requested by their parents or legal guardians.

In the same way, this information reflects your background in the field of sexual crimes and is requested by the institutions where you work. As long as, these activities remain with a mandatory participation of children or adolescents. Also, if you want to emigrate and have a job of this type, you must have it.

National Registry of Genetic Data

As we mentioned before, this national group is the one in charge of carrying out the study and certification process later. Thus, it fulfills the essential objective of providing evidence and evidence about facts related to sexual crimes. Next, if you are responsible, you will be penalized or released, in an unfair case.

In the event that you are convicted in any way, this document will present the following:

  • Names and surnames of the person
  • Recent photograph
  • Place and date of birth
  • Origin of birth
  • DNI number and the authoritative service that was granted this information
  • Updated residence address

In addition, the certification, both for convictions and for cases in which you have not been involved in these events, will contain the same information. Therefore, the registration information consists of a study referring to the genotype base and thus fulfilling identification objectives. With which, it will later be systematized.

Finally, these genetic tests must be carried out in laboratories authorized by the organization and the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation. Likewise, the Registration body will provide the availability that the evidences are unalterable. That is, no external entity will have access to the database.

Data Included in the Certificate of Sexual Offenses

On the other hand, you may be interested in being clearly aware of the data that will be reflected in the document. In the same way, they fulfill only identification functions. Next, we will tell you what the data is included in the Sex Offenses Certificate:

  • Name and last name
  • Provinces in which you are at the time of the procedure
  • Necessary data of the authorized judge for the validation of the document
  • Day, year and month that correspond to the date of issue

  • It will reflect your signature as an applicant
  • At the same time, the signature of the judge and the lawyers involved in the certification
  • Complete information about your criminal record
  • Seal of the institution that fulfills the objective of verifying the issuance

Document Functions

If you are in this section of the portal, we imagine that it is because you want to know the functions that the Sex Offenses Certificate. The responsibilities of the document are the following:

  • Avoid the continuous practice of crimes against sexual integrity
  • Show all your history in the field of sexual violations in the event that you decide to work with children
  • Belong in full support of the country’s Law
  • Promote the elimination of violations in Argentina
  • Initiate the investigative study process in the instance of a sexual violation.
  • Personal record of your activity regarding criminal records to date

What is it?

The Sex Offenses Certificate It is a document that reflects your background within the field of Sexual Crimes. With which, it fulfills optimal functions to guarantee your disengagement with these illegal activities against the integrity of a person. However, it also reports on a conviction carried out by judicial bodies.

Likewise, this certification aims, mainly, to guarantee safety and preserve children and adolescents. In other words, preserve the sexual integrity of minors and avoid exploitative activities. and intimate abuse. On the other hand, the National Registry of Genetic Data is the institution that will collect your information within the context.

Also, we can mention that this institution, accredited by the Argentine authorities, will proceed to take action on the content of the Certificate of Sexual Offenses. Therefore, under his multiple studies in laboratories, he will take care of collecting your genetic data, whether you have been involved in these situations or not.

Subsequently, this document is classified into two areas or scenarios:

  • People who have clear genetic links. Thus, final sentences and orders will be issued by the court.
  • Profiles of citizens whose genetic data are unknown with the sexual crimes process. With which, your absolute availability with respect to jobs with minors will be guaranteed


Also, to date, some of the laboratories validated by the Ministry of Science and Technology are located at:

  • The province of Buenos Aires
  • Cordova
  • Jujuy
  • The Pampa
  • Mendoza

Finally, it is essential that you are aware of the procedure in which you will undergo to obtain your Sex Offenses Certificate. In addition to this, the tests will consist of the participation of a series of markers that will record each of your genetic fingerprints. This way, the database will be able to identify your antecedents in the area of ​​integrity.

Get the Certificate and protect the lives of children!

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